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Lean UX Design #1 idea validation

Andrius Butkus 2013


Andrius Butkus Data Scientist Having a PhD and 5+ years of experience developing innovative media solutions combining aspects of UX Design, Web 2.0, Machine Learning, Social Networks and Mobile Interaction, I am passionate about communicating complicated ideas in a simple and visually compelling way.

Data Scientist at Issuu

(2011 - PRESENT)

External Lecturer at DTU

(2010 - PRESENT)

Assistant Professor at DTU

(2008 - 2010)

PhD in Digital Media Personalization at DTU

(2005 - 2008)


Senior UX Designer Fulltime, Copenhagen

Issuu is the world's leading digital publishing platform. We're looking for a new member to join our fantastic team. With amazing people, unique ideas and stunning technology, we're changing the future of publishing today. Are you the best at what you do? Come join us.

About this job You are a gifted designer who knows the web inside and out. You have a multidisciplinary mind that knows how to navigate and bridge visual concepts and technological challenges. You'll be the voice on the team, and work with our UX lead to plan and execute a variety of user experience tasks, including research/brainstorm, designing, and prototyping new user experiences on a variety of platforms. We want someone with strong graphic skills, who loves both the conceptual side and the implementation side of design projects. You will be working with cross-functional teams such as Engineering, Product Marketing, and Senior management to create stunning visuals and interfaces that facilitate what users want to do, and delight them along the way. You will streamline products and stimulate original ideas that bring simplicity and ease of use to complex design issues of a live community and publishing network. In short, this job may be the largest design challenge of your life so far, but also the most rewarding.

Responsibilities • • • • •

Create project deliverables that clearly and persuasively communicate the UX strategy and the reasoning behind it Deliverables include design mockups, production of visual assets and documentation required for proper implementation Work closely with design leadership to resolve issues and maintain the quality of Issuu's creative deliverables Provide mentorship to less experienced UX designers by exposing them to new challenges, decisions, and meetings Constructive participation in UX team and studio workshops to develop and refine best practices and processes

Requirements • • • • • • • • •

Proven from idea to product experience While exercising a good eye for aesthetics, you must be able to grasp and distill highly complex issues Strong communication skills and the ability to stay highly organized are critical Self motivated Knowledge of user-centered or goal-directed design principles coupled with a "don't make me think" understanding of usability 3+ years experience designing work flow, interaction and web-based UI BA or MA degree in design related studies Prior experience working within a technical environment is a must Work residence in DK/EU


check it out...

document DNA LDA a statistical model that resembles human brain in it’s ability to identify topic based on words appearing in shared context

static data gathered during the upload of a document

topics per document one or several of the targeting categories (cars, fashion, etc.)

translate into english from 24 languages

identify the language

sentiment analysis

56 languages


OCR to extract text from images

if document is scanned

attitude of a writer positive/negative happy, funny, angry, etc.

explicit content porn or violence

then we have to use advanced techniques to extract text and layout split it page by page

A PDF document is uploaded to issuu.


image analysis to identify colors, shapes, etc.

No other information is provided.

usage data gathered over time about a document based on usage performance reads, impressions, etc.

profitability eCPM

sentiment analysis attitude of a writer positive/negative happy, funny, angry, etc

trends social media

recommendations personalized suggestions

cover analysis high/low quality images, faces, colors

type magazine, newspaper, catalogue or book

user profile your personal data

context location, day, hour, device, etc.

history article extraction

so that we could present and target individual articles rather than the whole document

text boxes image boxes

your reading history

friends your friends reading history

signals gathered over time about a you

discovery adpages


knowledge extraction

feature extraction

data cleaning, integration and storage

data selection and gathering

the thequestion question ?? DataScience pyramid

The Lean loop

market user?




















as a user i want something so that value

I so what is issuu?



Ruben Bjerg Hansen Co-Founder & Chief Experience OďŹƒcer (CXO) Ruben co-founded Issuu in 2007, and has defined and embodied the Issuu brand ever since. He is the conductor who recognises and reacts to the changing needs, expectations, and emotions of customers, working with all internal divisions to ensure that the brand and its products and services are all orchestrated to deliver the greatest possible experience. Ruben received his education at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in London and Designskolen Kolding in Denmark, where he graduated with a master’s degree in visual communication.

before 2013 focus on the digital reader as the main product

after 2013 focus on the content discovery

I competition?









I Minimum Viable Product?


digital reader

digital reader


digital reader issuu


digital reader scribd


digital reader joomag


digital reader readoz


digital reader calameo


users reader ...

âš™ actions discover read subscribe share mix publish promote

I chose a user and an action work on your POP prototype present, get feedback iterate, iterate, iterate... i am here for you so use that...


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Lean UX Design: #1 Idea Validation