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The SA Cabinet has welcomed the announcement made by the CAPRISA Consortium on the discovery of potent new HIV antibodies. The research centres on how a KwaZulu-Natal woman’s body responded to her HIV infection by making potent antibodies.

The study, published in the prestigious scientific journal “Nature” describes how the research team found and identified these antibodies in the woman’s blood and then


cloned the antibodies in the laboratory.

The cloned antibodies were then used in a series of experiments in the laboratory to elucidate the pathway followed by the woman’s immune system to make these potent antibodies. The new insights gained from this KwaZulu-Natal woman into immune responses against HIV bring hope for future HIV prevention and treatment strategies. Continued on page 2.


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ESKOM DECLARES EMERGENCY Eskom has declared a power emergency, with the company saying that load shedding will take place. “The power system is very tight. This risk has increased significantly due to the heavy rains over the last few days and an increase in technical problems experienced at some of Eskom’s power stations,” said Eskom. Eskom declared the emergency on Thursday 6th March and warned of on-going power cuts. Unlike in previous power emergencies declared in the last two weeks, Eskom was forced to impose blackouts on urban areas. This is the

fourth energy emergency declared in just as many months and “it’s the worst one so far,” according to an Eskom official, who asked not to be named. Eskom imposed rolling blackouts for the first time since 2008 last Thursday, forcing rail networks and banks to switch to emergency generators after heavy rains soaked power station coal supplies. Generators roared into life in Johannesburg’s Sandton financial district and the Gautrain rail link between Johannesburg and Pretoria switched to emergency power, the operator said. Continued on page 2

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The Bushveld Times THURSDAY, 13 MARCH 2014

Eskom declares emergency

Continued from page 1. Eskom is battling to keep SA’s economy powered up as it races to construct new plants amid rising demand. Eskom is building three new coalfired stations, which will see the country’s generation and transmission capacity jump by another 17

000 megawatts from an average 40 000 MW.

One of the biggest coal fired power plants, Medupi, was supposed to have come on stream by the end of last year, but is now running behind schedule due to contractor bun-

It took a quarter century... gallons of oil about 25 years ago has concluded that the otters have returned to prespill numbers. And it just took a quarter century...

A federal study of sea otters in Prince William Sound, Alaska, where the Exxon Valdez super tanker spilled around 30,000,000

China destroys 6 tons of ivory

The largest remaining land mammal on the planet is facing the greatest crises

Six tonnes of confiscated ivory were destroyed by the authorities in China, last Monday, in an effort to combat the illegal trade in elephant tusks. The seized ivory was fed into crushing machines in the southern city of Dongguan, in what was described as the first public destruction of ivory in China.

According to the study one of the reasons why it took so long is because the sea otters feed on clams and oil from the spill remained in sediment at the bottom of the water for years after According to the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES), elephant poaching in Africa could lead to local extinctions if the present killing rates continue. The situation is particularly acute in Central Africa, where the estimated poaching rates are twice the continental average. UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Achim Steiner said, “We congratulate China and the State Forestry Administration on this milestone event. The largest remaining land mammal on the planet is facing one of the greatest crises to hit the species in decades. The latest CITES data estimates that soothe their tired feet as they zip through the countryside, in a carriage equipped with footbaths.

Come on Gautrain!!

the spill. Sea otters rely on their thick fur to survive in cold water. Fur covered by oil loses its insulating value. A sea otter with oiled fur must groom itself, which leads to the ingestion of oil and causes other problems, including time taken away for feeding.

At the time of the Exxon Valdez spill, emergency responders recovered nearly 1,000 sea otter carsome 47,000 animals were killed in Africa in 2011 and 2012.” Secretary-General of CITES John E. Scanlon, speaking at the event, said, “Despite considerable efforts to combat wildlife crime, it continues to be a problem worldwide. Illegal trade in elephant ivory is having a devastating impact on the African elephant, and it also poses a threat to people and their livelihoods - it must stop. China, and the entire international community, are determined to end this illicit trade.” The Elephants in the Dust report produced by UNEP, CITES, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and the Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network (TRAFFIC) - says that the illegal ivory trade has tripled since 1998. SAPA es for passengers to relax rather than to clean their feet.

Tokyo The train, named Toreiyu - a rather Japan’s tortured combination of the EngsuperJR East will launch the service lish “train”, the French “soleil” and speedy in July, with one carriage on the “yu”, the Japanese word for hot bullet “shinkansen” bullet train having two water - will also have a car with a train is to 2.4-metre-long tubs facing win- bar counter and tatami-mat flooring offer pasdows. Bathing is a ritualised and with tables made from cherrywood. sengers a highly-prized activity in Japan and Sapa-AFP chance to the footbaths are intended as plac-

From the desk of the Editor

Usually two weeks seemed like quite a long time to me - but how the weeks fly by in between newspapers lately. Already almost a third of the year has gone by - perhaps a good time to start planning for Christmas again! By this time of the year most of us are back in full swing at work and the schedules are filling up at a hectic pace - keeping it all together though takes some careful planning. When you add a few children in the mix things get even more hectic - no one is exactly sure anymore as to what colour the fridge really is with all the memo’s and reminders about who’s doing what when and where.

Attending one of the sport events at school recently it struck me how competitive the children are - not even mentioning the parents. When it comes to games/sport do we really tell our children that playing and participating is really what matters more than winning? In my opinion healthy competition is good for children – but how do we know we are handling the situation well?

It’s so important to teach them to play fairly and to cope with the disappointment of losing. Learning the rules of the game/sport and putting them into practice ensures that everyone has fun – although it might prove tricky for visitors that join if we add a few family rules at home... Pretend playing, board and ball games and competitive games create quality family time and teach them a variety of skills. Strategic games also help children develop negotiation skills, acceptance and responsibility.

casses from the entire spill area, with estimates for the total number of immediate otter deaths going up to around 3,000. Even a decade after the spill sea otters weren’t returning to the areas hit the hardest by the disaster. According to the study, things started to get better after 2007, and it’s only in 2009 that many areas of western Prince William Sound were back to sea otter population of levels that compared to pre-spill population. Reuters

Boarding school opened

Education MEC Reginah Mhaule opened the 24-classroom Izimbali Combined Boarding School in Amsterdam las week. “The boarding school is aimed at phasing out multi-grade schools and unsafe schools in order to ensure that learners from rural communities, including farms, are able to access the quality education they deserve,” said MEC Mhaule. According to MEC Mhaule, the school will cater for 456 pupils from the following primary schools: Broadholm, Idalia, Nongena, Samlee, Thokomala, Westoe, Zandspruit, Riverbend and Lithole. The learners are expected to move into their new school at the beginning of April, the next quarter,” the MEC said.

Potent new HIV antibodies discovered Continued from page 1. This discovery is no means a cure for HIV/ AIDS and government therefore calls on South Africans to continue to have themselves tested for HIV or to stick to the antiretroviral treatment that is being offered to people who test positive.

