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Gary’s Corner Greetings everyone I hope you enjoy the new look newsletter format. Every two weeks a staff newsletter will be published so if you have any stories or content please let Michelle know by emailing By now you would have seen the new Bay Venues logo – we have sent letters out to our stakeholders, suppliers and customers informing them of our name change and sharing with them the new logo. We have received some very positive comments, so once again, thank you for your feedback on the various designs we considered. What we are working on at the moment is the design work for such things as stationery, business cards, uniforms and signage. The staff team working on the Values project have done a great job. As a result of the staff survey they have made changes to the original set of values. They have reduced the number down to five and work is now being done on the final wordsmithing of what each value means. We hope to introduce the final version to staff later in June. Delve Research have been commissioned to carry out our Customer Insight Project. A key part of this initiative is understanding what value means to our customers and to develop a set of key performance indicators for customer satisfaction. The project will take about five months and will cover every part of our business. The Commercial Business Unit will be the first area of focus.

JUNE 2014

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The Clubfit new member promotion this month has generated a great deal of interest and a lot of new members. A big thank you to everyone who got in behind this promotion.

All the best

Gary CEO

If you would like to make a contribution to the staff newsletter or make a suggestion for content, please contact Michelle Whitmore from our marketing department or phone 021 473 348.

In st spi or ra ie tio s n in al sid s e taff :)

Planning seems to be a big part of what we do as we race through this year. In late June we will know from Tauranga City Council (TCC) how the 2014-2015 Annual Plan impacts on us. We have begun work to make sure we are ready with our 10 Year Plan, that has to be with TCC by the end of September. In June we will begin a strategic planning process for 2016 and beyond. In addition to this, each business is working on their Business Plan for next year. These are all important pieces of work that sometimes keeps us from our core business however, the effort we put into these plans now, will be of great benefit going forward.


is one of life’s disciplined people. And that’s probably just as well as her role incorporates so many organised activities at the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre (QEYC), Aquinas Action Centre and Merivale Action Centre, it’d make your head spin! “The opportunity to work in a recreation environment presented itself to me six years ago and I relished the challenge”, says Kelly. “No two days are the same that’s for sure”, she says. The QEYC venue alone is home to marching, badminton, roller derby, children’s gymnastics, netball, table tennis, fencing, basketball, mini ball, model aircraft flying, futsal,

IN THE HEART OF HER COMMUNITY Spare a thought on these chilly mornings

Kura Ormsby

for who opens the doors of the Otumoetai Pools at 5.30am each day to prepare for the regulars to start their swim club sessions. A local resident in Otumoetai, the Pools have been her workplace for the last couple of years. And it’s a job she loves. In 2006 she started with the organisation as an aqua aerobics instructor but her aquatic teaching skills go back to the 1980s when the aqua aerobics fitness craze was just beginning. She then had a stint in lifeguarding followed by pool management at Memorial Pool,


When joined Tauranga City Venues Limited in 2007 as an office administrator, she never guessed how her life would change in the future. Seven years on, and hundreds of events later, Amy is assisting customers to deliver their events in one of the country’s newest and most versatile venues, ASB Baypark Arena.

soccer, wheelchair basketball and rugby, prayer and healing meetings, holiday and after school programmes, as well as small to medium events. “The breadth of the role tests my adaptability and creativity and I love it. I have a great team of people around me and together we apply our skills in marketing, sport, teaching and administration to ensure a great outcome for our venue users”, she explains. “We’re often required to help solve issues and create ideas to get the best out of the stadium”, says Kelly. “Having an open mind about new possibilities is definitely a requirement in this role as we seek to understand sport trends and then create a setting for them to occur”.

Otumoetai, a short secondment at Greerton, then finally returning to Otumoetai Pools. “Being around water must be in our family’s blood as my daughter was a national swimmer competing at the New Zealand Juniors. I truly believe that everyone should learn how to swim even if it’s just the basics”, says Kura. It gives her obvious pleasure to see the facility used by the public too as well as the Otumoetai College students next door. “I know all the regulars at the Pool – swimmers, school classes, club members and their parents. It’s a small community much like a family”, she explains. “I especially love it when the primary schools come together for East Cluster Competition. They cheer each other on with great excitement – it’s pretty uplifting”. Kura’s job extends to many other facets of the management of the pool complex including administration, customer service, team

It’s just as well she can multi task as her responsibilities include high profile sports events to gala dinners to corporate meetings and everything in between. “I love the variety that this job offers and the scope that it has expanded to”, says Amy. “It’s challenging, testing, and rewarding especially when I see how satisfied clients are when their event is a success. Their reactions are priceless and that’s a buzz”. Amy’s latest project is a first for the ASB Baypark Arena and her client, the Bay of Plenty District Health Board.

The part of her job that gives her enormous satisfaction is developing her team. “I enjoy building a team and watching it flourish. The environment at QEYC offers pathways for young graduates to develop their skills and establish a wide network of contacts. Creating and facilitating programmes gives our people the chance to learn in very practical ways”. “When our customers tell you they’re happy its great for everyone here. We all feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that we’ve done a great job. That’s rewarding enough for me”, she adds.


