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Google, Facebook and Twitter’s Friendly Rivalry Google, with its fully decked-out media lounge, backstage “Conversation Room” and end-of-the-week epic party, was inarguably the most prominent of the technology companies at the Republican National Convention — a list that also included Facebook and Twitter. That makes sense – Google and YouTube were the official social network and live stream provider of the convention, a role they’re also serving for the Democratic Convention. The company streamed content to hundreds of thousands of viewers and also used the event as a coming of age celebration for Google Hangouts, which were all the rage among media outlets covering the event and the convention organizers. Twitter and Facebook, meanwhile, played second fiddle. However, they still made quite the impact. The two shared a co-working space — perhaps in an effort to join forces against rival Google — that became a can’t-miss destination for reporters and socially-savvy politicians, receiving visits from such prominent politicians as Newt Gingrich and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy. Read more at MashableThis Doc is the property of and for educational purpose only . The material on this doc cant be used without explicit permission of owner.

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Google, Facebook and Twitter’s Friendly Rivalry  
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