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A Peaceful Countryside Wedding Today, the leading roles of our story, William and Caroline, are now settled down in New York. But actually they are rooted in Oregon, where there is picturesque scenery as well as rich and stunning rurality. The new couple now would like to escape from the noisy city life of NYC, so they start to plan for a peaceful beautiful and meaningful countryside wedding. The story took place at Historic Deepwood Estate which was built in 1894 and has all the charm of a century old estate.

As the bride and groom would like their wedding hold in a peaceful way and they want to be

romantic at the same time, so the wedding planner scheme out such a French Picnic Wedding Plan. The beautiful outdoor scenery would set as a perfect background for the event .

Living in New York but hold a ceremony in Oregon really poses various challenges, said the bride,” but we believe that we will overcome all the difficulties and we are confident that the ceremony would turn out to be a great success. ” In order to flatter for the rustic theme ,the bride pick a suit of off the shoulder knee-length wedding gown. The flattering cut didn’t features various decors, but simple cut and flowing line couldn’t be better to outline the silhouette and accentuate the femininity.

Wedding Gown Provider : David bridal You know, this is a countryside wedding ceremony, so the bride pick various beautiful flowers to decorate her long gold curvy hair. The natural style, setting off the picturesque background, forming a great harmony.

The maids of honor group selected flawless bridesmaid dresses. The discounted bridesmaid dresses are provided by the well known dresses

The grooms suits are varied in colors which is thought to be incredible energetic and handsome. The wedding decorations is decorated with flowers. Those beautiful plants are picked from local farm, quite special and more meaningful than those from a bouquet.

The bride and groom would also like to add some personal touch to their wedding ceremony, so at the occasion there are various decors which features their unique handcrafts. For example, the indicator. The invitations wall is also quite impressive. Meshy wall decorated with rustic ribbon cards where you can sign you name on and record your best wishes.

Visit the Gallery : Tips: A outdoor wedding ceremony may take various money, so in order to cut your budget, you can save money from the following aspects: the costs of dinners, cocktails, drink and snacks. But here I didn’t mean you should make your guests suffer from hungry and thirsty. You know having a picnic is always much cheaper than invite others for a big meal in a restaurant. Understand?

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A French Picnic Wedding Ceremony  

Frech Picnic Wedding Ceremony, timeless romance and boundless romance.