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Of all the departments in a company, one that's of utter importance is the human resource department. This is brought about by the fact that the HR department does human resource management or otherwise known as managing of the people who are part of the company. Aside from this, the HR department is also the one that hires individuals to work for the company, keep these individuals in their positions and assuring the company that they perform to what is expected of them.

Due to the fact that the workers are the ones that gets the company going, inability to perform good human resources management can lead to corporation dilemma. This is the very reason why it is essential that the human resource department be able to do the following functions.

Firstly, the department must be able to carry out manpower planning. This type of planning calls for figuring out the number of employees to hire in the future and what skills they have to possess. This plan includes foreseeing how many people will be leaving the company, what improvements will be occurring in the corporation and how productive the present employees are. Additionally, the HR department does job analysis and prepares job descriptions.

The information gathered here would greatly affect what and who the company will hire. Other than that, the HR department also does research on the correct wage that should be awarded to the workers. But the ultimate say here lies within the top management and the finance HR Department

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department. As mentioned above, the HR department is also the one involved in recruiting and selecting employees. They are the ones responsible to hire the best among the best individuals that will work for their company. Their next function follows after the employee has been recruited and it is performance review.

The HR department has to monitor and evaluate how effectively and efficiently the employee works by using HR software. After realizing that there are some changes and improvements that would have to be made, the HR department would now have to conduct trainings. The HR department is also the one that sees to it that all the employees are happy and satisfied with their jobs through the conduct of parties. In the occasion where employees encounter problems in the company, the HR department is also the one that would help them resolve these problems.

Now those are all the top functions of the HR department that makes them indispensable members of an organization. Your job is to make it easy for your HR people. How can you do that? Well, you have to make sure you get them the right time and attendance online.

HR Department

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Basic Tasks of the HR Department  

Of all the departments in a company, one that's of utter importance is the human resource department. This is because the HR department hand...