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On April 29th Andy will release 'Times a nd Pla ces'. Over the last 15 yea rs he has been writing this albu m on the road on tou r with GA. From Airport Lou nges / Hotel Rooms / Pla nes / Trains a nd a n a rray of tou r buses. The last two yea rs saw Andy edit all these ideas into one bea utiful albu m. Released through the legenda ry Apollo Records a nd R&S Records, on digital a nd limited edition ha rdba ck CD book. There will also be a cheeky vinyl a nnou nce ment on the way but more of that to come. This is Groove Armada history.

South Of Mexico City

Y ou travel all over the world a nd everything feels fa milia r in some way. Until you get to pla ces like Tokyo a nd it’s like la nding on Ma rs. The streets of Mexico City had the sa me effect, though there it was beca use of the madness rather city, then had a tou r of the town in the ba ck of a Beetle with half a windscreen. I took a load of Super8 through the

Abbey Road Ja m

We were recording in Studio 2, a mazing in itself given what’s gone on there before. I was kicking a bout waiting for the string players to a rrive, there was a nice vibe there, everything was mic-ed up a nd I put this groove down. Ever since then I’ve always mea nt to tu rn it into a proper song, but never did. So it’s still just a ja m, but with enough of the a bbey

The Coastal Path

Australia has been the scene for the best of times. We’ve done lots of tou rs there, but there was one in pa rticula r where everything see med to come tojust the musicia ns, but everybody, was a pretty u niqu e ga ng. Looking ba ck on those two weeks on the road, I wonder if I’m mixing me mories a nd the bea ch rou nd the corner. I fou nd myself there one morning, in the silence,

F lorence to Rome

We used to do a lot of pa rties in Italy. Up nea r F lorence was the Tenax crew. Either side of the gigs, things used to roll on for a while either at a studio down by the river or up a rou nd the vineya rds a nd open spa ces. After a n after there was noone awa ke a nd the clock was ticking. I had a f light from Rome. There was a hire ca r in the drive with the keys in the ignition. In the end I had no choice. I left a note...

Su nrise Sa nt Agnes

I had to get Ibiza in there somewhere. I’ve not missed a season since 1989, whether it’s the ea rly days giving out f lyers a nd living on a n Ostrich fa rm, or

that was built by the guy from Enigma. It must’ve been working on my tired

Moscow To St Petersbu rg By Train

It was a me mora ble night, a base ment pa rty in Moscow. It was when the dwa rves ca me a rou nd with bowls on their heads full of powders a nd the swordsmen ca me onstage behind the booth that I realised I was moving in shady compa ny. The trou ble with people fencing next to a DJ booth is that it ma kes the records ju mp. After a while it was skipping a rou nd so mu ch I told the boss it was the swordsmen or me. He rea ched inside his ja cket, pulled out a small firea rm, a nd told me to ‘play the music’. I did. The day after I took the train to St Petersbu rg. They gave out headphones that weren’t long enough to rea ch the stretched towa rds the roof, outside, fields being ploughed by oxen. Plus the me mories of the night before. As so often on the road, worlds collide.

Together is the word

We’ve only done the proper US bus tou r once. Maybe it’s enough. Y ou ca n spend 23 hou rs on the road getting to the next gig, only seeing a lu nar la ndscape a nd once-in-500 mile ga rages where mom is cooking up bu rgers while the da ughter’s trying to get ma rried off to a tru cker. There were lots of tu nes made on that bus ride, but most got lost. This one only su rvived beca use someone in Sa n Fra n asked for a tape recording a nd I took a C60 home myself.

La ke of Sta rs

"Will you play a gig in Malawi to raise money for local schools. It should be a f light to Nairobi was easy enough. But as I ca me off the pla ne, I saw the f light overnight in town. I fou nd a ba r with a tony allen style dru mmer, but a local

raver who f lew a Cessna a rou nd the outba ck. Navigating by the smoke of bush fires, he took me up to the La ke of Sta rs. 3 days after leaving home, I was

8 tra ck Ja m at Ma rks

We setup in Ca mden with a n 8 tra ck a nd mixer Ma rk had made out of BBC volu me pots screwed into a wardrobe door. There was George a nd Sta n, the GA Live guita r a nd bass players, a nd Andy on the dru ms before he went on the road with Faithless. We'd had a weekend on the road doing festivals, followed by a Su nday night with Richie Havens at the Jazz Cafe over the road. Monday evening, the air a rou nd the 8 tra ck was heavy a nd this groove went down in one ta ke. Later I recorded a vocal in the neighbou rs bathroom. Only the instru mental su rvived‌

