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Mayday | eBook 5 Books that will help you secure a nurse job These days jobseekers first port of call would be the internet when in search of information or advice regarding job hunting. However, books are still one of the greatest forms of resources if you are looking for the best advice, in particular, if you are looking for nurse job related advice. There are many advantages when investing in one of the following books, each of which will be discussed in detail, partly due to the fact that the content is more likely to be better than content found on the internet. The following acts as advice when considering investing in a book to help provide sound advice when searching for a nursing job. Book 1- ‘Careers Uncovered: Nursing and Midwifery (Careers Uncovered series)’ by Jim Bird & Marie Borrego ‘Careers Uncovered: Nursing and Midwifery’ provides a broad range of information on each sector of the nursing industry and aims to describe what it takes to begin your nurse career. The book adopts a straightforward tone which displays the vital facts in a manner which is easy to understand as well as being informative enough for you to begin planning the first steps of your training or job hunting. The book serves as a ‘peek’ into real life careers of nurses and midwives across the world and analyses what steps they took to work within the health care sector. This becomes available via the inclusion of a number of case studies which provide a valuable insight into what it takes to become a nurse; both physically, mentally, and what processes you need to go through in each specialism. As a whole the book is a great resource for those of you who are preparing to become a nurse, however, if you are looking for the ultimate resource for nurse job seeking, then there are better books out there. 7.5/10

Book 2- ‘Oxford English for Careers: Nursing 1: Oxford English for careers: Nursing: ELT Level 1: Pre-Intermediate: Student’s Book’ by Tony Grice What’s great about this book is how it conveys information in a way that is accessible and useful to any pre-job nurse, whilst carefully detailing how students should prepare themselves for working with patients and colleagues. The book, by Tony Grice, also offers a good resource for places to look when it comes to getting your first job. From an extensive list of nursing agencies, to NHS resource websites, blogs, and news articles, this book provides readers with a great ‘go-to’ guide for nurse job seeking. 8/10

Book 3- ‘Careers and Jobs in Nursing’ by Linda Nazarko ‘Careers and Jobs in Nursing’, by Linda Nazarko, offers a diverse array of information which comprehensively details the steps and processes, by specialism, you have to go through until you reach your first professional job. Nazarko’s advice also extends to nurses who are already practising, and offers guidance to those who want to switch jobs or specialisms and how they should go about achieving this. The book is a very intuitive resource for those who are unsure seeking advice about how working as a nurse will impact on their personal and social life. The book answers many questions including how much does childcare for nurses cost, extensive pay rate listings, and which financial aid is available to the professional nurse. All in all, the book acts as a very rounded, and realistic resource for both student nurses and practising nurses. 9/10

Book 4- ‘Hot Nursing Careers for the 21st Century: 111 Frequently Asked Questions About Entering Nursing’ by Micheline Birger ‘Hot Nursing Careers’ by Micheline Birger aims to inform existing nurses, or students studying to be a nurse, about the unobvious opportunities that nurses seldom think about. For example, Birger offers her readers an exceptionally deep resource for nurse opportunities abroad, nurse jobs in travel liners and health spa jobs. The book aims to inform readers how they can use their RN degree to the best effect and educates us in the required steps that we have to take. The book also acts as a resource for many other nurse job seeking frequently asked questions, of which Birger’s tone reflects well upon her readership. Overall the book is an interesting read and informs the readers in a succinct but informative way. If you are looking for quick answers, this is probably the book for you. 8/10

Book 5- ‘Sociology in Nursing and Healthcare’ by Hannah Cooke and Susan M. Philpin This book provides a valuable insight into what it is like to work in the health care system and aims to prepare prospective nurses for what they are about to experience. Positive notes about this book rest on the fact that Cooke and Philpin focus equally on the positive and negative specifics of the industry instead of slanting towards either angle. The result is a very informative and rightfully neutral resource of working life as a nurse and is a great read for any nurse

job seekers. However, the book probably doesn’t offer its readers quite enough information on the battle to secure a job in the first place, which ultimately affects its school in this eBook. This is a must read for individuals who are thinking of going into nursing, however, you would be wise to invest in another book if you are also looking for nurse job seeking advice as you will find little of it here. 7.5/10

Five Books That Will Help You Secure A Nurse Job  

A review of Five Books That Will Help You Secure A Nurse Job

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