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Maintenance Tips For Bonsai Tree The unique appearance of bonsai trees is captivating. It gives a touch of elegance and earthy natural beauty to the decor in which it is placed. These little wonders look amazingly stunning and are a treat for eyes. They are quite expensive but are certainly value for money. If you have one then you must be knowing that how valuable it is and you will never want its elegance to whither away. Following are few valuable tips that can immensely help you in keeping your Bonsai Tree green and healthy for long time:

Pruning is the most important part of bonsai tree maintenance and care. In this process you are required to trim the leaves and branches of the tree on regular basis to achieve and maintain the required shape. Regular pruning is extremely important for keeping the tree green and healthy for long time. Bonsai tree must be very carefully watered in order to make sure that excessive water is not poured into the pot. Never use a hose for watering bonsai because excessive water supplied through it is not good for the health of the tree. For an indoor bonsai I would advice you to keep the soil moist and mist the leaves once or twice. To check the moisture of soil in the pot you can add some water. If it gets absorbed then you may pour more water but if it does not, don't add more. Adding fertilizer to the soil of the bonsai tree is quite important. This will help in making sure that your tree is getting all the nutrients that it requires for a healthy growth. It is advised to add fertilizer during the growth season which starts from first week of spring, fall and summer and ends on the second week. Keep the ratio of water and fertilizer equal and mix them properly before adding to the soil. This helps in assuring that you have not added excessive amount of fertilizer which may burn the roots of your bonsai. Last but not the least, the placement of the bonsai tree is one of the most important aspect that you need to consider to keep it hale and hearty for long time. Most types of bonsai are required to be kept in sunlight during morning and for the rest of the day they must be kept in shade. However few types like conifers, pines and junipers can bear sunlight for the whole day.

Apart from all the above tips it is essential to keep a good stock of bonsai tree supplies like fertilizers which are good for the health of your bonsai. In case you don't have a bonsai tree, you may contact any of the leading suppliers. You may also find a lot of bonsai for sale over the internet, so you can search it online also. Author's Bio – In this article the author has gives some valuable care and maintenance tips for bonsai trees.

Maintenance tips for bonsai tree  

Following are few valuable tips that can immensely help you in keeping your Bonsai Tree green and healthy for long time.

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