The origin of phrases

SANParks has revised the opening dates of a number of restaurants within Kruger National Park. They announced last year that it would close some restaurants temporarily for renovations in preparation for the new operators who will take over the restaurants from March. The revised schedule of planned opening dates is outlined below: Lower Sabie: between March 13 and 20. Satara: between April 14 and 21. Pretoriuskop: between April 10 and 17. During refurbishment, a ‘bush kitchen’ will offer a limited menu at Satara, while boerewors rolls and pap and wors will be offered at the shop at Pretoriuskop. The Olifants and Letaba restaurants are still operational under the management of the previous operators and refurbishment is expected to commence on April 23, following the opening of the Satara restaurant. The Skukuza main restaurant is also still operational and a major refurbishment is scheduled to take place from the end of July until the end of September. An alternative dining offering for Skukuza during the refurbishment is anticipated but will be confirmed closer to the time. “We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause and will gladly assist in amending current bookings should these closures cause any difficulty,” SANParks said in a statement.

Airlink revises Skukuza flights

Airlink has revised the schedule for its planned flights from Skukuza Airport in the Kruger National Park to Cape Town and Johannesburg to allow time for morning game drives. The airline says the changes follow engagement with lodge operators as well as tour operators and travel agents.

In 18th-century England, the Riot Act was a real document, and it was often recited aloud to angry mobs. Instituted in 1715, the Riot Act gave the British government the authority to label any group of more than 12 people a threat to the peace. In those circumstances, a public official would read a small

portion of the Riot Act and order the people to “disperse themselves, and peaceably depart to their habitations.” Anyone that remained after one hour was subject to arrest or removal by force.

The Skukuza-Cape Town flight will leave at 11h30 and the SkukuzaJohannesburg flight will depart at 13h30. Guests connecting on to early-evening intercontinental longhaul departures would be able to spend more time in the bush and less time in transit in airport departure lounges, Airlink said in a statement. Airlink will operate flights between Skukuza and Cape Town and Johannesburg from Monday, 2 June.



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-Read the riot act-

To scold or admonish severely

Editor: Andri Godrich Tel: 083 774 2383 My oldest is very sensitive and inEmail: credibly polite – he would give others Advertising: info@bushveldtimes. a fair chance at winning – except his brothers maybe. It is always good to Website:

remind them to congratulate others when they win as this encourages good sporting behaviours.

Kruger restaurant closures

gling and labour disputes. Heavily dependent on coal, South Africa is also looking at expanding nuclear energy production and venturing into shale gas. SANews


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THURSDAY, 13 MARCH 2014 The Bushveld Times

US Tightens noose on ivory trade In an effort to combat the ivory trade and subsequent slaughter of elephants, the U.S. government has banned the commercial sale of African elephant ivory within the United States. The White House is banning the commercial sale of ivory within the United States. Officials say the ban will strengthen U.S. leadership in protecting endangered elephants and rhinos. With very few exceptions, Tuesday’s action outlaws the import, export and commercial trade of ivory,

and limits sport hunting of African elephants. The U.S. also will work more closely with its global partners to fight illegal wildlife poaching and reduce demand for illegally traded wildlife. One U.S. official tells Reuters news agency that the appropriate place to observe ivory is on live elephants and rhinoceros in their native habitat. The illegal ivory trade continues despite a global ban in 1989. TSA

Seven year old defeats Brazil was accosted by security guards, who tried to intercept him.

Photo: Neymar and Ayo Dosumu

Johannesburg Seven-year-old sports fanatic Ayo Dosumu didn’t allow his country’s 5-0 loss to Brazil to get him down. Instead, he made history by becoming the world’s youngest pitch invader as he bullheadedly stormed onto the field at the FNB Stadium last Wednesday. Ayo ran towards the celebrating Brazilian team after their win, but

Bushbuckridge hand over GPS’s Bushbuckridge Local Municipality through the Economic Development, Planning and Environment Directorate handed over Global Positioning System devices (GPS) to Local Traditional Authorities earlier this month at the Thulamahashe Council Chamber. The objective of the hand over was to assist Local Chiefs and Indunas to avoid allocating one piece of land to more than one applicant because the devices can keep records of the land allocated and to whom and also to ensure that the land allocated was in fact the size it was claimed to be. Bushbuckridge Local Municipality

But Ayo had already stolen the hearts of the 50 000 fans in the stadium, who started booing the guards. Brazilian soccer star Neymar turned and raced towards Ayo, snatching him out of the grip of a guard and picking him up. The 22-year-old was still rejoicing from scoring the second hat trick of his career. Neymar posed for pictures with Ayo and later uploaded them onto his Instagram account, saying: “There is nothing better than the smile of a child.” is the first and the only Local Municipality in Mpumalanga to have offered Local Chiefs such valuable devices. During his key note address, the Acting Executive Mayor MMC F. Sibuyi urged community members to be patient when it comes to land allocations. He further reminded local chiefs that the government and Traditional Council are partners in development. He further indicated that land redistribution is a national crisis and the government is doing all it can to ensure land expropriation happens rapidly and in a manner that won’t jeopardise economic activities for the benefit of all previously disadvantaged communities.

Proudly South African Speed gun - The South Africanmade speed gun, developed by Somerset West inventor Henri Johnson, was formally launched at The Oval in England during the 1999 Cricket World Cup. In 1992 Johnson invented the Speedball which was manufactured by South African firm

Electronic Development House. The device accurately measures the speed and angles of speeding objects such as cricket and tennis balls. Generally referred to as a “speed gun”, Johnson’s gizmo is sold in cricketing countries and in the US and Europe.


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Escaped suspects re-arrested Three men who had escaped from custody have been re-arrested in Witbank, Mpumalanga police said on Sunday. They were caught on Saturday in Coronation informal settlement after police were tipped off, said Colonel Leonard Hlathi.

