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Small World

First Edition Copyright Š 2011 by Andrew Cybularz All Rights Reserved Printed in Philadelphia, PA

Introduction: I always remember the adage, “If you don’t look around once and a while, you may just miss it.” Just hearing that forces me to consider what I truly could be missing. How many small details are lost? The city is a huge place with plenty of postcard-worthy spots, but that wasn’t really what I was after. For the book, “Small World,” I tried to focus on small details. Little nuances that may be lost in the hustle of our dayto-day life; stones left unturned, and alleys left unwalkedtheir sidewalks and cobbles crumbling, barely being noticed. What I was seeking was beauty not normally seen, or perhaps beauty completely unseen.

I limited myself to one camera and one 50mm prime lens, and set out on the Philadelphia streets. Not really knowing what I was looking for, but knowing as soon as I saw it. I meet some interesting characters, both living and inanimate; Walked down streets, that I, and nearly all others normally eschew; and stared, dead in its face, a different side of the city. Here are the results:

Open your eyes, look around yourself, you never know what you may find, because it truly it a small, small world...

Small World