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Shoot the Apple Android Game Download Shoot the Apple.hmm I did’nt see people jumping and climbing to get some apple’s from a tree or any fruit shop.But i think One of the android developer had a great idea of doing it.But instead to do it for real he created a game for android device users and for himself also (i think that was his greatest wish) . “Shoot the Apple” instead of that name i think the name should be “shoot da fcukin alien and fcuk him up”.Don’t blame me blame the developer for putting a poor alien into a cannon and shooting him up just for a apple.But from the app download’s number and ratings i can guess many of the maniacs out there loved just kidding. Well the game seems to be based on physics of angry birds yeah (squarrrrrk) your beloved game.

But instead of launching birds from a catapult you are launching aliens from a cannon until you rip off all the obstacles that are in the way of there beloved apple. The game consist of 150 levels so i guess you will not get bored.The graphics are real good and many different variants of game levels make it far more intresting.The themes include : Mechanical Tree, Beach Fairy table, Snow odd, Moon Time, Space Walk, Sax City. You will also earn coins for destroying obstacles and pass levels.The less poor aliens you shoot the more points you get such a relief for aliens So what you guys are waiting for grab you matches and get ready to fire some cannons with aliens. Get It Free from Android Market Download from Android Market Direct Link Download Shoot the AppleThis Doc is the property of and for educational purpose only . The material on this doc cant be used without explicit permission of owner.

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Shoot the Apple Android Game Download  
Shoot the Apple Android Game Download