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Tower "Big Ben" named after Queen In honor of Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of diamond jubilee and sits on the throne 60 years, has been renamed the tower, which includes the famous Big Ben in central London to "Elizabeth Tower", on Wednesday, June 28, 2012. The newspaper the "Daily Mail" The move came after a campaign launched by British MPs to change the name of the famous tower, while he considered Prime Minister David Cameron "a fitting tribute to the Queen." Hia mag the Arab fashion magazine also provide information about this in their Arab fashion and beauty magazines for Womens and celebrity news The Big Ben is the nickname of the great bell, which weighs 13.5 tons, which is located at the famous London building, which lies east of the British Parliament. The real name of the tower which is not widely known is the tower of St. Stephen.

The newspaper added that this is not the first time be the naming part of the Palace of Westminster close to the "Tower Elizabeth" in honor of the King or Queen of Britain, was change the name of another tower in the parliament of the "Tower King" to "Victoria Tower" in the nineteenth century. Was launched by British MPs from all political parties to campaign in the month of March to name the tower of Big Ben to "shake the Queen Elizabeth in honor of the" diamond jubilee celebrations of the occasion and sits on the throne 60 years.

The campaign Mtalegoa parliamentary authorities that the West Tower of the Palace of Westminster, which contains both chambers of the British Parliament building the House of Commons and the House of Lords, was renamed in 1860 from King Tower Victoria Tower to mark the judgment term. The Almketan Elizabeth and Victoria, the only two took up the crown for 60 years out of 41 as king and queen who ruled England and the United Kingdom since William the Conqueror.

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Tower "Big Ben" named after Queen