Rainfalls (Toulouse)

This is one of the most recent. The co-writer on this is Mike Monday, who was originally in Beat Fou ndation with me right at the beginning. Having tou red the UK a nd Ibiza in ou r rave a mbula nce we fou nd ou rselves 20 yea rs later sat in a cowshed studio outside Toulouse with the rain pou ring down. Nostalgia in the air.

Ba ck from Castle morton

Me a nd a friend drove over the Pennines in a Hillma n Imp that somehow got me to a lot of free pa rties in the fou r corners of the UK. I re me mber coming over a hill, down into Castle morton, a nd you were just awa re, even then, that you were pa rt of something that was going to become folklore. A few days later I ended up in a studio in Acton doing a session with a guy who wa nted some big Italo-rave pia no lines. While he wasn’t there I got this 8-ba r groove going, which is why it doesn’t cha nge mu ch. I wa nted it on there beca use it ta kes me ba ck to a life cha nging weekend.

Palmero By Night

Ou r time in LA bega n brillia ntly when we did ou r best ever DJ set at a pla ce called Fay Dodo’s Ballroom. We did a n u npla nned history of hip hop, disco a nd house then ca rried on down the road u ntil the long arm of the LA law put his quite feted in LA. If we wa nted to go more tha n 10 ya rds we had to ta ke a limo. We did a gig at the Museu m of F lying a nd went along with the promoters ‘great idea’ to a rrive in a Sopwith Ca mel. Walking a cross the da ncef loor to the booth in sca rf a nd goggles the idea was feeling less great. But there’s something poigna nt a bout LA, beca use everyone’s a wa nna be of some sort. I re me mber working on this tu ne whilst overlooking su nset strip watching a waitress in the Palmero a rra nging her hair in the e mpty window, waiting for her big brea k.


Ma rk ma naged us for a while a nd he had a pla ce up in Woodstock. Italia n a merica n, he knew how to cook. We spent a few days up there, went to a few blu es ja ms, a nd you get into this fra me of mind where you only wa nt to listen to Blonde On Blonde. I got a recording of a couple of chords on the gra nd pia no. As we headed ba ck to NY C along the river it tu rned into a sou ndtra ck for the wide open spa ces.

Whose Groove?

We’d had a long night in a clu b in Montreal. Driving down to the border with the States, heading towa rds Boston,we got the full dogs treat ment from the A merica n border gu a rds. It was the moment when the lawless tou r bus bu bble almost got bu rst. When it had quietened down, there was just the bus driver, Noof he was called, a nd me , miles a nd miles of da rk road a nd the lost fa ces of the night before.

Rea r Window

This is tra ck done with Tom (GA). We did a Crea mfields DJ gig to maybe 100,000 people or more. The morning after, there was a proble m with f lights excha nge for a couple of DJ sets, someone gave us a n apa rt ment with a terra ce overlooking the town. We got out the deck chairs, laptop, spea kers a nd

North From Montpa rnasse

sit-va n-in-Eu rope tou rs. There was some We ra n into a pa rty crew up there. A couple of days later, the drive ba ck to the tou r bus, a full moon a nd the f lashing lights of the work men on the pea ks, took on a Blade Ru nner-on-ice feel. There was a Ta ngerine Drea m tu ne playing. This tra ck is a tripped out ver-

7a m Drop

This albu m is the ta ken from the moments in between the da ncef loors. So this last tra ck is the only bit of house music on here, a nd is a n extra ct from a 12” I put out on the Pa ckUpAndDa nce la bel me a nd a mate had going in Ba rcelona. It’s DiY (sou nd syste m) inspired. I ca me home from one of their pa rties with a bassline in my head a nd to this day I don’t know whether it’s

Times & Places Scrapbook  

On April 29th Andy will release 'Times and Places'. Over the last 15 years he has been writing this album on the road on tour with GA. From...

Times & Places Scrapbook  

On April 29th Andy will release 'Times and Places'. Over the last 15 years he has been writing this album on the road on tour with GA. From...