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This Month’s Question: What are the top qualities you look for in a Marketing Leader for your organisation?


Kent Huffman

Chief Marketing Officer, Bearcom Wireless

Twitter: @kenthuffman The qualities I value most in a marketing leader are innovation, drive, and accountability. Equally important is his/her ability to use both the left and right sides of the brain to maintain a balance between the creative and analytical aspects of marketing.

Vince Ferraro Twitter: @vincelferraro

Board Advisor Former VP of Marketing, Eastman Kodak Company

I consider a few key things when hiring for marketing leaders. First, I need someone who has the intellectual capacity, tenacity, and creativity to deliver world class products, promotions, and programs. At the same time, has a degree of emotional maturity to handle the myriad of employees, customers, press, and partners a senior marketing leader would be required to interface with. I also look for a balance of strategic thinking and the ability to perform, on time, with quality results and deliverables. Finally, I look for people who know how to create business leadership through marketing. Specifically I want leaders who recognize the marketing function as the complex intersection of new products, new businesses, and customer insights, and are willing to lead the way in the company’s strategies and plans.

8 | September 2013

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