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A.N.D Independent Design Studio The Media Centre 7 Northumberland St Huddersfield HD1 1RL Telephone +44(0)7816 920 757

Work Examples Edition 01

A.N.D Studio (Aidan Nolan Design) is an independent design studio aiming to produce simple, well-crafted designs that engage and allow clients to realise their ambitions, whatever their budget. Working with a variety of different clientele - from small start up’s to larger established companies - the approach is always to produce considered results that are beautifully crafted. We work within branding and identity, art direction, print materials, web, signage and exhibitions. We also like to produce the odd bit of furniture too. 01 Introduction

02 Pikcells Brochure Volume3 2010/2011

Pikcells Brochure: Volume Three Pikcells Visualisation Studio came to us to find a way to showcase their incredible work, but also needed something which was editable, whilst retaining the aesthetics of a high end brochure. The solution was to use a bespoke cover that bound inserts allowing Pikcells to tailor what projects where showcased. The outer cover has a textured surface adding to the feeling of quality and realism created by the studio’s work.

03 Pikcells Brochure Volume3 2010/2011

04 The Sourcing Team 2010/2011 *Designed whilst freelancing for The Engine Room

The Sourcing Team As a leader in the field of product sourcing, The Sourcing Team needed a fresh identity that spoke to their mostly internet based customers. A typographic solution was best suited to communicate their message, by doing so it gave a voice and personality to a service that is somewhat lacking of a personal feeling. Refining their colour palette and using a strong and vibrant magenta - The Sourcing Team’s new identity has a bold playful character that allows the customer to feel some type of dialog with the company.

05 The Sourcing Team 2010/2011 *Designed whilst freelancing for The Engine Room

06 The Media Centre Huddersfield 2009/Present

Various Projects for The Media Centre From the end of 2009 The Media Centre Huddersfield asked us to design posters for their successful monthly events. With a consistent and clearly defined style for each event they all become part of a bigger brand that shows The Media Centre as a creative place for people to work as well as play.

07 The Media Centre Huddersfield 2009/Present

08 Creating Connections Conference 2010

Creating Connections Conference Voluntary Action Kirklees (VAK) commissioned us to create brand materials for a conference aimed at informing people about how using social media could benefit their business. A simple illustrative design was developed to give the subject matter an approachable and fun feel to an area that some people may find overwhelming. VAK wanted to portray a feeling of a network so ‘buddy’ icons, often found on social sites, gave the identity a grounding in the subject of the conference. The event was extremely well attended with the brand identity gaining much praise from those who encountered it.

09 Creating Connections Conference 2010

10 Various Works 2008/2011

11 Various Works 2008/2011

If you would like to discuss an interesting or potential project, wish to collaborate or simply like more information please feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to talk about what we can do to help you achieve your ambitions.

12 Contact

A.N.D Independent Design Studio The Media Centre 7 Northumberland St Huddersfield HD1 1RL Telephone +44(0)7816 920 757

All content* ŠAidan Nolan 2011 *Unless stated

A.N.D Studio - Work Edition One  

A showcase of selected work from A.N.D Studio

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