“It appeared that along the road between Hazyview and White River they broke the door of the bakkie Government spending on health lion has been set aside for doctors’ they were transported in and mancare is expected to exceed R492- contracts. aged to escape.”They were arrestbillion over the next three years as ed in connection with car hijackSouth Africa strengthens its health About R600-million has been bud- ing, house and business robbery, care system in preparation for geted for the introduction of he said. The men were allegedly the implementation of a the new Human Pap- found in possession of four illegal National Health Insurilloma Virus (HPV) firearms and ammunition when R600 million ance (NHI) scheme. vaccine, which they were re-arrested. SAPA Budget documents prevents canallocated to cervix cer released earlier of the cervix. Answers to Brain Teaser in February show cancer vaccine The roll-out of the Find the Brain Teaser on page 5 that national health vaccine will begin 1. Pheasants spending will grow at a with Grade 4 learners 2. Leo higher rate over the next few in schools across the coun- 3. Springbok years, in line with the National De- try next month. 4. Great Dane velopment Plan’s (NDP’s) vision of 5. Boats or water craft a cheaper health sector that works “Over the period ahead, enrolment 6. Sherlock Holmes for all South Africans. in the HIV treatment programme 7. A hawk or falcon will expand by 500 000 a year,” 8. A slightly sparkling wine The roll-out of the NHI is currently Gordhan noted. Currently, 2.5-mil- 9. Bald being financed by two conditional lion South Africans are receiving 10. Dogs grants: the nationally managed this treatment. This increase would 11. Alien national health grant, and the na- require an addition of R1-billion 12. Diurnal tional health insurance grant, man- to the health budget, the minister 13. A Chef’s hat aged by the provinces. More than said. Since 2009, South Africa has 14. The Andes R221-million will be made available lowered its child mortality rate by 15. Autograph collecting in the 2014 Budget for the national reducing mother-to-child transmis- 16. Marilyn Monroe health insurance grant in order to sion of HIV from 3.5% to 2.5%. At strengthen district health structures the same time, a campaign to inin the country. Gordhan said that, in crease voluntary HIV testing, as All men should freely use those addition to hospital and clinic build- well as the number of medical male seven words which have the ing and refurbishment programmes circumcisions, has contributed to power to make any marriage run - for which over R19-billion has a reduction in the country’s adult smoothly: “You know dear, you been earmarked - about R1.2-bil- mortality rate - SAnews may be right.” - Anonymous -

Health spending gears for NHI

Quote of the week

Down memory lane with The Star

Another asteroid passed Earth at 33 000 mph last week. NASA said that even though it passed by Earth closer than the moon - some 21 have passed even closer in the past year.

Year end SPECIAL from 1st March On the following building supplies:

Building sand River sand Cement bricks 19mm Crusher stone 13mm Crusher stone

jurisdiction”. A friend of mine, a well-known government official, and a decent horseman, nearly had a bad spill yesterday afternoon SPEED OF MOTOR CARS through a car passing him Johannesburg November 16 at the rate of at least 1902 18 miles. Do you not think TO THE EDITOR OF “THE STAR” that our much esteemed Sir, - I believe under Town Council, instead of the Town Council’s regu- devoting their gifted atlations, no vehicle can tention to the expropriaproceed at a speed exceed- tion of other people’s ing 7 miles per hour. A property, might apply case was brought before their genius to a question the court in this town, of real import, and which re “the speed at which constitutes a public danmotor cars travel,” and ger?---- I am etc, I.F.H. the judgment was to the effect “that motor cars The Star did not come under this

“Like it Was 1887-1987”

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Wildlife photography

“RAW v JPEG” - Now there’s a question! By Chris Martin

I am so often asked the question “In what format, RAW or JPEG, should I shoot my images”. In some respects, it’s a difficult question to answer and one which requires you, the photographer, to ask questions of yourself rather than someone else, even if you believe them to be a more experienced photographer. Let’s agree from the outset, there is no right or wrong format to employ. It’s also not true to state that all pros shoot all their images, without exception, in RAW. There is a good reason for that. In order to determine the answer, lets consider the benefits of both formats. Like most people starting out in photography I originally set my camera to JPEG and just got out there making images. Nothing wrong with that at all, and for the most part that is what most amateur photographers are doing still. I was at that time, less interested in the post processing side of photography and more interested in capturing an image, downloading it onto my computer, then sharing with friends and family via email or the internet. Shooting in JPEG meant that at the time of exposure, when the image had been captured on my memory card, the processor inside the camera had taken all my camera settings into account and then produced a “ready processed” image in camera. Strange-

ly enough, way back in the dark days of film cameras when shooting slide transparencies, many of us had grown up with just that sort of approach, were the camera did exactly same in exposing your image onto the negative strip inside the camera.

turn offers me far more opportunity to make changes to the image after I have downloaded it onto my computer. They are large in size so therefore the ability for me to store them on my memory card is reduced but having plenty of back up cards negates that problem. What you must understand about shooting your images in RAW format though is that post-processing is mandatory. The images will appear flatter and less sharp when downloaded onto your computer. Your task is to bring them to life!! Now in doing so, remember to remain ethical. The level of tools offered by post-processing software suites is so vast that you can do just about anything on your computer screen these days. But I guess that’s a debate for another day!

JPEG gives you a ready to use compressed image that is fit for purpose for most email and printing purposes, straight form the camera. More so, as the image has been compressed by the internal processing, the file size that results is much smaller than a RAW file and thus you will be able to store many more JPEGS on your memory card than you could RAW files. Couldn’t be simpler!! There are some compromises though that you should consider. If you are a photographer that likes to dabble in some So to answer that initial question post processing then you might be .... ask yourself when you go out disappointed as you will have less on your next shoot. Do you want control on the level of adjustments unparalleled ability to work your images in post-processing? Do you can make at a later stage. you need high resolution image As I grew as a photographer I spent quality, or are you just shooting for more time with seasoned photog- your web page or to send an email raphers in the field and I began to snap to friends and family? Are you learn more about the benefits of looking to achieve “poster qualshooting in RAW. I’ve learned to ity” images to hang on your wall at consider the RAW file as a “digi- home? Either way, there’s no right tal negative”, taking me back to or wrong answer, the real answer the days when I lived in my dark lies in the reasons you take your room as a young boy. The RAW photographs in the first instance. file is a much bigger file comprising uncompressed data which in Happy “Shutter time”.

Sharks & rays face extinction

reveals that one-quarter (249) of 1,041 known shark, ray and chi- “We now know that many species of maera species globally fall under sharks and rays, not just the charthree threatened categories on the ismatic white sharks, face extinction across the ice-free seas of the IUCN Red List.” world,” says Nick Dulvy, a Simon One-in-four, 25%!! Species that Fraser University (SFU) Canada “Over two decades, the authors ap- have thrived for hundreds of mil- Research Chair in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation in British plied the IUCN’s Red List categoColumbia. “There are no real sancries and criteria to the 1,041 speSpecies that have thrived tuaries for sharks where they cies at 17 workshops involving for hundreds of millions of years are safe from overfishing. In more than 300 experts. They the most peril are the largincorporated all available in- - almost living fossils - now facing est species of rays and sharks, oblivion formation on distribution, catch, especially those living in relatively abundance, population trends, habitat use, life histories, threats lions of years - almost living fossils shallow water that is accessible to fisheries. The combined effects of and conservation measures. Previ- - facing oblivion, for what? Soup? overexploitation—especially for the ous studies have documented local overfishing of some populations of There were 107 species of rays and lucrative shark fin soup market— sharks and rays. But this is the first 74 species of sharks that could be and habit degradation are most one to survey their status through- classified as threatened, but just severe for the 90 species found in out coastal seas and oceans. It 23% of species fit in the ‘Least freshwater.” only 10 Sumatran rhinos remaining in captivity worldwide. Sabah Wildlife Department has an- ‘Gelugob’ a female Sumatran rhino nounced the death of one of the passed away peacefully at Lok

