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Front cover analysis This is the front cover of NME magazine and this is the magazine I am going to analyse. The main photo is of the cast of the inbetweeners and it shows them in the uniform and facial expressions that we are familiar with from watching the show. The general atmosphere of the photo relates to the mischief and drama that occurs in the show, for example Jay has a phone line tied around wills neck. The pull quote, ‘we really enjoyed our unpaid time here’ is written in handwriting style font to represent the fact that the programme is based around school. It is in keeping with the plot of the show. The colour of the font is only red and white, this may have been decided to represent the mayhem that you come to expect from the lads from the Inbetweeners. The characters have been positioned subtly in their in order of their significants to the show, with will simon at the front , and jay, and neil at the back. This is because the show is based upon the events of simon and will, and jay and neil are less significant to the plot, even though they are equally important to the show. On the left third of the page there is not much going on, however there are two cover lines that leave you wanting to read more about the story inside. Overall I feel that this is a well structured front cover that would be very appealing to the target audience, however if the reader doesn’t like the inbetweeners, there is not much else to entice you in.

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Front cover analysis

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