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This charming fantasy, written by Carnegie Medal winner Sharon Creech is a fairy tale of secrets and dreams where the lives of royalty and peasant collide and each finds that their wishes are very similar despite their vastly different lifestyles. dex.html is Sharon’s official website with biographical details and information about all her books as well as downloadable teaching guides.

CASTLE Corona is about a girl called Pia and her brother Enzio. They were slaves at a witch man’s house. They hated working for him and dreamed of being kings and queens of the Castle Corona. When they find a pouch with the King’s seal on it, it leads them to a brand new life at the Castle Corona. There they meet the King and Queen and the Princesses and Princes. They find that royalty isn’t always what it seems. I enjoyed the book and I liked the characters and the story wasn’t set in one person’s view. It went round the different characters and told it from their point of view. I also liked the description and the hermits. I thought the story was very good. My favourite character was Pia because she is very adventurous and kind. She loves an adventure. She is very good with her brother and is kind to nature. I think girls from 9 – 11 would like this book. Kirsty P7 Mile End Primary School

The Castle Corona  

The Castle Corona review

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