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Common Health Issues and Advice on tackling them

A common thread that can be found into the story line of every woman’s health magazine around the world is on the importance that of eating right. In-fact, health friendly foods have been trending in one form or the other for quite some time now. Given the plethora of advice floating around, it can get rather confusing to separate the truth from the riff-raff. One would be surprised to know how certain food categories may no longer give the same health benefits as may have thought before. Thankfully, the following tips should help clear the clouds a little: • Organic produce is touted about as being the secret to good health. But did you know that not all things organic are significantly beneficial over their regular counterparts? Good to know the stuff when shelling out the higher prices for that ‘Organic’ tag • In this day and age where burning the candle at both ends is becoming increasingly commonplace, it still is a good practice to get in six to eight hours of quality sleep regularly • You wouldn’t bring a large trailer truck for the daily commute, will you? It is the same essential principal as to why zapping that ailment with a medical cocktail of high-dosage antibiotics may not be such a smart choice, after all • This in no way means that you adopt the dumb route of neglecting chronic symptoms. For all sense and purposes, it may be a simple case of over worrying. But, it could also mean the start of something more serious. Best to have the possibilities ruled out and rest easy afterwards • Limiting sodium content is a good way to shed weight and remain healthy. With the growing influx of pre-cooked/ semi-cooked, processed and prepackaged foods, sodium scares are on the rise. It is not just salt levels, but the derivatives of sodium and their adverse effects that are behind this concern according to latest news on health issues from around the world • Another commonly used ingredient category to raise concerns is the artificial sweetener family. Aspartame and its brethren, commonly found in sugar free

beverages and foods are not as innocent as thought, if research is to be believed. In some cases, experts are reporting that natural sugar is significantly better than its artificial replacements Being well read is a good thing and an aware citizen is a healthier citizen. But there is a reason for medical practitioners to be around, even after the arrival of the internet. So, it is a safe practice to stop hyper-researching and follow the advice of a well trusted medical practitioner The phrase ‘appearances can be deceiving’ may well be applied to modern day food packaging. As the disclosure of ingredients on packaging becomes mandatory, it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand the implications of the various pieces that go into the making of one’s favourite products Nutrition labels that have become a permanent fixture on all packaged goods offer a great way to size things up in a glance. A general rule of thumb is that the longer the list of ingredients on a product, lesser the chances of it being nutritionally beneficial Annual checkups are not a way for the medical community to fleece unsuspecting people. Many a life-threatening ailment may be successfully thwarted if diagnosed early on. So don’t skimp those tests for it is never known when they end up saving your life!

There’s lots of awareness about health Issues and advice on managing risks out there. In the end, being informed remains a vital tool to remaining in good health

Common Health Issues and Advice on tackling them  

A common thread that can be found into the story line of every woman’s health magazine around the world is on the importance that of eating...