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Final Draft 8 Demo THE MEETING Written by Andrew Cox Second Draft Written 15th November 2013

Final Draft 8 Demo

4 Ballens Road 07791519721 ME5 8NS

Final Draft 8 Demo

EXT. FENCED OFF PARK - LATE AFTERNOON Enter BILLY and JIMMY, two homeless men in a park, Billy is searching through the trash while Jimmy is sitting down on a bench. JIMMY Found anything? BILLY Nope, nothing yet. JIMMY -Sigh- let me have a look.

Final Draft 8 Demo Jimmy gets up out of his seat, PUSHES Billy out of the way and SEARCHES through the bin himself, Billy sits in the same place Jimmy did. Suddenty, Jimmy finds something. Oi, Bill!


Billy looks at Jimmy, he is holding a soft drink bottle with some still in it. Oh yes!


Billy gets out of his seat to congratulate Jimmy. Jimmy DODGES Billy and sits in his space, and DRINKS all of the soft drink. Billy looks CONFUSED.

Final Draft 8 Demo BILLY (CONT’D) Well, what about me? JIMMY What about you? Survival of the fittest.

Jimmy gets up and walks off toward the exit of the park, Billy FOLLOWS. EXT. FIELD - LATE AFTERNOON

Final Draft 8 Demo

Jimmy leads Billy toward a shack in the middle of the field. BILLY Are you sure we should be going this way?

JIMMY (Sarcastic) I’m sorry, Billy, did you have a better idea? (MORE)

2. JIMMY (CONT'D) -pause- Exactly, you never make the decisions, you’re not built for it, not since we lost that squat a while back, all you had to do was keep a look out! BILLY Why do you have to bring that up? You know that wasn’t my fault, if you actually let me prove myself every once so often, you might actually like what I bring to the table.

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY Yeah, okay then.

Jimmy carries on heading for the shack as Billy reluctantly follows. INT. SHACK - LATE AFTERNOON The two guys head up the stairs on the shack, which overlooks an old WW2 memorial monument, embraced with poppy reliefs. Billy is overlooking this monument while Jimmy is loitering. JIMMY What you looking at?

Final Draft 8 Demo BILLY Oh, just an old memorial, lest we forget, eh? JIMMY I wish I could forget you sometimes. BILLY Why do you have to kill the moment? Jimmy ignores Billy and exists the shack, Billy follows confused. BILLY (CONT’D) You have to respect the servicemen, Jim. They fought for our country!

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY And who’s ever shown respect to us, eh? How many times has someone kicked you in your sleep for a game? How many times are you ignored at a time that you really needed help? Wait, what are you looking at?

3. Out the corner of his eye, Billy notices an unattended bag, as noone is around, Billy looks back at Jimmy, and immediately SPRINTS for the bag, Jimmy SLIPS and FALLS, allowing Billy to be victorious. Billy rummages quickly in the bag before Jimmy could get there and removes a packet of crisps from the bag. Jimmy gets to the bag, notices Billy isn’t looking and removes a five pound note from the bag. JIMMY (CONT’D) Hey, aren’t you going to share? BILLY Fuck off, they’re mine!

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY Well, guess you won’t be wanting this then! This’ll teach you to look better! HAHA!

Jimmy SHOVES the money back into his pocket and walks toward the exit of the park. Billy follows with his head down, looking upset. JIMMY (CONT’D) Listen, Billy, I know I’ve been hard on you lately, I just don’t like the position we’re in. I’ll tell you what, we can split this fiver and get something nice at McDonalds!

Final Draft 8 Demo Really?


JIMMY Yes, I don’t know about you but i’m fucking starving! INT. MCDONALDS - LATE AFTERNOON Billy brings the food purchased with the note to their table. They each have a standard burger meal and chips, with a drink.

Final Draft 8 Demo BILLY Got the food Jim, everything here?

JIMMY (Angrily) Fuck sake Bill, I asked for a Coke, not a Fanta, you never do anything right, give me the receipt, I’ll go get another. Jim gets up in a fit of rage and goes back to the counter to get his correct beverage.

4. BILLY Sorry Jim, we all make mistakes sometimes! JIMMY It’s alright I suppose, this is why I don’t ever give you much responsibility, because you can’t deal with any sort of pressure BILLY One day I'll prove you wrong.

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY (Sarcastic) Sure, let’s hope.

They both finish up their meals and head for the door. EXT. MCDONALDS - DUSK JIMMY We still need to find a place to stay tonight. BILLY I know, it’s getting to that time of year again when one minute it’s light, then dark the next, let’s go. I’ve lost my jacket, too, I hope to god we find a place soon.

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY I noticed abandoned houses not too far from here, on 82nd street definately worth checking out. But first we need to get some resources, so I’m going to find some clothes, maybe you can get a makeshift fire working or something? BILLY Sure, let’s do this.

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY Oh, make sure to meet back here in an hour!

They both split up and make their way to different parts of the town centre.

5. EXT TOWN CENTRE - DUSK BILLY is looking through the bins around the town centre and finds copies of the local Metro newspaper, a lighter and a half used deodorant, he then finds a bucket, forming with all the parts a makeshift fire. Meanwhile, JIMMY, is hanging around a Caring Hands centre hoping to find some clothing. After both searching for a little while, they meet outside McDonalds. EXT. MCDONALDS - DUSK

Final Draft 8 Demo

BILLY whips out his makeshift fireplace to show JIMMY. BILLY This should keep us warm tonight! JIMMY Nice one, Bill, but look at what I got! Jimmy holds out the clothes he was given like it was a gift from God himself. BILLY Jesus Christ, what a score! A few rags to keep us warm through the night!

