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FOREWORD Welcome to our company Optima Energy and our brochure introducing this unique, patented product. We believe it will bring us all success and sustainability both in terms of financial performance and our commitment to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. y background is as a successful businessman of 33 years in Construction, Development and Housebuilding.


Stronger communities mean that we can attract and retain the best talent and ultimately lead to more robust markets for our products and services.

At Optima Energy, we believe that sustainability starts with strong financial performance. Our Company has made significant UK investments to develop technology leadership in the heating industry. Our aim is to expand our global reach with high levels of manufacturing, engineering, and customer service, and to increase our capacity to meet growing demand across Europe and the USA. This investment is vital to ensure our future growth.

Our new concept is based on our ideal of partnerships to achieve success and promote our Vision. A Vision best expressed as:

At Optima Energy, we also recognise that our long term sustainability depends on the success of a number of other key partners. Not only is there a direct link between our future growth and success of our partners, but it is in our interest as a company to invest in our partners success. For example, we believe that our Company is only as strong as the communities where our employees live and work.


“A proud British company aiming to be the largest and best renewable heating company by creating alternative energy solutions. Solutions which are carbon efficient, intelligent and affordable. We empower our customers to take control of their domestic and commercial energy usage, in an effective and money saving way wherever they are in the World”. I passionately believe in our company’s Values of Innovation, Quality, Service and being Eco-friendly. Our Goal is to install 2 Million renewable energy products into homes and businesses across the World in the next 5 years and become the leading household heating brand.

On a personal note, it is a privilege to assume the Chairmanship of a company with such technical expertise and great values. I feel a tremendous responsibility to be a good steward of ERAD and its stakeholders. I am committed to building a successful and sustainable company during my time as Chairman. Our home is a place of comfort and pride. It is essential that our ERAD heating system or any of our other quality products add to the comfort and enjoyment of your home for many years.

Michael Drogan Michael Drogan Group Chairman

WORlD ExClUSIVE PATENTED TECHNOlOGy e are a British Company that believes in bringing the best of technology and service to its valued customers both in the UK and around the World. Our company is always looking at inventive technology that makes a difference to people’s lives around the globe.


Our latest products reflect the interest in renewable energy, which is a major contributor to the reduction of all of our own individual carbon footprints, the Governments alternative carbon energy targets, as well as creating significant savings on all of our heating bills.

The introduction of the ERAD Heating system is the result of many years hard work and has cost millions of pounds in research and development. It uses Exclusive Worldwide Patented technology, which is suitable for both Domestic and Commercial purposes. It combines energy efficiency and product intelligence along with beautiful design and yet is very affordable for thousands of householders and businesses. We are proud to offer this unique renewable heating system to you, the only one of its kind in the World, at an affordable cost.




Our Vision as a proud British company is to be the largest and best renewable energy heating company. Creating alternative energy solutions, which are carbon efficient, intelligent and affordable. We empower our customers to take control of their domestic and commercial energy usage, in an effective and money saving manner wherever they are in the World.

To install 2,000,000 renewable energy products into homes and businesses across the World in the next 5 years and become a recognised household brand. By achieving our intsallation target, we aim to reduce carbon emissions by 3,280,000 tonnes.





We believe that it is vital to always be innovating our products and services, through investment in research and development and utilising the cleverest minds.

We believe in always aiming to achieve the highest levels of service for our customers and always plan to over-deliver in every aspect of those services.



We believe it is imperative to have top quality products and service at all times within our business.

We believe that being at the forefront of renewable energy product technology places a responsibility upon us to ensure all our business activities are eco-friendly.

Worldwide Exclusive Patented Product

Worldwide Exclusive Patented Product


lIVING WITH ERADS IN yOUR HOME OR OFFICE sAVE EnERGY A typical complete heating system runs on less than 1000 watts for the full house compared with a normal heating system in an average house which runs on 8000 to 13000 watts. That’s about the same as just one standard oil filled heater. It is a practical, modern solution to outdated, inefficient electrical storage heaters and comparable gas systems.

ElEGAnT, ClEAn & HYGIEnIC no more hard to reach dusty corners! Our ERAD Heaters look like a sheet of coloured glass, never need painting and can be wiped hygienically clean with a cloth. Ensure you take care around power outlets or wall sockets.

sIMPlE TO InsTAll no complex plumbing or wiring is required; you just fix it to a wall and plug it into a wall socket. With our simple and efficient installation, we can install a complete system in a home or offices in just a few hours.