Whats UP in March By Kos Coronais

• Occultation of epsilon Tauri by the WOW what a wet and overcast Moon on the 7th. month..........!! Not really complain- • On the 10th Jupiter is near the ing though, as we need the rain, Moon. Look overhead after sunset. but the telescope sure is collecting • Regulus is near the Moon on the mildew! My disappointment was 14th. not being able to observe/image MOON PHASES FOR MARCH the occultation or more correctly New Moon is on the 01st with the the appearance/emersion of Sat- First Quarter Moon occurring on urn on the 21st February. There is the 08th March. another opportunity this month but The Full Moon is on the 16th of the this will be a disappearance/immer- month, rising at 18:04 and Last sion on the bright limb of the Moon. Quarter is on the 24th March. A Well, win some lose some! second New Moon occurs on the 30th March. This month has two Mercury and Venus can both be new moons, the second one occurseen in the morning sky, with Ve- ring on the 30th March and called a nus prominent as the morning star. “Black Moon”. This term “Black Mars rises earlier and earlier as Moon” is a reference to any of the the month progresses and is clear following three astronomical events of the eastern horizon by 19:00 at involving new (or dark) moons. month end. The planet is at opposi- 1. The third new moon in a season tion on the 08th April and steadily that has four of them. brightens as it moves towards 2. The absence of a full moon in a greatest elongation in April. calendar month. Jupiter is visible for the first part of 3. The absence of a new moon in a the evening setting in the west be- calendar month. fore midnight by month end. Saturn, the giant ringed planet, ris- If there is any information that you es shortly after 22:00 and is visible would like to see please send me an all night. The planet is occulted by email through the Bushveld Times the moon for the second time this and I will try and accommodate. year. Uranus is near the Moon after sunset. Look for the crescent Moon Below: Some of the naked eye in the west. The planet is just over features that are visible on the Moon when it is 100% illuminated by the 4 ½ º to the left of the Moon. Sun.

Concern’ category based on the IUCN criteria.

A new study by the Shark Specialist Group at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) provides yet more evidence to support the urgency behind ocean conservation efforts.

Sumatran rhino dies...

The Bushveld Times THURSDAY, 13 MARCH 2014

Kawi Wildlife Park in Sabah, Malaysia on 11 January 2014. She was estimated to be around 37 years of age, and died of age-related illness.

Bioplastic made from shrimp shells Plastic, once seen as a miracle material, has a dark side to it, because once it’s released into the environment, either on purpose or by accident, it sticks around for a really long time, contributing to water contamination and ocean pollution, as well as harming wildlife.

While there are options for replacing some plastics with bioplastics (which are made from renewable and/or biodegradable materials), for the most part, those products require the production or harvesting of virgin biomass, such as trees or biomass crops, both of which

What hapenned on this day... 1759 - 27th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet 1781 - Sir William Herschel sees “comet” (really discovered Uranus) 1900 - British troops occupy Bloemfontein, Orange Free State

have an environmental impact that isn’t sustainable at our current rate of plastic consumption. However, a new type of bioplastic is in the works, one which can be used to fabricate large and complex threedimensional shapes, using traditional manufacturing techniques such as injection molding or casting.

This new bioplastic is not only made from a waste resource, shrimp shells and wood ‘flour’, but it can also break down into benign, even helpful, components in the soil in about TUDelft, the Netherlands, Micro Air Vehicle Lab 1930 - Clyde Tombaugh announces discovery of Pluto at Lowell Observatory 1968 - Beatles release “Lady Madonna” in the UK 1994 - President Mangope of Bophuthatswana deposed

THURSDAY, 13 MARCH 2014 The Bushveld Times

Recipe of the week

To cook quinoa, boil the water and add the quinoa. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes until a small tail appears and the quinoa is firm in the centre. Gluten-free flours include brown

Gluten Free By Karen Werge Tilney

Gluten-free porridge Serves 3 to 4 1 cup (250 ml) de-husked millet, sorghum or quinoa 4 cups (1 ℓ) water ½ tsp (2 ml) unrefined salt (optional) Place the cold water, salt and millet or sorghum in a deep-sided saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring. Reduce the heat and stir frequently until the porridge thickens. You may need to add more water if the porridge becomes too thick. Simmer covered for 25 to 35 minutes. Sorghum will need a longer cooking time than the millet.

and white rice, potato, tapioca (cassava), pea or chickpea (garbanzo or chana), lupin, fava bean, yellow and white maize meal (corn flour), arrowroot, buckwheat, millet, sorghum, teff, amaranth and quinoa. Gluten and wheat intolerance is common today with many sufferers being totally unaware of their condition. Most cases of gluten and wheat intolerance don’t manifest as gut symptoms, so people have no idea they’re intolerant. Wheat products can cause digestive disorders and respiratory tract infections such as asthma and allergy rhinitis, or they can cause skin conditions such as eczema and hives in people sensitive to wheat. Gluten intolerance is usually more severe, resulting in diarrhoea or constipation,


- Gluten free porridge gastrointestinal bleeding and poor absorption of nutrients, giving rise to many ill conditions like chronic fatigue, inability to concentrate, weight problems, infertility, muscle or joint pain and moodiness or depression. From latest research, it has been estimated that one in three people are gluten intolerant, and that more than 80 percent of us are genetically predisposed to gluten intolerance. Avoidance of wheat and gluten-containing foods is the only treatment. If you are wheat intolerant, you only have to avoid wheat and can still eat other gluten-containing products, but if you are gluten intolerant, you need to exclude all gluten-containing products from your diet. If you are gluten-intolerant avoid all forms of wheat, spelt, kamut, triticale, rye, barley and oats, which will include breads, pasta, cakes, biscuits, pastries, most sauces and soups, and certain canned and processed foods. The gluten in oats differs from that found in wheat and most gluten-sensitive people

find that they can tolerate oats. However, there is some concern about the contamination of oats with wheat and other grains and they are therefore best avoided by those following a strict gluten-free diet. Anyone suffering from coeliac disease should strictly avoid all forms of gluten. Avoid processed foods, because most manufacturers use flour as a thickening agent or as a cheap filling ingredient, such as in stock cubes, mixed spices, herbs and seasonings, spreads, yoghurt or ice-cream and even supplements. It’s essential to check the labels on all processed foods and avoid anything containing the following ingredients: barley, cereal binder, real filler, cereal protein, edible starch, modified food starch, malt, rye, rusk, vegetable protein and (wheat) flour. Certain baking powders contain gluten. Beers, lager, ales, stouts and even vinegar may also contain small amounts of gluten. Questionable ingredients are natural flavours, hydrolyzed veg-

etable protein (HVP) or hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP), maltodextrin (in most milk alternatives) and mono- and diglycerides that could use starch as a carrier, enzyme or binding agent. Even candy might contain wheat flour, used as a processing aid to prevent sticking to the packaging. If in any doubt, phone the manufacturer.


