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Andrey Ukrazhenko 785-410-2916 500 Laramie A Manhattan, KS, 66502

EXPERIENCE Freelance Designer/Creative, Self Employed, January 2010 - present - Create logos, websites, and creative media for clients - Communicate with clients during creation process to properly meet their needs


TakeFlight, Creative Director, December 2011 - December 2012 TakeFlight, Media Director, August 2011 - December 2011 - Created ad campaigns and managed social media - Pitched to clients - Found creative solutions for client and TakeFlight needs - Helped create unified image for TakeFlight

Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign

Kansas State University Collegian, August 2010 - March 2011 -Utilized Illustrator and Photoshop to design graphic ads -Completed illustrations for various articles

Experienced in many social media outlets

Team Lead/Business Customer Service Rep, Alorica, Manhattan, KS, October 2006 - December 2009 - Managed group of 20 agents as team lead - Resolved escalated situations - Helped agents resolve issues - Resolved extended customer issues

Proficient in Word, Powerpoint & Excel EDUCATION

Kansas State University Major: Mass Communications, B.A. Emphasis: Advertising Minor: Russian Graduation Date: December 2012

VARSITY DONUTS GUERRILLA CAMPAIGN In our Guerrilla Campaigns class we were given an assignment to create a guerrilla-type campaign for a local company. After presenting the concept to the group, they too were interested in making this class project into something more.

We chose Varsity Donuts because they are a quirky company. The first step was to get the attention of the owners. We were aware that they are very busy, so we decided to gain their attention with a 11x17, 80lb matte, card stock paper note. It worked! After a number of meetings with the owners we decided on a fun campaign. We made something that looked like a citation, but when the individual flips it over they see that it is a #DonutCitation. This would give them a great mix of emotions, ranging from the fear of a ticket to the joy of getting a free Varsity donut. The cards are numbered so they would be able to track which areas were returning the cards for donuts. Varsity loved the campaign.


My logo design process is as follows. Research. Research. Research. Make an absurd amount of designs. Present one or three to client depending on the situation. Finalize design in Illustrator.












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UMB BANK CAMPAIGN The final project for campaigns class was to create an ad campaign for UMB bank in Kansas City.

Our research showed that people still have faith in the American dream and that this dream varied from person to person. We decided we wanted our UMB campaign to show how the bank would support this dream. Our main goals were to maintain current UMB customers while gaining new customers. We wanted to increase Facebook and Twitter followers by 5% and increase interactions within those social networks by 5%.

We created a 30 second commercial concept where it showed a time lapse of the city in motion with wording that showed support. Further ads could have UMB-supported events showing the support of the American dream. A cocoa truck concept was created that would drive around KC providing free warm drinks during winter events to show UMB support. Social media would be harnessed with individuals participating in events to win support for UMB.

Schools would be able to enter into contests for help from UMB for funding programs within the school. UMB would sponsor job fairs and other similar events to further enforce support for the American dream.

JEFFCOAT STUDIO WEBSITE The Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum in Abilene did not have a website and hired me to create one. I choose to use Wordpress as the base because they wanted a website that would be easy to update and train new personnel to use. The overall look and feel was created from touring the museum and researching what was needed by any visitors.


Who am I? Generally I’d recommend having this talk at a coffee shop, but since you seem to be here, I’ll give you the short rundown. Allow me to begin with a story. In the early 1980’s my father guarded a missile that was pointed at the United States. This was not a volunteer position, as the Soviet Union required all men of a certain age to join the military. My father simply fell in to this assignment. Fast forward a few years to find my parents leaving the Soviet Union with nothing but the desire to escape communism and start a new, more hopeful life for my siblings and myself in the United States. Skip ahead yet a few years more and here I am, a recent graduate of Kansas State University. My goal now is to make the most of the tremendous opportunity my parents provided me years ago through their decision to relocate. All my life, I have enjoyed creative endeavors. Doodling, gaming, and imaginative exploration of the world around me have provided me with a skill set which helped me excel in the advertising program at K-State, and which I hope will aid in propelling me to excellence in the world of creative advertising. This is me in a nutshell.

my magical ad grad resume  

working my way to sucess

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