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David Aaker

Vice Chairman - Prophet

The best route to growth: go from “my brand is better than your brand” to subcategory competition. The best way to grow is to develop functional, emotional, or relationship customer “must haves” that create new subcategories and, as the exemplar, manage those subcategories to be winners and position your brand as the most relevant. Moving from brand to subcategory competition will require a mindset and tools that are different than “my brand is better than your brand” competition.

Dr. Shawne Duperon Founder - Project Forgive

Take risks. Grieve your inevitable mistakes, forge ahead. Smart business leaders take risks. When you stretch and take risks, you’re going to make mistakes. The game is to take ownership of a business choice that didn’t work out, grieve that decision and loss (forgiving yourself), which allows new solutions to emerge. When you don’t embrace the grief, you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Moving through a business loss catapults success.

Jeff Sheehan

President - Sheehan Marketing Strategies

Quite simply: “People buy from those they know, like, and trust.” It is something that has been around since commerce started, and still extremely relevant today. I try to ensure that everything I do for myself or clients aligns with this philosophy, namely: 1. Creating awareness via media and FTF meetings to facilitate knowledge. 2. Having empathy for others and helping them to further admiration for what I do. 3. Instilling trust by nurturing relationships.

Matt Sweetwood U.S. CEO - beBee

Social media is not just something you do. To be successful at it, make it your lifestyle. Social media is a highly effective way for marketers to build brands and business. Once marketers realize that it isn’t just an occasional or daily activity but needs to be an integrated part of their lives and their business’ lives - they can start interacting in a way with customers and clients that is deeper, longer lasting and ultimately more successful.

Tim Hughes

Co-Founder - Digital Leadership Associates

In the connected economy we all need a personal brand - this is not a tool but a change in behaviour. The buying process has changed - marketers and brands have to transform to meet this change. Marketing has to be less ‘me’ focused and more personalised to the customer. This means stopping the 1950s broadcast marketing (even on social media) and creating communities where customers can live and engage.


Brand Quarterly’s ‘50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50’ - 2016

Brand Quarterly #24  

Get your brand into pole position... and gain a competitive advantage in the race for your market’s hearts and minds.

Brand Quarterly #24  

Get your brand into pole position... and gain a competitive advantage in the race for your market’s hearts and minds.