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Founded in 1930 Established a world-wide reputation in equipment for the generation of industrial process steam

The customers of Clayton Industries

The 3 product lines of Clayton Industries STEAM GENERATORS Steam installations with outputs of dry 99,5%, saturated steam from 150 up to 40000 kg/h and pressure up to 100 bar

WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMS For energy recovery in hot from 200 °C up to 1400 °C gases and producing dry saturated or superheated steam from 2000 дup to 12000 kg/h

STEAM GENERATORS WITH INTEGRATED SUPERHEATER Rated outputs from 3 up to 20 MW superheated steam with start-up time less than 5 minutes

The Clayton steam generator advantages

Fast Safe Reliable Efficient Compact

The Clayton steam generator principle Heating coil

steam to customer

return condensate


Steam Generator hard water

Clayton pump Burner area Steam/water separator

Basic components Steam/water separator Helical coil Burner chamber


Control box

Feeding pump

The Clayton helical heating coil The coil of a Clayton Steam Generator is of a unique design which has been developed for optimum heat transfer at all steam output levels. The coil is a single water tube which is stacked in spirally wound layers in the upper section of the Clayton Steam Generator and forms a ‘water wall’ around the combustion chamber of the lower section. The configuration of the coil as well as the variation in the tube diameter, spacing between layers and spacing between tube turns in different temperature zones of the coil are all carefully designed to maximize efficiency and thereby minimizing fuel consumption. The spiral construction of the coil is extremely robust and counteracts the effects of expansion during rapid heating and cooling cycles. The coil also undergoes in-house heat treatment to eliminate stresses and each coil is tested at high pressure. An added advantage of the single coil design is that the internal condition can be monitored by observing the pressure of the feed water at the coil inlet. In the case of oil fired units, soot blowing facilities are provided to remove deposits from the outside of the coil.

The Clayton helical heating coil Upper layers

Lower layers

Helical, single pipe water coil

The Clayton Steam Separator

The Clayton Steam Separator is a High Efficiency centrifugal design which has no moving parts. The extremely high steam quality is maintained even under variable load conditions. The steam/water mixture from the Clayton Steam Generator is directed to the inlet of the separator where is separated by centrifugal force. The water is collected and dry steam is discharged through the top outlet.

The major advantages are the following: Dry - 99,5 %, saturated steam even under variable load conditions Insensitivity to TDS of feed water Minimum blow down losses

The Clayton Burner The burner of the Clayton Steam Generator is specially designed to ensure that the flame is confined to the combustion chamber and that combustion is complete before the hot gasses are released over the coil. To achieve this the air for combustion enters the burner manifold at high velocity where it picks up fuel in a whirlpool action to form a heart shaped flame where the flame tip folds over into the low pressure zone. Fuel and air are blended in precise ratios and the burner fires upwards, which is the natural direction for a flame.

The Clayton pump The Clayton Pump is of a remarkable design and is manufactured specifically to provide the forced circulation through the coil of a Clayton Steam System. The pump is a positive displacement type which ensures flow stability over a wide range of varying pressure conditions and it has a number of mechanical advantages. In particular The Clayton Pump does not rely on mechanical seals, packing rings or glands to separate the water being pumped from the drive mechanism. Operation is completely unaffected by relatively high water temperature and the construction of the Clayton Pump is extremely robust. The Clayton Pump is also very reliable and low in maintenance. Pumping action is produced by the movement of a diaphragm which acts against a column of water on one side of the diaphragm. The rise and fall of the water column causes spring loaded inlet and outlet check valves at the top of the column to open and close and this produces flow through the pump. The diaphragm is driven on the other side by the movement of a piston which is semi-submersed in an oil bath

The Clayton steam generator offers: Features:


counter-flow principle

- highest efficiency - optimum utilization of the heating surface

specially designed heating unit

- controlled gas flow - optimum heat transfer

steam/water separator

- dry, saturated steam 99,5 % - insensitivity to TDS of feedwater - minimum blowdown losses

completely closed positive displacement pump

- controlled flow, water side - insensitive to water quality - no seals – no leakages - low maintenance frequency

special flame pattern

- highest efficiency - compact combustion chamber - low NOx

standard soot blower with steam

- always clean heating unit - highest efficiency - minimum maintenance

controls system

- electrical or PLC controlled - easy to connect to supervision system - integrated intelligence

