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8.25 m

8.25 m

Existing flow and seating The existing C-Pier layout is defined by the central, somewhat too narrow moving walkway

point. If trolleys are introduced into the already congested hallways, the flow breaks down

that prevents crossing the middle of the long hallway, forcing all passengers to wait directly

completely, drastically increasing stress and discomfort.

in front of their gate. This contributes to the crowdedness and difficulty of moving around

The existing seating is also too crowded, not enabling simultaneous movement and sitting,

between the gates or additional facilities. Duplication of elevators and staircases is also

without even mentioning carry-on luggage and it’s occasional misplacement. Because of

present, which further decreases the flow area to a meager 2.2m width at it’s narrowest

other inefficiencies, this dense configuration doesn’t even offer sufficient capacity.

2.30 m

8.25 m

Revamped flow and seating


2.30 m

8.25 m

To remedy the situation, a set of changes is introduced. The pier is expanded on the

at the same time not done at the expense of the seating, which has been expanded

southwest side by around 2.5 m and the moving walkway is rerouted through the ground

both in terms of quantity and quality, effectively increasing the amount of leg room and

floor - thereby also connecting it and making most other vertical connections redundant.

movement space by 33%. At the same time the overall seating capacity in the entire

The created free space is carefully allocated so it increases the previous flow width from

pier has been increased from 510 seats to 980 seats. This roughly corresponds to the

an effective 2.2 m width to a 6.6 m width throughout the length of the pier. This is

maximum predicted peak-hour passenger occupancy rate of 70%.

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Andrija Matotan portfolio v4  

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