Too good to be true

Make your own compost It is essential to put something back into your soil in order to get the best out of your garden. Adding compost on a regular basis need not turn into an added trip to the nursery and having to spend extra cash. You can make your own compost in a corner of your garden that not only disposes of unwanted or pruned leftovers but it will be readily available on that spur of the moment ‘I feel like gardening’ afternoon. Using four wooden posts make a square and dig the polls into the ground about 30cm and 75cm apart. Cover three sides with chicken mesh and fasten to poles using nails. Flatten cardboard boxes and put several layers on each side

Brain Teaser

Find the answers on page 3

1. Collective noun - a nye of what? 2. What star sign is Harry Potter? 3. Which animal pronks? 4. Scooby doo is what breed of dog? 5. What are pink, pram, snow, koff, buss, bark and dory types of?

against the chicken mesh. Slot them in between the posts against the mesh to help hold them in place. Layer in your garden refuse using a variety of green material – don’t add woody stuff unless it is shredded or rotten – If the material is dry, water it well. If it reaches the top, not to worry, the composting material will sink down as it decomposes enabling you to add more later. You can add kitchen refuse but not potatoes or any citrus. Add your grass clippings but mix them well or they will not decompose and simply turn into a slimy mess. Always keep your heap covered to retain the heat and to avoid excess watering via rain. Within a few months you will have great compost with which to enrich your garden. Simply keep on repeating the process and it will always be 6. Which fictional character lived at Montague street before moving? 7. A Tiercel is the correct name for a male what? 8. Petilent wine is what? 9. In 1500 BC Egyptian women had to be what to be beautiful? 10. Why does a cynophobe fear? 11. What 1979 film won the Oscar for best visual effects?

available. There is no need to let your compost heap become an eyesore – you can easily hide it with a little creativity. Trellising, for example, is perfect. A panel of trelliswork with a gorgeous climber trained up it can hide compost heaps, laundry areas, water tanks and dustbins.

Tip of the week – DIY Insec-

ticide: 4 big onions, 2 garlic gloves, 4 chillies | soak overnight in hot soapy water (soap water: mix 2 spoons washing powder in 500ml hot water) Dilute with 5lt water and spray your plants against unwanted bugs. 12. What is the opposite of nocturnal? 13. Traditionally there are 100 pleats in what item? 14. What is the worlds longest mountain range? 15. What is philography? 16. Which film star was described as “A vacuum with nipples”?

Most companies want us to buy their health supplements and more often than not come up with various reasons as to why we should do so. Typical examples being - boost your immune system, boost your energy levels and, my favourite of all, the soil these days is so bad that fruit and vegetables do not have the nutritional value they had in the old days. Seriously, they say all this notwithstanding today’s technology, the various tests being done on the health of the soils and the use of the best possible fertilizers available! A supplement can best be described as any tablet, capsule, powder or syrup that provides vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids or botanical/natural additives. However, the question that needs to be asked is whether or not it is required, will it give me the promised result and is it safe to consume. If you want to supplement your vitamin and mineral intake do not use a single source but rather a multivitamin. Many people take supplements because they do not eat a balanced diet and their intake of healthy fruits and vegetables is not as good as it should be. Remember nothing can substitute for the real thing. Take for instance vitamin C. Using a supplement more often than not only provides you with a single form of vitamin C being ascorbic acid and as a result the body needs to convert it into different forms. On the other hand, eating a tomato would supply multiple forms of vitamin C that are immediately ready to be used as and where the body requires them. The tomato also has the added benefit of lycopene’s, which protect us against certain cancers.

the well-known uses of vitamin C, again. A high intake of vitamin C can negatively influence the body’s ability to absorb the essential trace element copper. Copper forms enzymes that help the body’s ability to carry oxygen in the blood. Therefore, a prolonged intake of immune boosters with high vitamin C content could eventually make you feel tired and listless.

The use of a high protein shake supplement, such as those often taken by sports men and woman, should not be done without consultation with a doctor or dietician. High protein intake may be harmful for people with certain underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and liver or kidney ailments. Scientific data on exercise performance after a high protein intake is inconsistent. Protein may delay the emptying of the stomach content in the gut. Therefore, the food that is consumed before an exercise would not be used during the exercise and may contribute to stomach discomfort and a heavy feeling. Due to the lack of sport supplement legislation the beneficial claims should be read with a cautious eye. If it sound too good to be true, it probably is. Most supplements are not subject to the rigorous process of scientific-grade testing in order to substantiate its purity, prove efficacy and demonstrate safety. Natural herbs are not necessarily safer to use because they are natural. St John’s Wort may be very effective for some people however it is important that it is not used together with other anti-depressant medicines. It may, for example, reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pills that you use. Wouldn’t that make you happy! The next time you buy a supplement, think about the effectiveness and safety of the product before buying it. It is always wise to ask your doctor, pharmacist or dietician before using a product.

If you feel the need to use a supplement to boost your energy or immune system, do so over a short period of time. Prolonged use of certain vitamins and anti-oxidants could block the uptake of essential This information was supplied by minerals. Let’s take a quick look at


The Bushveld Times THURSDAY, 13 MARCH 2014

The BEST way to connect

1 2

List your Business here for FREE: SIMPLY email Guide to service delivery: GK:Graskop | HV: Hazyview. HS:Hoedspruit | P:Phalaborwa | S:Sabie | TZ:Tzaneen | WR:White River | L:Lowveld Region PLEASE NOTE: Send us your company name, contact details as well as the area you provide your services in. If we get it wrong please help us get it right!

HS: Jolyne B&B HS: Mica Contractors Accommodation HS: African Rock Lodge HS: Wild Fig Furnished Apartments HS: Wild Fig Unfurnished Apartments HS: Laerskool Mariepskop HS: Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate P: African Lily P:Hans Merensky Estate P: Impala Inn Hotel P: Sefapane Lodge P: Selati Lodge

072 197 1759 079 069 7700 084 555 4875 083 977 9678 083 977 9678 083 231 4778 083 977 9678 076 101 5657 015 781 3931 015 781 3681 015 780 6700 015 781 7325

Phalaborwa Animal Hospital H: Jessica the hippo Hoedspruit Feeds Snyman Voere SPCA

015 781 6899 082 958 7861 076 556 9280 087 802 1162 082 494 2147

Professional Career Consultants

015 781 6425

HS: Sole Comfort HS: Khaki Fever HS: Earth Angel

015 001 7089 015 793 1762 082 533 6541

L:ProgramIT (Sales) L:GCJ-IT

082 979 1615 074 317 4076

HS:Kamogelo Carwash

072 775 5827

L: Momar Chemicals

081 567 7460

Phalaborwa Academy School P: Kingfisher Private School P: Mosate Hotel School P: Frans du Toit High School Laerskool Phalaborwa (Groen Skool) Laerskool Phalaborwa (Rooi Skool) P: Mopane College P: Mopane S/East College