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY Right, to the abandoned house, time to really seal the deal! Let’s go!

Billy walks on 82nd street with Jimmy, holding their items for the night. They find their vacant house, Jimmy heads the pack and goes in. JIMMY! What?


Final Draft 8 Demo

BILLY POINTS to a potential rundown house. JACKPOT!


BILLY Let’s hope this time, I’ll beat you there!



They both run for the front door. The door is ajar, they RUSH into the house, and begin their search to find out if it is vacant. Billy takes the bottom floor while Jimmy takes the top. Jimmy sweeps the bottom floor, which is clear and informs Billy INT. BOTTOM FLOOR OF HOUSE - NIGHT

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY BILL, it’s all clear mate!

BILLY (Muffled) Awesome, I’m still clearing this, looks promising though! Jimmy clenches his fist and raises it in victory. EXT. TOP FLOOR OF HOUSE NO.2 Billy looks through all of the top floor, he notices a door that he can’t open, as it must be barred from the other side. After many attempts, Billy dismisses it and makes his way back downstairs.


JIMMY Awesome! Quick, come down here and let’s enjoy! Billy runs down the stairs and sits down in the front room of the abandoned house. They proceed to wrap up nice and warm and set up the makeshift fire from the resources that they collected earlier. BILLY The only thing that would really make this is that we wouldn’t be homeless, and we would have our own proper responsibilities again, I miss that life, Jimmy.

Final Draft 8 Demo Jimmy stands up and confronts a tearful Billy JIMMY Are you serious? We made mistakes to be here, you are never pleased are you? We get a house and you still care about something else, sheesh.

7. Billy is shocked at what was just said, Jimmy returns to his seat. SUDDENLY, they hear a sudden knocking coming from somewhere in the house. They momentarily stare at each other in confusion. BILLY We both checked the house from earlier, right? JIMMY It’s just the house, relax.

Final Draft 8 Demo BILLY Yeah, it’s been a while since I stayed somewhere that isn’t a park bench. They hear the same noise again, except louder, startling Billy, making him stand up. BILLY (CONT’D) Okay so that wasn’t my imagination. JIMMY Yeah, that was messed up, where did that come from? I’m gonna check upstairs this time, just in case you missed anything.

Final Draft 8 Demo Jimmy begins his search again but upstairs. Jimmy finds a locked door which Billy dismissed earlier and tries to enter. As found out earlier, it’s not opening. He calls to Billy downstairs. JIMMY (CONT’D) BILLY, what’s this door mate? What door?


JIMMY The only fucking door that’s locked!

Final Draft 8 Demo BILLY Oh, that must a boiler room or something, it don’t open seen as I take it it’s not been used in a while. JIMMY You have to be kidding me. With a massive kick, he RIPS the door off its hinges.

8. JIMMY (CONT’D) (Shocked) Oh, my fucking god. BILLY Did you find anything mate? In front of Jimmy is a GIRL, laying on the floor, still. Jimmy is in complete shock, speechless, Billy comes up the stairs.. BILLY (CONT’D) Jim, why aren’t you saying anythi-

Final Draft 8 Demo

Billy also finds the body.

BILLY (CONT’D) Man this is messed up. Jimmy is breathing heavy, frozen looking tearful at billy. JIMMY What....What do we do! BILLY (Sarcastic) Well, you normally have that answer!

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY Damn, what do we do!

Jimmy is becoming more out of control and sits in the corner, with his head against the wall. Billy walks over to the body. BILLY Well, she’s still breathing, let’s put her into the recovery. Jimmy is shocked. How?-


BILLY I wasn’t always a bum you know. But anyway, this woman needs help.

Final Draft 8 Demo Billy rolls the woman over, and notices syringes scattered around her body. Jimmy stands and observes the body. JIMMY What was you before, all of this?BILLY No time, Jim, I need to you do something for me.




BILLY Go and find a payphone and dial 999. JIMMY But Billy, we’ll lose our squatBILLY That’s the least of our problems, hold on..

Final Draft 8 Demo

The woman is FOAMING from the mouth on to the floor. Billy consoles the woman while Jimmy RUNS for the payphone. BILLY (CONT’D) (Quitely) Everything will be okay, just hang in there. EXT. Phone booth Jimmy RUNS to the booth and dials the number JIMMY Hello, ambulance please, 82nd street, a woman is ill, come quick please!

Final Draft 8 Demo

Jimmy immediately puts the phone back down and runs back to the house. INT. HOUSE NO.2 Jimmy runs back upstairs into the back room, where BILLY lays with the woman. BILLY Did you call them? Yeah.


Final Draft 8 Demo BILLY Good, we’re not too far away from the hospital so they shouldn’t be too long. JIMMY Will she be okay?

10. BILLY Yeah, she’ll be just fine. I was a paramedic, we used to deal with this all the time, but you make that one mistake that turns your life around then you end up here. let’s just get her downstairs. SIRENS can be heard as the two men carry the woman down the stairs, a pair of PARAMEDICS come inside the house and assist the woman, and the POLICE tape the door up as a crime scene Billy explains the current situation and they all nod their head in confirmation. The woman is loaded into the ambulance and the van drives off.

Final Draft 8 Demo JIMMY Well, so goes for our home for the day, all taped up!

Jimmy runs his finger along the tape now blocking the door. JIMMY (CONT’D) I’m sorry about everything Bill, treating you bad and always moaning, I suppose, I get scared tooBilly abruptly cuts him off.

Final Draft 8 Demo BILLY Don’t worry about it, water under the bridge, where do we go now Jimbo more importantly? Time to find a new place! JIMMY Well, how about you choose? End.

Final Draft 8 Demo

The meeting second draft  
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