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Your Guide to Self-StoraGe unitS An industry, in which storage space is leased on a monthly basis to individuals as well as businesses, is called a self storage. This could be in the form of big rooms, lockers, boxes, canisters, etc. Thus, the units are offered in a wide range of sizes. And if you are confused in figuring out what is the best size storage unit for you, make sure you take a list of all the items you plan to stock up. Besides, if you feel you may add some more items, take an additional room. After all, it is better to have a little of extra space than cramming up your goods, only to find them damaged and broken. Given below are some of the most popular sizes of units. Pick the one that suits your needs and requirements the best!

5'x5' Units:

The five by five is more or less a pocket-size walk-in closet. It is

approximately 25 square feet. It is appropriate for a single bed, small furniture, a set of boxes, baby toys, books, files and documents, clothes and other likewise items.

5'x10' Units: The five by ten units are just about 50 square feet. It can amass small sets of furnishings, tools and equipment, couches, chairs, business supplies and record, etc.

10'x10' Units :

The ten by ten units are ideal when you are moving out or

downsizing. It is about 100 square feet. Thus, it is big enough for making space for a

typical office suite, a couch, chair, and mattress set. It can amass major appliances, boxed items and various other supplies.

10'x15' Units:

This storage unit is 150 square feet. It is almost the size of a single

car garage. Therefore, it can very easily hold the contents of a regular 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. You can also stock up your clothing, filing cabinets, appliances, boxes, furniture and boxed items and supplies.


Units: This is a good 200 square feet. If you are considering this, you are

surely talking storage room. It can easily hold the contents of a three-bedroom apartment as well as include several appliances, boxes, furniture, etc. Mostly it is given away as commercial storage; however individuals can opt for it too.

Finding out the right size storage unit is the key before you plan to stock up your stuff. What’s more, if you cannot come to a conclusion, visit any of the local storage facility in Kuwait and ask their help. Additionally, when you have had a look at the space, it is a lot more convenient and easy to choose the right one. Authors Bio : contact US get in touch with our Kuwait Moving and Storage Solutions Company. Which gives you a total information and services for your storage needs.

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Your Guide to Self-Storage Units  

An industry, in which storage space is leased on a monthly basis to individuals as well as businesses, is called a self storage. This could...

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