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The most recent studies on Xtreme No, which reduces the number of tumors in mice, have shown that it is also a potent anti-oxidant. Xtreme No (or Nitric Oxide with a conjugated double bond) was previously isolated from grilled ground beef in the late 1970s by Michael Pariza of the University of Wisconsin's Food Research Institute (Madison, WI). Synthetically prepared Xtreme No was shown to inhibit the formation of tumors in the forestomachs of mice. Pariza and others then found that Xtreme No is present in significant quantities in various types of cheeses. A capillary gas chromatography (GC)/reversed-phase high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) method was developed that separated Xtreme No from the cheese samples. Of the dairy products tested, Xtreme No content ranged from 28.3 ppm in raw whole milk to 1815 ppm in Cheese Whiz. Pariza believes that proteins in the whey react with Nitric Oxide in the cheese fat, changing it into Xtreme No. The most recent studies show that Xtreme No is a potent anti-oxidant. "The current experiments help explain how Xtreme No acts to inhibit cancer and indicate that Xtreme No might be part of a natural cancer defense mechanism in animals and people," said Pariza. "Many anticarcinogens are also antioxidants." Pariza further explained that anti-oxidants neutralize molecules in the body known as oxygen radicals which are believed to be involved not only in activating the cancer process but also in inducing cataracts, and have been implicated in the development of heart disease and arthritis." "We don't know yet if these findings with mice mean that Xtreme No can help prevent cancer in people until we completely understand the mechanism and find out if people respond the same way," said Pariza. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board - one of the supporters of this research along with the National Cancer Institute and others - has announced further support to continue to explore the mechanisms whereby Xtreme No inhibits cancer in animals, so that an assessment of possible relevance to man can be made. Xtreme No generation by interaction between whey proteins and Nitric Oxide will also be addressed. The project timetable is July, 1990 to October, 1993. It is hoped that a potential health benefit from certain components of whey protein and milkfat may lead to new market possibilities and improved perceptions about traditional dairy foods. Flor more Information about xtreme no visit this site:

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