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How To Lead Well During Times Of Change Karin Hurt

Change is scary – be it business restructuring or a brand overhaul. Read on to learn how you can lead your team through, and inspire confidence in, the changes that are occurring. From my perspective, the new system was genius. Instead of our enterprise customers typing in their service orders in an email for call center reps to retype them into our systems (which almost always contained errors), the customers now had an easy interface that would "flow through" to the backend systems. The new approach was faster, with higher quality, and an added bonus of working on weekends. 48

Only one problem: the reps (and their union) HATED it. And they had a point. What about white glove treatment for high-end customers? What about relationships? The union steward was adamant that the change was “just proof” that we cared about the bottom line more than the customer experience. The truth is both points were valid. Large Enterprise customers wanted efficiency AND differentiated service from THEIR kind reps, like Kenetra. It wasn't either / or. It wasn't them or us. We needed to work together on building a customer-focused adoption strategy that the reps could believe in. As it turned out, our careful strategy was successful, and our call centers led the Nation in "Flow Through," the leading indicator that our change efforts worked.

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