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A One On One experience with the ArAbiAn Deserts

Dubai, over the years has made its name as a ‘shopaholic’s paradise,’ an ‘architect’s dream,’ and so much more. This fact becomes more pronounced when we remember Dubai as a sleepy fishing village or a plain old barren desert. Of course, the deserts of Dubai are incomplete without their safari rides and quad biking. The Safaris of Dubai have an irrefutable charisma, and a completely different sense of thrill and exhilaration. Talk about the perfect combination of adventure along with risk and you think of the deserts of Dubai. For those in the mood to unwind, there is always the camel safaris that help you loosen up at a laid-back pace. The evening and overnight desert safaris, on the other hand, are made unique by including lavish barbecues, sheeshas and camps amidst the deserts. Additionally, there are also

other fun activities such as belly dance performances and henna painting sessions to keep everyone amused. All of these make it a thoroughly unique venture with your loved ones when out on a holiday.

Reasons to visit the deserts of Dubai:  A Taste of the Bedouin Tradition  To Be At Peace with Yourself  Delicious Cuisine  Beautiful Oasis  Desert Camping  Photography Opportunity for the Travel Photographer

Simply imagine yourself lost in the immensity of the desert; while the blazing sun leaves its shadow on the sand. It could be an ideal place for meditation, yoga and those times when you just need to gather your thoughts and take some ‘me time’. The deserts are picturesque by themselves. During the day the sand dunes shine with the yellow sunlight and during the night, the stars and the moon light up the brilliant undulating landscape. A desert safari will give you and your dear ones the opportunity to get together and interact with the regional traditional culture. In addition, you can have a look at some of the most marvelous places in and around the deserts, relish the succulent chargrill barbecue, or simply laze around in the magnificent sunset. Tailor made packages can be arranged for larger groups by offering additional activities. So, pack up your bags and get to Dubai, you won’t regret it. Experience the thrills of desert safari in Dubai with us. The mixture of adventure and culture is sure to leave you with the experience of a lifetime apart from the usual shopping and sightseeing. Author Bio: Salma Shaikh From Dubai Desert Safari Tours : Dubai Desert Safari Tour offers exclusive desert safari packages. Plan and book our Dubai city & Dhow Cruises packages to enjoy the thrilling city view and awesome cruise rides in Dubai night.

A One on One Experience with the Arabian Deserts  

The <a href="">Safaris of Dubai</a> have an irrefutable charisma, and a completely different sense of t...