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Tom-Kat head for splitsville, set celebrity gossip network on fire The meltdown between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has expectedly been dominating the celebrity news scene. It has been widely reported that Tom Cruise was pretty much taken by surprise with his now estranged wife’s actions. But what is perhaps coming to the notice of fans and celebrity gossip followers alike is the real cause behind this split. That Tom Cruise has been a devout follower of the controversial Scientology movement is common news. But he apparently is also serious that Suri, their daughters too follow in her dad’s footsteps. Expectedly, Katie is not too happy about this. She had mounted a pre-emptive strike by seeking to exclude their daughter, Suri from being inducted into the Scientology sect. This has been clearly stated in her divorce settlement with her Hollywood Superstar husband. Celebrity gossip trackers have been abuzz with reports of Tom Cruise planning on taking a rather abrasive stand on this matter. The actor, now in his early fifties has always been keen on his daughter following in his religious footsteps. Unconfirmed sources close to the matter have been quoted as saying that the Hollywood superstar is determined on the initiation of his daughter into the Church of Scientology. In-fact, it being claimed that it is his religious orientation that is the true reason behind the shocking split of this celebrity couple. Katie had always expressed severe reservations about religious pursuits of her superstar husband. She had even made references to Tom Cruise’s kids from his earlier marriage and the effects that Scientology is said to have hand on their development. Perhaps it was this and a lot of other reasons that led to her resolve that Suri follow in her mother’s footsteps and not those of her dad. The divorce settlement too includes clauses that help prevent Suri from coming in close contact with references to the Church of Scientology. These include the nonattendance of parties and gatherings that may have ties with the controversial movement. Katie was also taken aback at her husband’s backhand move to audit their daughter without her knowledge. The move that submits those being audited to some rather intense scrutiny has proven to be highly unacceptable to Katie. She rightly feels that their six year old daughter is too young to be subjected to such treatment. Those representing her husband have issued strong statements indicating that these are baseless speculations and that the Hollywood superstar would never do this to their daughter. While this saga is far from over, it remains to be seen if both the estranged partners realize the damage that their behaviour may be causing on their young daughter.

Tom-Kat head for splitsville, set celebrity gossip network on fire