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I know what I want to do, but I cannot do it all by myself , I need some expertise and helping hand to execute my vision

HIRE US as your VIRTUAL DIRECTOR and solve critical Business & Marketing issues Do More, Faster, with fewer Mistakes

Building Business is a SPECIALITY Task Let SPECIALIST DIRECTORS do it for YOU Specialists who think like an Owner but operates like an Employee Choose your options


HIRE US AS YOUR MARKETING DIRECTOR let us handle your marketing, while you do your business valuable for companies looking for an extra hand in marketing activities

While you concentrate on your business, we handle your marketing through the build concept where we provide highly experienced virtual marketing director services to promote your products and services throughout Asia Pacific. Once hired, you get a marketing & Advertising agency, Media Shop and a marketing Director all under one roof. We work with you and your sales team to achieve a desired goal within a time period. The goal is obviously to increase sales more than what you are presently capable of. We assist you to plan for total sales & marketing operations, set up a new business development strategy/marketing plan and then execute the same together with you. We use our Management techniques, technical knowledge and network of contacts combined with international experience to make your efforts successful and efficient. We work hand in hand with you as a senior executive and take your organization to a road of success by orderly marketing management.

Marketing Strategy and Planning Assistance in market research Creating market development programs Representation in Meetings Managing and monitoring the sales team Provide Management Strategy and overall Direction

HIRE US AS YOUR INTERNATIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR dedicated approach to promote your products worldwide Excellent for small and medium business owners who are looking for export market growth but cannot afford to keep a senior high salaried marketing person

International marketing involves recognizing the fact that people all over the world have different needs. It is necessary to understand that in global market, a standard product cannot be addressed using a consistent market mix even if the target audience is the same. Organizations must accept that differences in values, customs, languages and currencies will mean that some products will only suit certain countries and certain specific approach is needed for selling those. As your International Marketing Director, we take care of all that and based on our years of experience, suggest and implement a strategy to penetrate the global market easily and effectively. Once retained as your International Marketing Director, our entire focus turns to the world market. Our overall responsibility lies in discovering new markets and developing market entry strategies, through our network of contacts worldwide. We also take care of your existing marketing operations but further enhance it using our international best practices. We often have to take up the role of Market Research Analysts or Product Designers to support the business owners.

Full ownership of your Export sales and Marketing initiatives Global Business Strategy , Planning and Execution International Operation Management Sourcing, Product Development and Distribution Client/Partner relationships and conflict management Representations in Seminars/Trade Fairs Travel on demand for business and followup

HIRE US AS YOUR REPRESENTATIVE DIRECTOR penetrate new market and increase revenue

particularly suitable for companies looking for a single person base in asia pacific We act as your local representative Director and operate as you would have operated had you put a salaried person from your company to be in the right place at the right time, anywhere in Asia Pacific region. When appointed, we are responsible to be a single point contact for your customers, vendors and respective teams operating in the region. We take away your worries by our assured senior management presence in the region. We help you to identify new business opportunities as well as maintain existing ones. We are self driven team, advising and working on your directions to achieve your goal.

Your Vision is our Mission

Local as well as Regional role in Asia Pacific Legal, Market knowledge, Administrative advices Representations in meetings Sales & Marketing Strategy and execution New Clients and Client servicing Sourcing and vendor negotiations Travel on demand for business and followups Full local and regional operational support

HIRE US AS YOUR OPERATION DIRECTOR Increase Bottomline by improving your operations valuable for business owners looking for increasing profit margins

As a concept Virtual Operation Director do not replace nor act as your existing operation or production manager but compliments them with a different and specialist role. Once appointed in your organization, our foremost responsibility is to churn out extra profit from the current operations and provide bottom line improvement. The process typically include monitoring of existing processes and analyzing their effectiveness; creating strategies to improve productivity and efficiency; and advice top management on the flaws in operation including workforce improvement. After that through joint participations, corrective actions are taken for the benefit of the organization. We help you to look at the big picture by attending to minute details and highlighting aptly what is needed for improvement.

Provide Operational Management Strategy and overall Direction Business and Corporate Strategies Project Management strategy and execution Organization Plans and restructuring Right staffing and management Procurement and Spend Management

over 20 years of marketing and business operation experience Knowledge of diverse industries and overall processes Productivity starts from day one unbiased opinions for greater productivity


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