015 781 7549 015 781 2410 015 781 1377 015 781 2871 015 781 1041 015 781 1098 015 781 5721 015 781 1137

HS:ENOMIS DESIGNS L: ZAS Architectural Designs L: Zandspruit Construction L: Savanha Construction Thomsons Plant Hire Multi-Optima Engineering Consultants Palasteel Engineering cc Blyde Eco Landscaping/Garden Services P: Dick Smith Construction P: Venter/Lemuel JV Drilling

015 793 0009 072 055 2150 082 449 8895 015 793 0009 082 836 5609 015 781 2860 015 781 7041 082 808 6747 015 781 5188 015 781 1350

L: Doulos Couriers L: Hoedspruit Couriers

083 355 3426 082 566 0889

HS: Starlight DVD P: Staxy’s P: Ultra Video

015 793 0248 015 781 3407 015 781 3155

HS: Bliss Hair and Beauty P: Clicks HZ: Summerfields Spa Harvest Gifts & Groceries P: Goue Gerf 015 781-5297 P: Knap Vroue Tuinsnywerheid & Bloemiste

072 271 4006 015 781 2944 082 817 7461 015 781 5297 015 781 1439

HS: Brush-Strokes P: Cashbuild P: Hequlin Mica Hardware P: Mica Mining Warehouse P: PME Supplies

078 304 2034 015 781 5411 015 781 7205 015 781 1856 015 781 1641

HS: Varta Powerzone Batteries HS: Agfab Service Centre HS: Laeveld Trekkers P: Speedy P: Hi-Q Phalaborwa P: Phala Diff & Gearbox P: PHB Service Centre P: Glassfit

015 793 2448 076 873 2016 015 793 1701 015 781 3940 015 781 0011 083 549 6103 083 549 6103 015 781 1063

HS: Beares P: Bears

015 793 1918 015 781 6282

Send us your business contact details today! We will list it for FREE... HS: Hoedspruit Medical Rescue HS: Marile Landman Oogkundiges HS: Hypnotherapist HS: Dr. Gerhardus Venter HS: Counselling/Functional Therapy HS: Med Centre P: Dr JG Quin (Dentist) P: Dr FH Wessels P: Dr WG Boshoff P: Reinette van den Berg (Edu Psycholo) HS: Studies in Functional Therapy P: Koos Coetzee Optometrist P: Reza Ferreira Optometrist P: Spec Savers P: Leon Thom Pharmacy P: Marulani Phalaborwa Pharmacy Phalaborwa Hospital P: Clinix Hospital HS: HS: Hoedspruit Farm Watch P: Malaria Information

072 170 0864 082 803 0369 082 683 2835 072 797 3785 082 787 4471 015 793 0845 015 781 0861 015 781 3471 015 781 7108 015 781 5245 082 787 4471 015 781 2546 015 781 5822 015 781 5491 015 781 0692 015 781 1805 015 781 1416 015 781 3511 015 101 3000 072 310 0032 082 234 1800

Airborne African Adventures Flight Training & Safaris

078 417 6518 015 793 0348

MV Brokers Chris Tilney P: Old Mutual P: Sanlam P: Louhen Consultants

082 851 6743 082 689 0937 082 870 0596 086 133 6633 015 781 5828

HS: Steyn & Clarke Prokereurs

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HS: Program IT (Sales) P: Iets Niets Scrapbook Shop

082 979 1615 015 781 1290

HS: Lopes Pools L: Masons Pools L: Azul Pools

015 793 0166 072 791 5761 082 765 9163

073 473 2690 HS: Niche Cleaning Services HS: Greensol Plumbing & Airconditioning 015 793 1659 L: KST Refrigeration & Airconditioning 083 255 3120 084 321 2912 HS: H.P.C Termite Specialists HS: Laundry and Upholstery Cleaning 083 525 9890 082 451 4474 P.K’s Locksmiths 082 451 4474 Extreme Spitbraai 082 448 2211 Handyman Solutions 082 767 5901 Jeannie C. Photography 013 767 1820 GK: Jonkel Carbons 083 938 6158 HS: Mantis Pest Control 015 781 6280 PB: Training Force Phalaborwa


Westwood Accountants

015 781 7549

P: Avis 015 781-3169 P: Budget 086 113 1000 P: Imperial 015 781-0376

015 781 3169 086 113 1000 015 781 0376

HS: Century Safari’s L: Dot Travel HS: Eastgate Safari’s African Safari Guru

015 793 0259 082 501 5225 015 793 2122 084 208 2111

HS: Remax HS: Zandspruit Sales Agency HS: Kruger 2 Canyon Properties WR: Pam Golding

015 793 0108 083 977 9678 015 793 0766 013 751 3526

P: Leberta Laundry

015 781 2646

HS: Safari Club HS: The Hat & Creek WR: Brie Street Deli & Bistro HS: Sleepers Railway Restaurant HS: Three Bridges Restaurant & Pub S: Ayesha’s Deli Sabie P: Buffalo Pub & Grill P: Spur Steak Ranch P: KFC P: Wimpy P: The Hat & Creek GK: Canimambo

015 793 1001 015 793 1135 013 750 2026 015 7931014 079 912 9416 083 887 5548 015 781 0829 015 781 1091 015 781 7175 015 781 3789 015 781 2517 087 802 5288

Crossword 18 Answers wll be provided in edition 19 3





12 13


16 17 20

15 18


19 23



26 28 29






34 35

36 37

Down: 2. Gloria from Madagascar ‘The Move” was this type of animal (12) 3. Regarding (5) 4. A cat-like nocturnal mammal of the civet family (5) 6. Hunt and kill for food (4) 7. A small antelope (6) 8. Not a meerkat (8) 10. Alex from Madagascar ‘The Movie’ is this type of animal (7) 15. Wilfully causing pain (5)

17. Antelope with black and white face markings (4) 18. Rafiki from Lion King was this type of animal (6) 19. Fighters and lions were released into this and batted to death incient times (5) 23. Races against tortoise in children’s books (4) 25. A mainly nocturnal antelope with small vertical horns (7) 27. Breed of monkey (6)

Beares & Varta prizes handed over to K2C Biosphere partners Through an internal consensus process the following Kruger 2 Canyons Biosphere Partners were identified for the prizes donated by Beares Hoedspruit and Varta Battery Hoedspruit. The University of Pretoria’s Animal Clinic in Hluvekani – where 11 K2C Monitors are deployed. Klaserie Reserve’s Eco Village project and the Wild Olive Tree Camp at Orpen Gate – a Joint Venture between the Welverdiend Com-




29. Not yesterday (5) 30. A small tan-colored antelope with spikey horns (5) 31. A small antelope with slender body and long horns (4) 32. A snake like fish (3)

munity and JWE Wildlife. On the 25th of February representitives of the K2C Biosphere partners took delivery of the prizes at the K2C Nodal Centre in Hoedspruit. The event which is part of the 7th National Man and Biosphere Meeting is part of a learning exchange to demonstrate how partnering is done in the K2C Biosphere.

