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Welcome to the July edition of @connectology with our top recent stories from the IT industry and from within Connectology – all in bite-sized chunks. We would very much appreciate your feedback on the stories we publish or if there are news items you would like to see covered in future editions… simply email us at


It’s business as usual, with or without the recession In recent months we have seen a marked difference in the way companies are tackling their IT needs and IT spend. The recession caused many organisations to review capital spend, and certainly the spring of 2009 saw many projects being paused or deferred. However, the reality is that no business will succeed in this recession by standing still. Many organisations can see the value that a completed WAN optimization, support virtualization, or unified communications project can bring. However, the stumbling block has been the capital cost at a time of caution. We’ve seen a definite return to business as usual since the spring, with confidence returning slowly but surely, and many IT projects back on the radar. As part of this, we have helped many IT departments to breathe financial life into IT projects with which they were struggling. We’ve done this by helping our customers to find areas in which IT realizes real value – cost saving or revenue increasing, and by helping them look at alternate financing models, amongst other things. So, if your project is stalling on business justification, talk to us. Recessions are a time of great opportunity, and well implemented IT projects are often at the core of those opportunities.

Are you gambling with your data? The DTI announced that 70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months. It may not be sexy technology, but data backups can become one of those processes that if not checked and not completed, have the potential to be the down fall of any business. The truth is, many backups are not taking place, or are failing, or are too reliant on human intervention which means mistakes are made – and most of the time we are completely unaware. Until, of course, we are in the unfortunate position of needing that backed up data. Then we find emails gone, the website is two years out of date, and customer records are lost. One answer Connectology would recommend is online backups. They are efficient, reliable and consistent and successful backups are automatically reported to you. If you aren’t 100% sure your data is being successfully backed up every day, contact Connectology to discuss your options. Page 1

PIX to ASA Update The countdown to the Cisco PIX firewall going end of support has now begun. Updates will cease from the end of July and Cisco is urging all companies with PIX firewalls to be aware of the potential security issues if they do not upgrade to the latest ASA series. The new and more ad vanced ASA is being offered at the same price as the PIX. Cisco is also expecting an increase in orders between now and August, so we advise you contact your Connectology Account Manager this month to be sure of your equipment being ordered and installed in time.

Remote support tool Bomgar gets even better Hardware-based remote tool, Bomgar, saw its latest release last month with yet further advancements in the technology. Having recently been updated to be the only tool that can also enable the remote support of Blackberrys, this release includes several improvements to the usability of the product. These include, customers now being able to begin a conversation with a support rep without any download required; the ability to upload support scripts for common queries; and first-line support reps can perform deeper troubleshooting without knowing users’ credentials. It’s no surprise that company CEO Joel Bomgar, has just been announced US finalist of the Entrepreneur of the Year award. Connectology are the sole supplier of Bomgar in the UK, so contact us if you would like to know more.

Online social networking at work Most people have done it, but using company time to update our online statuses, email friends or simply tweeting on twitter is taking up more and more of the working day. So much so, that the loss in productivity is becoming measureable. reported that people will admit to spending an hour a day outside of lunch and breaks, surfing the internet for personal reasons. And real figures may be a lot higher. Aside from lost productivity, online social networking at work presents risks to company data, the brand image (just ask the head of MI6!) and potentially opens the door to viruses and spyware. Connectology recently hosted a seminar tackling this issue and invited Trend Micro and legal experts Lightfoots solicitors to talk to companies about what the options are to manage this issue. In short, with the right use of IT security and clear internal procedures, online networking can be managed in the right way for everyone. Once this is done, companies can embrace the use of online networking as an effective and real-time form of corporate communication and promotion for the business. Contact Connectology for more information. Page 2

Hosted IP Telephony for small businesses Connectology is always looking at ways to add to its portfolio of services. In recent economic times, we have focused some of our attention on ways in which our clients can benefit from technology without upfront costs. The latest of these is a hosted IP telephony service aimed at smaller businesses that would still like a professional telephone system. With a hosted IP telephone system, Clients can benefit from all the functionality they would expect from a traditional IP-based system, but with no set up fees and a small fee per phone per month. For clients with fewer employees or those looking for no upfront outlay, this could be an ideal option. Let us know if you would like to find out more.

Cisco end-of-year incentives Cisco is now in its final quarter and they are hoping to finish the year on a high. To do this, there are several incentives you can benefit from via Connectology…

Cisco ASA firewalls – trade-in discount: upgrade to the latest Cisco ASA firewall and qualify for up to 15% discount when trading-in your old firewall equipment (Cisco or non-Cisco equipment).

Cisco 0% finance: finance and leasing options are available at 0% over 3 years when purchasing Cisco equipment, allowing you to spread the cost of new IT investments and retain cash in the bank.

PLUS a FREE half-day consultancy/audit: benefit fro m a free half-day of technical consultancy to help you make the right IT decisions for your business. Alternatively, the half-day can be used for a visual audit of your current systems to help identify where improvements or savings can be made. Contact Connectology for more information about any of these offers.

And finally… don’t sizzle your servers! It might be beautiful sunny weather for us, but for servers, the recent hot weather could be putting them under strain. We’ve recently seen some instances of server fans giving up under the pressure, so if this is a possible issue for you, let us know.

That’s all for now. See you next time!

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The Connectology Newsletter