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BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

Concept Support the intuitive learn-through-play process that alphabites encourages. By transforming the back of the pack into wearable animal costumes, parents and children are encouraged to craft, play and identify the animals that appear on each edition.


BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

Solution This solution gives children an organic learning experience by teaching the child skills in crafting while providing them with a fun way to learn the different letters of the alphabet. This offers an extended play experience that children can return to. There can also be interaction between these different characters as they are added to the collection. These bold characters resonate with children and have the potential to transport them to their own world of play.


BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

Range The range that I have created includes four different animal costumes for children to make. These costumes have been designed so that they can be crafted and worn in different ways so that there is added excitement every-time you buy a box of BEAR cereal as you do not know what kind of costume you will be crafting. The monkey and the hen boxes allow the child to create a head band, the alligator box creates a puppet to be worn on each hand creating a snapping mouth and the crab box creates pincers which attach to the child fingers and thumbs. This provides an indication of the varied activities that can be created using this format.


BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

Visual Style The style of the box is bright, colourful and simple, in-keeping with the flat graphics of the BEAR brand. The fun illustration style is eye-catching for young children giving it great shelf presence amongst the large quantity of cereal on the market. By using simple geometric shapes it helps create easily identifiable animals and these chunky shapes are easier for young children to cut and stick.


BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

Construction Each box will have a new way in which the costume can be worn and a new construction technique. This gives the child a new experience for every edition of the box with a new animal costume to craft and a new letter to learn. This helps keep the education experience dynamic and provides parents with the confidence to purchase BEAR cereal again. Each costume allows the child to gain crafting skills while sparking their imagination and encouraging make believe.


BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

Instructions Each box is provided with easy to follow instructions in the form of 5 icons alongside a step by step written explanation. This has been designed so that they are easy enough for a young child to follow in order to craft their wearable, animal costume.


BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

Front of box Without changing the front of box design dramatically, I have included a small logo to promote the animal costumes added to the back of the box. This gives an indication of which animal is featured in this edition and attempts to catch the eye of adults and children to pick up the box to see the animal they can create.


BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

The Future The decision to use animals was inspired by the BEAR logo and brand as well as the fact that their is an animal for every letter of the alphabet. In the future BEAR cereal could use other themes such as ‘professions’ or ‘superheroes’ providing children new costumes to craft and wear.


BEAR Cereal - YCN 2014

Bear Cereal