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Set in Africa, this tale of three orphans follows their struggle for survival after AIDS has claimed their parents. Lydia the oldest is determined to look after her siblings in spite of a grandmother who goes out of her way to make life difficult for them. The diary her mother has left the children helps Lydia find the strength to carry on in this thought-provoking and sensitive story.

This book was about three orphans whose grandma is not very kind to them and makes Lydia the oldest work for her. They are struggling to get food and Kesi the youngest ends up in hospital and nobody knows if she is going to live. I enjoyed this book because I was sad in parts and it felt that it was all happening in front of me and it also felt that it was a true story. My favourite character was Lydia because she is the oldest and everything goes wrong for her. I think people who like sad and people with good imagination would like this book. Sinead Harrowman Mile End Primary School

Torn Pages  

Torn Pages review

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