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Create an exhibition which celebrates the uniqueness of cereal packaging, while enjoying the taste of large variety of cereals on the market.

To put on an exhibition where people can look at how packaging for cereals used to be while getting the chance to re-live their childhood by trying the cereals again.

+ Screen printed posters around gallery. + Leaflet / book about cereal. + Branded bowls and spoons for visitors to eat cereal out of. + Gallery space wayfinding + re-packaged cereal to match retro designs.

Breakfast cereal is made out of processed grains and is often our first meal of the day. Many people prefer the retro packaging of cereal which reminds them of their youth.

+ Designers interested in packaging design. + Adults and families interested in nostalgic cereals and their packaging. + Cereal lovers.

+ Lighthearted + Fun + Loud + Celebratory

Wayfinding material for gallery / exhibition space. Leaflet or book with information about the exhibition and the cereals involved. Screen prints of cereal packages to hang in exhibition. Promotional posters promoting exhibition.

Cereal Brief  

Cereal Brief