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David Jones CITY YEAR Americorps Alum and Boston Public School Teacher

On a recent Tuesday afternoon, David Jones reflected on his experiences first as City Year AmeriCorps member and now as a teacher. David is a City Year alum and a teacher at Young Achievers Academy in the Mattapan Neighborhood of Boston. City Year Boston currently serves at Young Achievers, so David is now working alongside corps members every day.

University of Kansas, many of his friends and peers struggled with a deficit of support and opportunity.

The second-year teacher works intentionally to build a culture of mutual respect among the sixth, seventh and eighth grader students in his history classes. Jones’ sense of purpose and calm presence are clear: “I haven’t had a lot of issues with behavior from my kids, and I think that’s in part because they respect me as a person, and they respect the work that I’m doing with them,” Jones said. David grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and attended an elementary school where a majority of his peers were, like him, students of color. When he was admitted to a college prep magnet school for high school, he began to grasp the scope of the inequity of opportunity in his own community. As David joined a culture with an intense focus on academic success and carved out a path toward the


“My school was focused more on college prep. It had less of the problems that you would deal with in the city’s struggling schools,” Jones said. “I had friends who were going to those schools, and I was able to see firsthand the divergent trajectories of achievement between those two groups.” At KU, David studied political science, spurred on by an interest in the experiences of his community in Kansas City. He landed a summer internship in his Congressman’s office in Washington D.C. after his junior

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City Year's 2013 Annual Report  

A summary of our 2012-2013 year of service.

City Year's 2013 Annual Report  

A summary of our 2012-2013 year of service.