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The Worst Thing About Facebook Comes To Google I was thinking about covering the launch of Google Birthday reminders, (which actually debuted Tuesday, sorry), but I decided instead to just post some pictures of what Google looks like these days. You may remember that the homepage was taken over with a giant Nexus 7 ad earlier this week, and now Google is getting all Facebook-like with these “birthday reminders.” Because really, my favorite thing about Facebook is how we’ve all been conditioned to leave messages like “hoping you’re having a great birthday!” on each others’ Timelines. Definitely the best part of social networking, right? I especially like how these reminders even appear on the search result pages on Google, because there’s no better place to remind you to stop all that Internet research you were doing and go tell your friends you were happy they were born. Read more at TechCrunchThis Doc is the property of and for educational purpose only . The material on this doc cant be used without explicit permission of owner.

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The Worst Thing About Facebook Comes To Google  
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