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Changes in the fashion industry: Salwar kameez and casual shirts go through a makeover Summary: Casual shirt for men and salwar kameez for women are timeless classics, the new designs available today also making waves in the casual clothing industry. It is interesting to see that both men, and women, irrespective of the age, have now adopted a more casual dressing style in day to day life. Article Body: Clothing is as old as mankind and it is interesting to go through the evolution of clothing. From leaves and barks of trees, to natural and synthetic fibres, the growth has been slow and a steady process. Clothing which was considered a necessity has risen to the status of fashion now. And what an array of fashion we see; be it in casual shirts, women 痴 t shirts or women 痴 salwar kameez and children 痴 clothes. With the advent of internet the world has shrunk into a global village. What is fashion in Paris reaches all over the world in a few days time. Good and stylish clothes are what people are looking for and they do not hesitate to buy it from any part of the world. This is why, today a variety of web stores are in place that sell casual shirts for both men and women, salwar kameez for both casual and formal wear and women 痴 t shirts in trendy as well as classic designs so that the needs of clients across the globe are met with. Salwar kameez has been a popular costume of the India and its neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Salwar Kameez, a two piece dress has remained the same for many years. The length of the kameez, the width of the salwar keeps changing and new fashions and designs have been created over these years. The salwar kameez with a little variation to suit the western style has also evolved and you see models walking with these clothes on ramps in other countries. The third part of this attire, a dupatta, is optional and while you will find that in the Northern part of India all salwar kameez sets come with dupatta, this is not so in the Southern parts of India where dupattas are taken only for formal occasion with formal wear salwar Kameez. Today you will find a variety of slawar kameez design with an indo-western pattern that works very well for city-chic females who want to create a personalized style statement. India which was quite conservative about the dressing has also changed its outlook. To see women with women 痴 T shirts is nothing new in India anymore. Women's T shirt have many kinds of designs making it very interesting for women to shop. Women 痴 T shirts are finding its way into casual wear, jogging and exercise apparel and for many other occasions. A variety of women 痴 t shirts are being designed by famous brands and this means more choices for more occasions, T-shirts that have the comfort only a T-shirt can provide but which are good enough for parties and even boardroom meetings. When compared to women, men have fewer designs to choose from. The trousers, jeans, casual shirts, formal shirts and tie are the only ones with which male fashion makers can design. There are many designs coming out in the casual wear industry like the casual shirt, shorts etc. Men 痴 apparel in India and other eastern countries have more to offer and the fashion can still experiment on a combination of both styles. People have broadened outlook these days and they are willing to experiment in any field and clothing is no exception. Resource: There have been some minor changes in casual shirt designs but they are still considered the best apparel for both men and women. Arrow shirts are excellent for formal and casual wear. Women's T shirt have also experienced a makeover, with many brands specializing in formal clothes now offering many patterns and designs to choose from.

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Changes in the fasion industy