Across: 1. Freestate rugby team (7) 5. Spotted cat (7) 11. These animals have quills for protection (9) 12. Simba, Mufasa and Scar was this type of animal (4) 13. Attempt (3) 25 14. Collective noun for wild dogs (4) 16. Bad ‘slang’ for being pregnant (4) 18. One of the Big 5 (7) 20. Conjunction (2) 21. Not wild (4) 22. Poached for it’s ivory (8) 24. To see (4) 26. A mammal feeding on ants and termites (8) 28. There were millions of these small mammals in Madagascar 2 ‘The Movie’ (8) 33. Small white ice crystals formed on the ground (5) 34. Scrat from Ice Age “The Movie’ was one of these (8) 35. A male is a bull and a female an ewe (5) 36. Electronic point of sale (4) 37. More than 1000 were poached in 2013 (5) 38. They fight like ... and dog (3)

Answers for Crossword 17 p l u i h mm c c r ot o n o p a m u l i me s l e epe r s y t v e a m s e r enge t i n a e o r n n wes t w o b r u t o s s r ag y p s f u r i a b r a nded f g e bund u c ba r b i e c c o b l yd e o a f o h i t i f l i l y g


7 9


8 1 6

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therefore extensively widely

Specializing in: Wooden Decking & Balustrades Wooden Cladding Deck Design Thatch Repairs Thatch Roofing and Repairs

p od t g i g e t e r d

4 1 5 2



Deck Design

Please contact Adrian on 072 324 4762 or email:


t o i d e s


THURSDAY, 13 MARCH 2014 The Bushveld Times

Business and the Law p






like DSTV lately, she put the right article under the wrong heading or should that be the wrong article under the right heading. Either way, she definitely made a blunder – yeah.

f re



Enhanced Tax Clearance Certificate

Talking of SARS, I thought that this recent announcement would in all probability be of interest to many readers of The Bushveld Times - “Enhanced Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) On line application Process Now Available”. SARS has introduced an enhanced TCC application process on eFiling and in SARS branches. This is the first step in the phased implementation of a modernised tax compliance process. What happens? - You simply apply online using our improved online system and collect the certificate at any SARS branch. Alternatively, you can apply at a SARS branch. You will now be able to receive an instantaneous response of whether your application for a TCC for tenders or good standing has been approved, declined or selected for review when applying via eFiling or at a SARS branch. This notification also provides you with immediate feedback as to why a TCC application has been declined.

Top Tip:

The second challenge

What do I need to do when applying for Tax Clearance on eFiling?

In order to apply via eFiling, either the Income Tax reference number or the Value-Added Tax (VAT) number must reflect on the eFiler’s profile. It is also important to note that the Income Tax reference number remains a mandatory field to complete on the application, in order to apply via eFiling. When considering an application SARS takes into account all tax reference numbers linked to the legal entity. A TCC will only be issued to taxpayers if SARS records reflect that the taxpayer is compliant.

Well that’s it for this edition – have a great week and remember to keep legal. - Peter Cumberlege

Economic news in Brief

Producer Price Index (PPI), January 2014 The annual percentage change in the PPI for final manufactured goods was 7,0% in January 2014. From December 2013 to January 2014 the PPI for final manufactured goods increased by 1,0%. PPI for final manufactured goods for January 2014 = +7,0% year on year. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 4th Quarter 2013 Real gross domestic product (GDP) at market prices increased by 3,8 per cent during the fourth quarter of 2013. The seasonally adjusted real GDP at market prices for the fourth quarter of 2013 increased at an annualised rate of 3,8 per cent

It has happened in the past and unfortunately it is more than likely to happen in the future

compared with an increase of 0,7 per cent during the third quarter of 2013. Main contributors to the increase in economic activity in the fourth quarter of 2013 were the manufacturing industry (1,8 percentage points), the mining and quarrying industry (0,8 of a percentage point), the wholesale, retail and motor trade; catering and accommodation industry and finance, real estate and business services (each contributing 0,3 of a percentage point). A negative contribution was recorded by the electricity, gas and water industry (-0,1 of a percentage point).

fident that he or she is in the right place. The problem of course is that most of us have long forgotten that all important first impression or in this case, second impression. As is so often the case we remain caught up in the day to day challenges and constraints facing the business. As nuts as this may sound, why not walk outside right now, take an objective look at the “cover” of your business and then walk back in – pause at the entrance and take a close look around. What do you see, how do you feel, what looks out of place, what does the customer see, what should you look to improve? Remember, that you do not have to spend a fortune to in order to create that feel of confidence and efficiency. Have a great month and remember that great things come in small packages.

tion; when the alleged unsafe product characteristic, failure, defect or hazard did not exist in the goods at the time it was supplied by that person to another person or when it is unreasonable to expect the distributor or retailer to have discovered the unsafe product characteristic, failure, defect or hazard, having regard to that person’s role in marketing the goods to consumers; or when the claim for damages is brought more than three years after the death or injury of a person”. At least today, unlike in the past, we have some form of recourse against the supplier of a faulty or harmful product or service. Should you find yourself in such an unfortunate position, you would be quite within your rights to make contact with the Consumer Commission. For additional information on the liability for damage caused by goods get hold of a copy of the Consumer Protection Act on line and refer to section 61. Please note that the comments and remarks contained in this article must not be acted upon in isolation and must be considered in conjunction with the actual provisions of both the Consumer Protection Act and the Regulations to which they apply.

Can’t afford too but can’t afford not too??

What name will be on the certificate?

A TCC will only be issued in the registered and trading names as reflected in SARS’ records. If the trading name printed on the certificate is not the one anticipated, the taxpayer will be advised to update his/her details.

