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The Rise of The Golf TouRism in Dubai

Dubai is rapidly emerging as a leading golf destination in the world. Its administration has spared no expenses to make sure that the golf industry in Dubai has state of the art amenities. Tremendous amounts of money have been spent on exquisite golf courses, top notch designers, and world class tournaments in an effort to attract golf lovers and to promote golf tour packages . Some of the factors contributing to the popularity of golf tourism in Dubai are; the great weather, centralized location, and fabulous golf courses. Since the year 1989, The City of Dubai has hosted the Dubai Desert classic, a tournament that has become a mainstay in the PGA European tour since that time. Many of the world’s elite golf professionals make appearances at this tournament and are paid substantially for their participation. Not only is the

Dubai Desert classic the first golfing tournament to be hosted by Dubai but it is also one of the most lucrative tournaments in the history of the sport. Due to its booming prosperity and the exorbitant amounts of money that Dubai is able to lavish on its magnificent courses, this Nation has truly become a paradise for golfers from all over the world. In fact, it is Dubai’s unique cultural experience and central location that make it an eye-catching location for golf tourists. Not only do the golf tour packages get a boost from the various trade shows and conventions that are held each year but also from the continual expansion of the emirates airlines. It is without doubt that the tourism industry has greatly advanced due to the booming golf enterprises in Dubai. A lot of celebrities from the world of golf have been flocking to Dubai which has led to the tremendous growth in the industry. Even the world’s top golferTiger Woods, has invested in a luxurious golf course of his own in Dubai. The government of has devised a detailed agenda for golf tourism that targets the demands of both the professional as well as the armature golfer, a balance that is requisite for ascend of the industry.The main aim of the country’s golf industry is to attract professional and casual golfers to Dubai and henceforth promote its golf tour holidays packages . The Emirati people continue to build lavish and equally challenging golf courses that instantaneously attract golf enthusiasts. Dubai indeed has a rich history in the sport and its legacy continues to stand tall.

The Rise of the Golf Tourism in Dubai  

Dubai is rapidly emerging as a leading golf destination in the world. It is spending tremendous amounts of money on beautiful golf courses a...

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