The Clayton steam generator gives following advantages: high efficiency on 20 to 100% loads reduced fuel/gas cost

shorter start-up time

In operation “cold” stand-by

cold stand-by In operation “warm” stand-by

minimum space and weight

quick response with full steam pressure

minimum maintenance cost

Clayton range CLAYTON Type E 10 E 15 E 20 E 26 E 40 E 50 E 60

STEAM (kg/hr) 157 235 313 407 626 783 939

POWER (kW) 98 147 196 255 392 490 589

E 80 E 100 E 125

1253 1566 1957

785 981 1226

E 185 E 154

2897 2349

1815 1471

E 204 E 254

3131 3914

1962 2432

E 304 E 354 E 404

4697 5480 6263

2943 3433 3924

E 504 E 604

7829 9394

4905 5886

E 704 E 1004

10977 16000

6868 10000

E 1204



E 1604



E 2004



Clayton Exhaust Gas Boilers Dry saturated steam to consumer

Heating coil

Hotwell return condensate

Superheating coil

Heating coil

Superheated steam to consumer

return condensate

Steam/water separator

Deaerator Steam/water separator

Clayton pump

Clayton pump

Clayton Exhaust Gas Boilers

The Clayton Exhaust Gas Boilers offers: Features:


counter-flow principle

- compact design - maximum thermal efficiency - low water content

staggered configuration of tubes

- optimum heat transfer - minimum soot build-up - controlled gas flow

plain tubes

- minimum fire risk - easy to clean - low surface temperature - low exhaust gas temperature

spirally wound tubes

- free expansion - dry running possible up to 450째C exhaust gas temperature

standard sections

- short delivery time (on stock) - approved construction - modular system, easy to transport and to install

forced circulation

- no water level inside the boiler - free choice of direction of both: gas and water

high impact soot blow system

- easy to use - highest efficiency - minimum maintenance

Clayton Combi-system

Clayton Steam Generator with integrated steam preheater Exhaust gases

Superheated steam Saturated steam

Feed water


Water/steam separator

Balkanika Energy PLC “BALKANIKA ENERGY” PLC, is a longtime partner and representative of "Clayton of Belgium" NV for the territory of the Balkan Peninsula. The company has a team of experienced professionals who have completed all necessary training courses in Clayton Industries factory in the Belgian town of Bornem. “BALKANIKA ENERGY” PLC. is authorized by "Clayton of Belgium" NV, to accomplish the following services:  Design of steam systems based on Clayton products.  Delivery and qualified installation of Clayton products.  Warranty commissioning and tuning  Warranty and out of warranty service facilities at Clayton

Balkanika Energy PLC offer: Using the experience and knowledge of our team, “Balkanika Energy” can offer its customers preparing the feasibility studies for the modernization of existing or building new systems to generate steam.

SCOPE OF THE FEASIBILITY STUDIES  Capture and measurement of the current situation and the cost of processes

“Balkanika Energy”. has the experience and knowledge to perform managing the entire process in the implementation of investment projects.

 Selection of possible technological solutions  Comparative feasibility analysis  Financial statement for profitability of selected from the client technology system Дисконтов фактор реалистичен сценарий Дисконтов фактор песимистичен сценарий Дисконтов фактор оптимистичен сценарий Коефициент на инфлация Годишна потенциална консумация на газ преди инвестицията Годишна консумация на газ след инвестицията Цена на газта Инвестиция за модернизацията с парогенераторна система

Дисконтирани разходи преди инвестиция -5 510 772.10

лв/10 години

Дисконтирани разходи преди инвестиция - реалистичен сценарий

лв/10 години

Дисконтирани разходи преди инвестиция - песимистичен сценарий

лв/10 години

Дисконтирани разходи преди инвестиция - оптимистичен сценарий Дисконтирани разходи след инвестиция

лв/10 години

Дисконтирани разходи след инвестиция - реалистичен сценарий

лв/10 години

Дисконтирани разходи след инвестиция - песимистичен сценарий

-4 406 571.45 лв/10 години

Дисконтирани разходи след инвестиция - оптимистичен сценарий

-5 458 783.68 -5 563 760.29







-4 364 604.10 -4 323 428.59

Спестени разходи в следствие на инвестицията

1.05 1 146 167.99


807 580

м3 лв./м3

639 614 0.717


283 582.00

1 135 355.08 1 157 188.84

лв/10 години

Спестени средства за 10 години - реалистичен сценарий

лв/10 години

Спестени средства за 10 години - песимистичен сценарий

лв/10 години

Спестени средства за 10 години - оптимистичен сценарий

304.18% ROI 2.5 PBP


Balkanika Energy PLC offer: DESIGNING Our extensive experience and sound knowledge of the products of Clayton, enables us to offer our customers:  Preparation of design (flow diagram) consistent with the specific needs of customers and manufacturing processes.  Development of technical and work projects regarding current regulatory standards.  Coordination of projects.

Balkanika Energy PLC offer: DELIVERY, INSTALLING, WARRANTY STARTUP AND ADJUSTING  Delivery of the equipment at preferential prices.  Building a complete turnkey installation by a team of qualified and experienced specialists.  Setup, warranty startup and support in commissioning.

Balkanika Energy PLC offer: QUALIFIED SERVICE The rights granted by "Clayton Industries" and our knowledge as a result of passage specialized training enable us to offer:  Warranty service.  Out of warranty service.  Subscription maintenance of steam systems.  Staff trainings.

CLAYTON STEAM GENERATORS Save: Time, Fuel, Space and Money

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