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Loren McDonald VP Industry Relations | Silverpop, An IBM Company On an engaging social media presence:

Social media success has always been about the conversation, about dialog. There will always be a role for pushing out content in social media channels, but executives need to embrace the idea that social media is really about listening and responding; and creating, enabling or being a catalyst for compelling conversations. Consumers want to talk with and about your brand, and in positive terms, if you solve problems and use a human and authentic voice.

Larry Weber Chairman & Chief Executive Officer | Racepoint Global On the next 5 years for marketing:

The biggest change occuring in the marketing industry over the next five years is integrating software as a service into marketing. All types of organizations, regardless of size, segment or category are purchasing marketing automation technology to help their companies accompany their prospects through the sales cycle as well as nurture leads with personalized content.

Eric Weaver Chief Social Officer, G-14 Region | IPG Mediabrands On an engaging social media presence:

Whether for your company’s presence or for your own, you need to dedicate time, energy and creativity in order to inspire customers or fans to interact with you. Decide what your business objectives are and from those objectives, determine the best use of your time. Is it video? Creative content? Thought pieces? Or stirring the pot in a forum?

Laura Patterson President | Visionedge Marketing On the next 5 years for marketing:

More channels, competition, and distinct segments to manage, shorter product lifecycles, greater price transparency, and higher customer experience expectations, converge to create an exponential increase in marketing data. Which requires increased investment in technology and marketing operations to glean business insights and drive long-term growth.

Jeff Ogden President | Find New Customers On an engaging social media presence:

Keep adapting to the fast changing world. Build your presence on all social media sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. As my friend Jay Baer once said “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline: so be everywhere and create your very own bonfire.” You can do it.

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