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1: Plan your time.

Plan your time in adcanve and set yourself daily goals. Youl’ll never have to pull an all nighter again.

2: Network

Go to as many events as possible and talk directly to the designers. Talking directly is better than an email and can sometimes turn into a placement.

4: Grab every opportunity

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work� - Thomas Edison

5: Work Hard!

Behind every success is hours of hard work. Although this may tire you out, you should reap the benefits with good work.

6: “Be excellent to each other”

Being nice to people isn’t difficult. It helps to build supportive relationships and may open doors for you in the future.

7: Develop and Research

Take time to develop your ideas and thouroughly research your topic. Designing is the easy part.

8: Don’t worry.

Being a worrier can really hold you back. Be confident and trust in your abilities.

9: Never stop learning

You can never know everything so be willing to learn new skills to improve your practice.

9: Be positive

Be a glass half full type of person! Being positive can help your self confidence as well as improving your personal well being. Being positive can also reflect in your practical work.

10: Enjoy what you do

Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. It isn’t really work if you’re really enjoying doing it!

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