Muraahi is a small woman on a big mission with an ever-watchful eye over the flow of customers in her domain. For the past two years Sarah has worked at the ASB Arena Café – Bar and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She truly loves her job, the people she meets and the team she works with, especially her boss Mark Hollard.

“I just love being busy and looking after my customers”, says Sarah. “I strive to be the best that I can in my role and ensure that everyone is happy. When we get positive feedback from customers it makes me feel proud that I’ve contributed to it”, says Sarah. management, financials and basic engineering skills. “My knowledge of chemicals, pool testing and regular maintenance has become second nature to me. I’d never imagine I’d be in the maintenance room checking out the water filters but I rather enjoy it!”, she says. Luckily she has a great sense of humour too as she has to cope with a range of situations. “I witnessed a woman shampooing her hair in the pool one day to save time. That was a first for me” she laughs.

“My client is working with a number of other health organisations to conduct a series of seminars which will be live streamed to health professionals all over the country”, explains Amy. “We’ll have attendees in the conference rooms at the ASB Baypark Arena listening to a series of presenters delivering topics. At the same time the content will then be streamed to other invited audiences around New Zealand”.

“I like working for Mark too. I regard him as tough but fair boss and he’s always there for his team, no matter what. And he’s pretty funny too”, she adds. The ASB Arena café is a central hub for business meetings and playgroup get-togethers and everything in between. The coffee machine is on the go all the time, a selection of delicious food is on offer and tables are cleaned and represented within moments of being vacated. That’s due in the most part to Sarah and her passion for cleanliness. “I’m a really fussy person and even drive myself nuts cleaning every surface all the time. Chewing gum is my biggest hate – I find it everywhere, but I’m pretty good at dealing to it”, she says. Sarah’s role extends to catering for functions at the ASB Arena, out-­ catering for executive meetings and waitressing at events. “It’s so varied and every week is different from the last and that’s what drives me”, she says.

ASB Baypark Arena secured the booking because of its technical prowess says Amy. “The venue had the basic infrastructure to cope with the technical elements of the request and we’ve been meeting with the client to refine and plan the minute details before we deliver the seminars in June”, says Amy. If the event is a success, the venue will secure ongoing bookings Amy says. “The client has provisionally booked more seminars on the basis of a successful outcome. I really think this can give us a competitive edge in the conference market, which would be fantastic”.

June 7-8 – It’s our new release weekend for Les Mills Group Fitness at Clubfit Baywave. Thereafter we have our Group Fitness Challenge – do as many classes as you can before 5 July and be in to win some fantastic prizes. Spread the word!

What’s On At Our Venues

JUNE 2014

Splurge Winterfest

7 June 8pm ASB Baypark Stadium Lounge

CMS Plumbing World Innovation Series 16 June 5pm - 7pm ASB Baypark Stadium Lounge

Ahuwhenua Awards Dinner and Trophy Competition (Maori Farmer of the Year) 13 June 5pm - 11pm

University of Canterbury Information Evening 19 June 4pm - 9pm ASB Baypark Arena

BOPDHB Maori Health Excellence Seminar - Tobacco Cessation 20 June 8am - 3.30pm ASB Baypark Arena

AUT Tauranga Information Evening

ASB Baypark Arena

FPB Trade Show 2014

17 June 6:30am - 9:30am ASB Baypark Stadium Lounge

2014 Bay of Plenty Young Fruit Grower of the Year 18 June 9am - 11pm ASB Baypark Arena

24 June 4.30pm - 8pm ASB Baypark Arena

BNZ Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards 27 June ASB Baypark Stadium Lounge

Bay of Plenty Speedway Association Senior Prize-Giving 28 June ASB Baypark Stadium Lounge

NZKGI 2014 Young Fruit Grower of the Year 18 June 8am - 5pm

Seriously Good Food Show

ASB Baypark Arena and Stadium Lounge

28-29 June 10am - 5pm ASB Baypark Arena

HR News

Health & Safety

From Candy Gray HR Dept

Staff who have started recently: Jacinta Derriman – Finance Manager Heather Holland (from fixed term to permanent) – Accounts Receivable Officer Max Kreimer – Mt Hot Pools Lifeguard Staff who will be starting in June: Steve Thacker (3 June) – Health & Safety Advisor Justin Priestley (3 June) – Greerton Aquatics Lifeguard Nadine Davies (9 June) – Mt Hot Pools Lifeguard Connie Kost (16 June) – Administrator/HR Co-ordinator Komal Totlani (23 June) – Clubfit Baywave Exercise Specialist Current Vacancies: Clubfit Membership & Customer Service Officer Learn to Swim Instructors Venue Supervisor OSCAR Coordinator (part time) Café Assistant & Receptionist (part time) Venue Attendant (fixed term)

by Tania Delahunty Business Performance Manager The big news in H&S this month is the commencement of our new H&S advisor Steve Thacker. Steve joins the Business Performance team on Tuesday 3 June. Steve brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience around H&S. During the first few weeks Steve will be out and about meeting you all and visiting all the facilities. The first key project on the agenda is to complete a stock take of what’s happening with H&S around the various facilities as we start the project to build one corporate wide H&S system. Steve will eventually be located at the ASB Arena.

+ve nues June 2014  

Monthly +ve nues newsletter by BayVenues - Keeping you informed and inspired.