In the last edition I talked about most of us judging a book by its cover to some degree or another and that this would often apply when it comes to visiting a small business for the first time. Well and good – the look and feel of the business has had the desired effect and the consumer enters your premises. That in turn sets up your second challenge. Will the ambiance, cleanliness, organisational quality, lighting and overall welcoming look, once the consumer enters your business, continue that good feel that attracted them in the first place? Although most of the above are pretty straight forward and fairly basic they play a key role in ensuring that the customer remains con-

wholly or partly as a consequence of supplying any unsafe goods; a product failure, defect or hazard in any goods; or inadequate instructions or warnings provided to the consumer pertaining to any hazard arising from or associated with the Liability for damage caused by goods use of any goods, irrespective of whether By Peter Cumberlege the harm resulted from any negligence on the part of the producer, importer, disSection 61 of the Consumer Protection tributor or retailer, as the case may be”. Act provides that the suppliers of prod- The only circumstance under which ucts and services will be liable should any harm or damage be caused to a consumer as a result of the use of a particular unsafe product or service. Hopefully 99% of the suppliers of services and products do not intentionally set out to harm us as consumers however, as we all know only too well, it has happened in the past and unfortunately it is more such a liability would not apply is than likely to happen in the future. when “the unsafe product characterSection 61 states that “the producer or istic, failure, defect or hazard that importer, distributor or retailer of any results in harm is wholly attributable goods is liable for any harm caused to compliance with any public regula-

The Bushveld Times understands your dilemma

Advertise from as little as R125 per edition

Now distributing in TZANEEN Yo to an ur guide ho tax r nest etur n


I have to say that although SARS has a negative connotation for most of us they remain, in my opinion, the most efficient national department in SA by far. They even have a sense of humour. On one of the pages on their website they deal with draft documents for public comment and of course they provide you with the due dates by which the comments should be submitted. At the top of the page it states “Latest Uploaded Drafts for comment - Don’t miss the opportunity” towards the bottom of the same page they say “Due dates in the Past - Sorry, you’ve missed it”. Not bad for SARS.

When you rectify a non-compliance at a SARS branch it could take up to five working days to determine your compliance. The process of issuing a TCC will begin once your compliance status is determined. In instances where taxpayers make By Peter Cumberlege payments by cheque to rectify any non-compliance, the consideration Well, well, well – my boss made a for a TCC will be delayed for a peri- huge mistake in the last edition of od of seven working days to ensure The Bushveld Times, really cool. For those who don’t know, my boss that the cheque is cleared. is a woman and of course they Taxpayers should note that where seldom if ever make a mistake!!!! the registered details applied on What does she go and do – a bit the TCC do not match with SARS’ records (e.g. the company registration number captured on the application does not match the company registration number on SARS’ records for all the tax reference numbers captured on the application), the TCC applications could be declined and will have to be re-submitted. To avoid these unnecessary delays you must ensure that your registered details are accurate and up-to-date across all the tax types you are registered for at SARS.


As mentioned earlier in the year, it was my opinion that as a result of the ruling party focussing on the elections during the first half of 2014 it was unlikely that they would come up with anything too spectacular on the legislative front other than the completion of outstanding statutes on the books late last year. So far so good – not a lot has happened to-date. I will however update you with the few changes that have taken place, in the next edition.


Acornhoek, Blyde, Bushbuckridge, Graskop, Hazyview, Hoedspruit, Mica, Pilgrims Rest, Phalaborwa, Sabie & White River

Need a good accountant? For quality advice call us today


The Bushveld Times


Countdown to 2014 Tour Natal Rally:

SA’s own ‘mini Dakar’

Starting today! Visit for updates on the rally

great start,” said Taylor.

Toyota - Toyota - Ford

HARRISMITH, SOUTH AFRICA, 1 March 2014 – Reigning champions Anthony Taylor and Dennis Murphy and team-mates Leeroy Poulter and Rob Howie gave Castrol Team

“We’re very happy to have finished second in our first outing together and look forward to the rest of the season.” Said Polter.

Brett Cummings, Photo: Waldo v/d Walt

By Elza Thiart-Botes With two months to go to South Africa’s first multi-stage rally for offroad motorcycle and quad riders, the small group of organisers of the Namaqua African Rally has relocated to the Vredendal area in the Western Cape to finalise the route for this five day event that will start on April 25th and finish on May 3rd 2014.

Team principal Glyn Hall was full of praise for his entire team: “Credit to the technicians and engineers who prepared two race-winning vehicles so soon after our return from the Dakar Rally. Both Hilux bakkies performed faultlessly throughout a tough season-opener and over an interesting new route that was 50 The Namaqua African Rally is kilometres longer than usual. This is the brain child of veteran off-road testimony not only to the toughness motorcycle rider and enthusiast, of the Hilux, but also to the dedica- George Booker who is currently tion and skill of the whole team. ‘living’ outside Vredendal. According to Booker, a healthy amount of Atlas Copco Ford Racing got its 2014 entries have already been received. campaign in the Donaldson Cross Country Championship off to a solid The Dakar Rally hero, Brett Cumstart by scoring third overall in the mings, who finished 28th overall Production Vehicle category on the this year and second in the Malle RFS 450 held in Harrismith. Manfred Moto Class for riders who compete Schroder and co-driver Japie Baden- without any mechanical assistance horst took the final step on the po- or back-up, has also entered the dium in the Atlas Copco Ford Ranger Namaqua African Rally. Also on the Toyota the perfect start to the new RFS 450 in Harrismith on Saturday. after a tough and technical route that list in the motorcycle category is traversed the scenic, mountainous veteran off-road racer, Garth Robnational championship cross country season when they finished a “The Hilux didn’t miss a beat and and muddy route around the Free erts, who has also completed the convincing first and second in the we’re obviously delighted to have State town, which hosted the cross Australasian Safari last year. country fraternity for the first time. Production Vehicle category of the got our title defence off to such a The Namaqua African Rally can “The first lap was quite eventful. We well be seen as South Africa’s own started second and then missed a ‘mini Dakar Rally’ and with Mitsubiturn which allowed Gary and Sieg- shi Motors as the official vehicle fried past. We caught up to them and sponsor to the event, a connection then came into a tight corner only to can be drawn between this manufind them accelerating slowly out of facturer who has won the Dakar the turn, and we slid into their car. Rally more than 10 times. The route was great, although the long grass on the first lap made it difficult to find the road. It was much better once it had opened up a bit on the second lap.” said Manfred Schroder. Quickpic

Value for money

GWM South African has added a powerful, yet frugal, 1,5-litre turbopetrol version of the H6 SUV to its local line-up.

Above: Kenny Gilbert


With a combined cycle fuel consumption figure of only 8,5 litres/100 km, the H6 1,5T rates as one of the most economical vehicles in its segment. Priced at a very competitive R309 999, the H6 1,5T features a very comprehensive standard specification sheet, and GWM SA has also used the opportunity to further improve the value offered by the H6 line-up by increasing the warranty period from 3 years/100 000 km to 5 years/100 000 km and by adding a standard service plan of 5 years/60 000 km. Quickpic

Chrysler South Africa (Pty) Ltd.’s Jeep brand is set to continue its line of limited edition buzz models with the introduction of the Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited Polar Edition models for the South African market. The Polar Editions are available at dealerships countrywide in the following two variants: Jeep Wrangler Polar Edition 3.6 V6 Auto R482,990.00 incl. Vat and emissions tax. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Polar Edition 3.6 V6 Auto R522,990.00 incl. Vat and emissions tax. All Jeep Wrangler models are sold with a 3 year / 100,000 km warranty and maintenance plan. Quickpic

The bushveldtimes 13 march 2014 edition 18  
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