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CAPITAL CITY POLKA DANCERS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 33 Camp Hill, PA. 17011-0033 “Delivering Polka Excellence To The Polka Community” +++ February 2009 +++

President: Van Webster Vice President: Andy Green Rec. Secretary: Lois Wolfersberger Treasurer: Carol Heide Financial Secretary: Bill Fenwick Dance Instructors: Don & Josie Casner Sunshine: Pat Ankerbrandt Membership: Wayne Bowers Nominating Chairperson: Andy Green Newsletter: Carol Heide

717-230-9795 717-761-1450 717-737-0753 717-230-9795 717-763-9494 717-436-2743 717-732-6287 717-939-6788 717-761-1450 717-230-9795

Board: Luther Wolfersberger Board: Jim Robbins Board: John Freidhoff Board: Shirley Young Board: Mary Ann Freund Board: Shirley Weiss Publicity: Barb Fenwick Hospitality: Doris Lenkevich Hospitality: Helen Shirk Hospitality: Bev Reifsnyder

717-737-0753 717-432-0686 717-766-7068 717-774-1136 717-652-2521 717-975-0114 717-763-9494 717-774-6665 717-774-5671 717-834-4831

CCPDA MEETINGS : The next Board Meeting will be held Feb 5th at 6:00 PM and the General Meeting will be Feb 5th at 7:30 PM. Both meetings are held at the Mt. Olivet U.M. Church 5000 Simpson Ferry Rd. Mechanicsburg, PA. Meeting news : Our President Van Webster opened the January 8, 2009 CCPDA General meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. We had 23 members attending with no visitors. The changes to the Club Policies have been made and updated copies will be available at our general meetings. The President reported that in December two dance tickets were given away at the York White Rose dance. The York White Rose club is celebrating their 25th anniversary at their May dance. They are preparing a special anniversary book and CCPDA has approved a half page congratulatory note. At this time we have not set a date for Polka dance lessons. We will see what interest is received at the January dance lessons following the Polka Mass. Ann Markley reported that we had 14 members participate in the 3rd Friday Night Christmas Party ( see page 3 for story and photos). Ann was given approval to make a photo album of the evening for presentation to the leaders of the 3rd Friday Night group. Treasurer’s Report: Our Treasurer reported the general balance as of November 30, 2008 was $8,725.81. The income for the month of December was $2,403.00 with expenses of $4,375.19. The general balance as of December 31,2008 was $6,753.62 for a loss of $1,972.19 for the month. The income for our December dinner dance was $2,305.00 and the expenses were $2,853.91 so the club supported the December dinner dance by $548.91.

Sunshine: Pat Ankerbrandt reports that get well cards were sent to Dusty Rhodes (kidney stones) and Carol Rhodes (knee surgery). Sympathy cards were sent to Paul Rupp (stepmother), and to Harlow Thompson (wife). Membership: Wayne Bowers reported that our current membership stands at 345 members. Upcoming Bus Trip: Helen Shirk is checking with local bus companies to gather rate information on the upcoming bus trip November 6th, 7th and 8th. The bus company that is offering the best price does not have a parking area for our vehicles. If anyone knows of a parking area that we could use, please call Helen at 774-5671.

The Happy Polka Time Radio Show Sundays – Noon until 2 PM Radio Station WWII – 720 AM Come on along and join our party For it’s Happy Polka Time You’ll hear us play your favorite Polkas Throughout our Polka time It’s time to grab you Polka partners And join in the fun Mom and Pop and Grandpa too For it’s Happy Polka Time !

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POLKA DANCE SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 2009 CCPDA dances are held from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM except as noted. All dances are held at the Holy Name of Jesus Church unless otherwise noted. CCPDA : call your regular salesperson or Shirley Weiss at 975-0114 for dance tickets.

Lebanon Polka Pals: Frank at 273-3661 Dutchland Polkateers: Martha at 665-2918 White Rose: Andy at 244-3436 Alpenrose: Edie at 764-1725 Lancaster Liederkranz: Doris Blouin at 697-8455 Lakeside Ballroom: Joe at 570-622-3321 or John at 570-455-7676 February 7

White Rose

“Tommy Thomas Trio” 7:00 to 11:00 PM

February 7

Lanc Liederkranz

“Heimat Klaenge” Fasching Party 7:30 to 11:30 PM

February 14 Capital City “Polka Family Band” 7:30 to 11:30 PM Please note that there is a print mistake on the February tickets. There is no Dinner Buffet for February. February 21

