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Adobe Flash Player returns to Google Play Store Citing requests from its UK “Strategic Partners,” Adobe has returned its Flash Player to the Google Play Store, but in the UK only. In early August, Adobe said it was halting development of the software and removed it from the market place. While Adobe has brought back Flash, albeit in a limited way, it also says that it will soon remove it from the UK Google Play Store once again. Still, Android users in the region now have a limited opportunity to install the software on their phone. One of the “Strategic Partners” that requested the return of Flash in the UK was the BBC. The British broadcaster uses Flash for its iPlayer application. Adobe has included some warnings with the new listing. The version of Flash Player on the UK Google Play Store site will only work on those units running Android 4.0.x which means that phones using the new Jelly Bean OS still will not support the technology. Read more at PhoneArenaThis Doc is the property of and for educational purpose only . The material on this doc cant be used without explicit permission of owner.

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Adobe Flash Player returns to Google Play Store  
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