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ElatE Your SpiritS with EaSt CoaSt tourS

In recent times, due to the busy schedules, not many people get to sit down and relax. But, when you do, make sure you take a trip to commune with nature and revel in the quietude that comes with it. UAE can be one such place! Every year travellers from around the world come here to feel the enchanting white beaches, shopping malls, and deluxe hotels. You can bask in the balmy weather; enjoy the blue waters of the Southern Gulf, go for camel riding; go sailing in a dhow, see the long-established monuments and edifices, be a part of the exciting nightlife, all this and a lot more with east coast tours. This tour certainly

breaks the monotony by offering you a unique experience to see and do so many things in a short period of time. A UAE east coast tour is unusually green with wide-ranging date palm groves, thriving agricultural areas, plethora of local markets, and of course fishing villages. This expedition will take you to Al Ahaid oasis which is widely known for its fruit and vegetable farms. The tour will also cover a trip to Masafi, the scenic Hajar Mountains, the small port at Dibba, and several other fishing villages. You will also be taken to Al Badiyah which has to its credit conventional and traditional mosques, Fujairah with its refurbished fort, diverse natural environment that offers its guests a variety of things from picturesque parks, to mountainous rock climbing areas, to stupefying natural waterfalls, and hot springs that have natural therapeutic properties. In addition, you will get to visit Masa which is famous for its souks, and the old fortress of Bitnah. If relaxing is on your agenda; you can plunge into the dazzling Indian Ocean for a swim too. If you have deserts covered in your excursion, make sure to take a desert safari ride in the evening. The thrill of being in a 4X4 while it goes up and down the slow is highly exhilarating. And just when you are back from an adventurous ride, and about to lie down to relax beneath the stars you will find yourself completely mesmerised by the beautiful desert sunset. So, if you are looking out for something that is cost-effective and hassle-free, don’t hesitate, and sign up with one of the many tour companies. It will be that much needed vacation from your hectic schedule.

Elate Your Spirits with East Coast Tours  

An east coast tour certainly breaks the monotony by offering you a unique experience to see and do so many things in a short period of time.

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