Lanc Liederkranz

“Kapelle Fellas” Lumpen Ball 7:30 to 11:30 PM

February 21


“Polka Quads” Faschingstanz 7:00 to 11:00 PM

February 22

Lebanon Polka Pals

“Polka Quads” St. Valentine’s Dance 2:00 to 6:00 PM

February 28

Dutchland Polkateers “The Adlers” International Dance 7:00 to 11:00 PM

IT’S BACK FOR FEBRUARY 2009 F-F-F ( Free Friends in February) This is the dance where you can invite your friends who may have an interest in Polka, but who have never attended a CCPDA dance. They can join us for free and see if they like our club. The intent is to court new members. Just bring your friends and the coupon below. Here is how it works: Each CCPDA member can bring one friend to our February dance. The sponsoring member must show their current membership card at the door. 2. Friends must be with the CCPDA member upon presentation of this coupon. Two CCPDA family members may sponsor two non-member friends with the one coupon. 3. The F-F-F visitor must have never attended a CCPDA dance before. Please remember to tell your CCPDA Ticket Seller that you are bringing someone. 4. Coupons are accepted at the door only. No advance tickets. 5. Please be sure to tell us about your friend and introduce them to other members 1.

Sponsoring Member (s) (print please):______________________________________________________

Page 3 The Third Friday Night Christmas Party December 19th, 2008

I believe you can tell by all the smiling faces that the Third Friday Night Christmas Party was a success. Even though we don’t have an official service group, we had 14 club members participating at the party . The Markleys, Weisses, Wolfersbergers, Grows, Baileys, Colestocks, Van Webster, and your editor. A big THANK YOU to everyone. We first danced a polka for the group and then they all joined in dancing . We did the Hokey Pokey, Alley Cat and the Chicken dance twice ! They loved it. Ann Markley lead the singing of a few Christmas Carols . After dinner Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit. Everyone came up and sat on Santa’s lap and told the jolly old man what they wanted for Christmas. A gift bag was given to everyone (37 members) and CCPDA included $10 in each one. The Third Friday Night club was most appreciative of our group and as you can see from the pictures, they all had a fun time.


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We had 100 hearty Polka dancers brave the cold weather to enjoy the music of the Polka Quads. Everyone who attended the Polka Mass said The Quads did a great job. Peggie Colestock made all the snowflake decorations for the tables and the stage and they were quite appropriate with the snowy weather. Thank you Peggie. Our hosts for the evening were Don and Ann Markley, Stan and Peggie Colestock and Bob and Naomi Stahl. They prepared the barbeque and baked beans that we all enjoyed at the first break buffet. Thank You ! Everything was delicious. I would also like to thank our ticket sponsor Ken Faust and everyone that brought a door prize. Also thanks to everyone that brought a dish for the buffet and peanut butter for the Food Bank. Your help is most appreciated.

Polka News 23 Polka CD’s were entered for Grammy consideration. The 5 that have been nominated are: 1. El Maestro Del Acordeon Y Sus Polkas by Paulino Bernal. 2. Speechless by LynnMarie and Charlie Kelley and The Boxhounds. 3. Back to Back Hall of Fame Polkas with Walter Ostanek and Band, Jerry Darlak and The Touch and Bob Kravos and The Boys in The Band. 4. Hungry for More by Polka Family Band. 5. Let the Whole World Sing by Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra. The Grammys will be awarded February 8th.

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February Birthdays Anna Carpenter 02/01 Fred Bednar 02/01 Mary Dunn 02/06 Michael Trephan 02/06 Charles Jacobs 02/08 Al Kennedy 02/08 Joanne Robbins 02/08 Nan Hiddemen 02/09 Anna Mae Dayhoff 02/10 Rosalie Ann Van Scyoc 02/10

Bertha Bowers William Reh Todd Schlobohm Rose Snyder Ray Smith Jean Sites F C Proszowski Shirley Zeiders Kitty Macut Jake Reifsnyder

02/14 02/14 02/15 02/20 02/21 02/23 02/24 02/26 02/27 02/27

Happy Anniversary Wishes to You ! Horst & Marian Zeiler Jerry & Jean Morrison Fred & Mim Bednar Albert & Edith Heindel

02/01 Frank & Margaret Ferlin Jr. 02/13 02/01 Philip & Linda Dullen 02/14 02/08 Ray & Betty Smith 02/23 02/12

Get Ready to make fasnachts It’s that time again. Ash Wednesday is fast approaching and St. Cecelia’s Catholic Church in Lebanon is gearing up once again for their annual fasnacht sale. Last year they sold over 8,000 dozen fasnachts. Incredible ! They have many of their parishioners who volunteer but they really need more people to help. Last year a group from CCPDA volunteered and we had a fun time. We are planning to help the church on Tuesday February 24th for a 6 hour shift from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The church provides a delicious lunch and of course you can sample the yummy fasnachts. CCPDA fasnacht quality control !

Please call John Freidhoff at 766-7068 for details.


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“Delivering Polka Excellence to the Polka Community” February 2009 Newsletter

Groundhog Day Feb 2nd

Lincoln’s Birthday Feb 12th

Valentine’s Day Feb 14th

Washington’s Birthday Feb 22nd

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