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Google toolkit for Android developers A moment after the invasion of the desktops with their HTML 5 chrome apps, Google is at it again all set to bring these tool to the Android platforms as what they are calling the hybrid native apps, if what has been in the news of late is anything to go by. A report which was released recently by a popular technology news site The Next Web, Google is busy working on new Android developers tools (link= which will make it possible for them to create chrome apps for both operating systems. This is a move which has been hailed by a number of developers as they will now have a wider market for their products. They see this as a new opportunity where they can avail their tools to a wider and responsive souk. It only makes the development business lucrative as there will be a ready bazaar which is waiting to consume their products. The Next Web chances to stumble upon a GitHub repository which is popularly known as the Mobile Chrome Apps which had Michal Mocny, a programmer as one of the members. The literature showed that the Android toolkit will assist the creators to create them through Apache Cordova. They will be able to modify them through changing the designs to be in line with the mobile fix bugs, carry out the test, and know whether there are limitations. According to the latest news, they will also have a chance to publish them at play store as well as have them test and iTunes platform. A similar kind of news has been published in a site which says, “There are lots of technologies to make an application for Android OS based platform. The programmers have many choices from a top- level cross platform engines to processor exact code, to native method. There are various methods available for making application like SDK, Eclipse IDE, Native Development, Adobe Air and many. These tools let them to wrap up some implausible projects. The approaching toolkit will surely assist them to create Chrome applications that run on both the operating systems and also helps in Android monetization.

This basically means that the developers and users do not have install chrome in their mobile devices to use them which are provided through this kind of arrangement. All that one need to do is download the applications you need to use and get to use it the device without being required to install extra features.

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