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Andrew Topel

Absutry of the human confusion physiclamental abslty fused iwt my iclimsn sinking blak on snowheite.

Eoulogy oh gee teen 'gastronomee' my ode to quixote tea's seated teEeth e! E k ((gash))''in 'i; told them rover''s tumble /) thU um B(.

Butn ghtin who knwows hwta lives int ehe heasn f emn? After mindnight ehrehj gonna let it ha l nahnt out hast plumb stren Ooio Y uy invaders.

silence not everything can be taken in like a mouth-full of jagged reasoning buried underneath frozen alchemic bits of disintegrated cosmos burning near

segments of technique etched in the dark developing long-term experiments i.e. +,ÆÖ Ðè∫ ∞

Iton for them I sauid and forgot goldbne woman aret whose raven seek slowly fortnight ghost cackles tyuei Y Y r heyue faint go down sleeping dreamt ash is that that after said afftettre rekindles forgiven sghahe rgthe only wego. Always forged after again birds flail glow gegt breath byrht wera talking stomach Rock.

wwee you "know" you on oozy sticks of sky war t “ . Reduce and fuse the i n s t r u me n t o f t h e mind. interference compromises weightless in absolving,, ssoo uuhh ‘invention caught in the wench of vision && no intent but in the stench of tension.’


⌐⌠⌡─│┌┐└┘├┤┬┼║ ╒╡╠╟╞╜╚╙╙╘╗╗╖╕╕ ╓╣╤╥╦╧╨╩╪╫╬HIJKLM  Time is of the essence, but what is the essence of time? ⌐⌠⌡─│┌┐└┘├┤┬┼║ ╒╡╠╟╞╜╚╙╙╘╗╗╖╕╕ ╓╣╤╥╦╧╨╩╪╫╬HIJKLM

Red Bird, this is Blue Fox. Do you copy? 1. a stain a obituary a hear 2. a test in a east a the tid-bitter

you coon you 'fink' thinker that "oops" spills yr tomb bottled tub of dead

Copy, Blue Fox. We’re in position.

e! gads ? my nasty gash shattered a jack a sickin' a dent in desired egnahc rare water was fusion wishy sorta sowed my supposition (packaged dew) Sniper buns wets and east ah my snortle went north to seek/seep peace(y) kinda dumb [[rowing dismember melon space]

{le'mme ;o: sock'em 'till they dry eyes wit' cancer in the center :i's: is scared uh pimple loppin' tape ((ssqquuiisshhaabbllee)) fits of lickin' G o l L y scarce as arcs of kitties deNOUNce slobber awfull'a bummer mucus suck'em trouble.

my gosh

yr melon splashin' ( johnny cashed)

keep yr "federal" memory or 'mormon lemon' , Sigh died oh g e e shall " i " stack the s o g?

pair'a phones uh emerse my murk crumbles "damage gamble" le'mme -stick-therule- ha pills to name "the mack" fashioned in safe 'surprise' oops we dim that seal (er)) . ([{"';;>:<?/ \ mash the rash \/? >:<::"'}])

Meanwhile What’s this? You wish to challenge me? Okay, then. I will show you flying crane style.

retract your reflection = the equation instead of the occasion

send a kid wrapped in pavement orbiting (or biting)


W e bust a K , lamper ; sawin' ‘ the sea.

'achoo' ache who's my (moron)

can 'em :i: can 'lure' a commie sippin' scabs knabbed 'em

in'a'back' a knees (sneeky) smIlIn' annihilation

)s( can’t>.

;” , ‘ ‘’ .: ’ ‘

:sgniw: asinine slice trauma throaty helmet home hermit hammer human aroma omit tomato stomata arm karma army ram ramp solo ocelot sloop occult soul of the aloof

“specific” {spyEcies}

SOON noose

EEL MAN! st stutter :take; uh ‘tip , spit mockin’ h ,air rabie’’s ) rhyme ( “mite” fooh urge ‘em seal h, air

"So wHAT : like liver 'rival' levitate my taters COWard ;we; like heard 'em dreamin' , "tteetthh' "in' O tear gas /teflo/ fed duh er al again 'neandrathalick' negates us.”

'pmalc' the dimension (did i mention?) yr never is yr ever “ “clamp”

SELLective cells (in a kit) "ring" my tail bRING a snail "lantern" oh we ah slice a

victim lice "in" vietnam my mantel ;tIaed; duh it to the

t.v. er the raven cried as "my" middle

collapsed (uh).

hh ad aadvil® dduct ttape rrough rrose,, tthorn oof mmusical llead,, hheavy aas tthe eeyelids uundertow..tthe bbody iis wwater,, ooceanic ssynapse ppassing oover tthe eeternal aabyss..

spy fire


rreneg ad e E uti on uu ss in g

mm us ic ppersistency oof lliterature ((wwet nnetting tthe iinvisible)) ““ii”” sstink iis iin yyourself & & iis eeither pphilanthropy oor tthe ssonic aanagram oof tthose ttaught ((ttight cone of portal

((nnavel)) rrun tthrough tthe vveins ffunnel,, wwords ddrowning.. )((rraptured llight))(

The chief rings up the team on the five-way hotline.

ccodeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;sign aand iinstant iin tthe eexcursion oof tthe wworld.. ((eexecution oof llore)) e e xpe r i me n ti n g ww i th eeyes,, ii ppropose aa mmessage,, aas tthe aair iin yyour llungs collides wwith abduction..

look aloft love log of hoopla topple thou tousle ghoul should popular opal upper opera popper on top paper peer piper income oinker since name acme cue my coma spy of memoir mama imam moat moa foremen forming eon demons chemo vehement felon femur heron hernia planetary float mean monk foe flamers lanyard loath inarch narthex the theme torch breath (wreath of death)

;/ flag /; so oh “my teeth” tim E –ekun– a’stirrin’ it sit it in a yep uh mop or ree t s me phlegm leg a’stirrin’ it~ w here

robe a 'medic' tHAT endemic middlish puddle "ah lofts" . , . , guns . Uh a tong uh tongue glue naily coatin’ the goat in ghoster gas (sag)

my story t o r e it --------(the stance of resistance)

___{reEeseEearch the radical __ + turtle broccoli dab nabbit (my bladder) bleedin' like a lightnin' b o l t balance keeps my wounds numb :) & the battle the leech the cattle & ( : <the thing Bears it >

< it hinges>

may your mouth be the door.

force complicates history, history has forced complications

spit the wind at a passin' lunes pasta grab a stem-cell ah my gut(ter) pronto hasta

abel mizraim zerah perez yam suph arod puvah akrabbim hormah jair (7th heaven) up on jawbone hill gabbinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;bout a ghost ;rig; rips, seldom 'oops' yr tummy modeled (sammy restin') gulp a loot 'neon war' t i n k e r n a i l c o s t ' y a c o l l a r s a g ' ylf' luggage uh 8 cancer nippin' rhymin' milk { ] { ] [ } [ } b u l k o f l o b e [ } [ } ] { ] { nappin' weepy apple (pills argue). the path peels )plus( the uh 'tip' gargles ( ( l l o o c c k k t t h h e e u u n n b boorrnn))

scanning oblique slow-motion torsion across the limitations unstable but durable whispers transverse slices dripping bi-lateral the ancient procures potential

¥¢£ ¤ ÂĽÂŚ §¨Šª- ÂŽâ&#x20AC;žÂ° ¹²³´¾œ¸šºŸ¿ Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x2020;Ă&#x2021; Ă&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă?Ă?Ă&#x2018; Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x2014;Ă&#x2DC;Ă&#x2122;Ă?Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x;à ÌçðùÏÍòá ÚøýÞĹĹ&#x2019;Ăż Ĺ&#x201C;ŠŸĆ&#x2019;â&#x201A;Źâ&#x2C6;&#x201A;ďŹ&#x201A;


Hey kids! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss the exciting second issue! Can the team stop the missile in time? Will the Duck Brothers be able to infiltrate the secret underground laboratory? Who is the mysterious man from the sky? Plus! Look for a giant-sized pull-out poster of EEL MAN!


a comic book from the archives of national geographics


a comic book from the archives of national geographics