A BRITISH INVENTION & BRITISH ENGINEERING THE PHYsICs BEHInD THE EnGInEERInG Heat is energy in transient form that flows due to a temperature difference. Unlike heat transmitted by thermal conduction or thermal convection, radiation energy can propagate more effectively and even through a vacuum.

COnVECTIOn HEATInG EXPlAInED Conventional radiators heat the air of your room and create convection heating, this generates a convective stream that rises and touches the objects to which it gives heat, as it cools down it falls back down to the ground and the cycle starts over again. The hot air that rises towards the roof produces hot air at the top of the room, but cooler air at the bottom of the room. so in effect the air above will warm you above four feet while below that could mean cooler air to your extremities.

WITH ERAD YOU GET IRRADIATIOn HEATInG AnD All ITs BEnEFITs With the ERAD irradiation heating system it is multi directional and functions using infra-red rays which predominantly heat objects and opaque surfaces without interfering with the atmosphere.This permits a much more even distribution of heat, therefore ensuring absolute comfort for the human body avoiding the unpleasant sensation of a hot head and cold feet as discussed above, under standard convection heating. It also has health benefits in that there are no circulation air flows, which carry harmful bacteria or dust which could affect people with sensitive breathing challenges.




PROjECT MAnAGED FROM sTART TO FInIsH It is also comforting to know that the whole process of survey, manufacture, delivery and installation is always being managed and supervised by your own individual Project Manager.

PROFEssIOnAl sURVEY We ensure that our fully trained surveyors produce a comprehensive and detailed technical survey which explains the product benefits, features and next steps in the manufacture and installation of your new ERAD heating system. He or she will then arrange a convenient time for delivery and installation.

MAnUFACTURInG & DIsTRIBUTIOn We want to minimise the impact we have on the environment throughout the lifecycle of our products. This means we look closely at the way we design, source, produce, package, distribute and use our ERAD heating systems.

Our production facilities in Blackburn and Wakefield have been certified under the internationally-recognised quality standards for environmental management systems. This standard enables us to minimise the impact our operations have on the environment, and ensures we comply with applicable laws and regulations while continually improving our environmental performance. Operations are certified to quality standards and are audited each year, with additional regulatory/compliance audits and assessments as required by our own compliance staff.

InsTAllATIOn We ensure that all installations are pre-booked at a convenient time to yourselves and we take care when installing at your home. We ensure there is no danger to any children or pets. Our Installation Teams are all fully qualified and certified to make sure your new heating system is installed quickly and efficiently.


Within manufacturing, we have established a Global Environmental Management system (GEMs) to manage environmental compliance and communicate best practices on sustainability and environmental issues. Key features of GEMs are implemented at all our manufacturing sites and include:

All of our ERAD heating systems are British standards Approved. On installation of your new ERAD heating system, the installation teams make sure that your safety is paramount by checking all electrical connections and relevant safety regulations.


Our ERAD glass is also safe even if there is an accidental breakage of the glass, this is due to the two stratified sheets of safety glass. It is important to know that even if the safety glass breaks, it remains completely fixed without glass particles and without an electric shock hazard.

senior management involvement Customised, facility-specific environmental manuals self-assessment protocols for use by facility staff Central environmental management information systems An auditing process for compliance assurance, and followup systems for findings and corrective actions

AFTERCARE Our global audit processes ensure compliance with applicable environmental and safety regulations and the effectiveness of management systems. We conduct these audits and/or assessments regularly, based on business, operational and compliance risks.

We hope that you are happy with your new ERAD heating system. Here we believe that customer care is equally as important as the quality of our products. should you have any concerns, then please do not hesitate to call our Customer Care Department or email them directly.


ADVANCED TECHNOlOGy IS STANDARD WITH THE E-RAD & SMART CONTROl PANEl Our unique smart Control Panel has many functions which all contribute to you saving a lot of money by pre-setting your heating system.




Here you set the temperature you want the whole house to be and the system comes on and off as necessary. so, if you set your house to say 20.2 degrees (the system recognises down to 1/10 of a degree setting) the heating system will maintain that temperature all year round. Coming on and going off automatically as necessary. like climate control in your car, you simply set it and forget it.

Here you set the temperature on a room by room basis. It's the same as mode 1 above except your living room can be set to say, 23.4 degrees whilst the master bedroom is set to 19.5 degrees and the kitchen is set to 21.1 degrees. The system will then come on and off as necessary in those rooms maintaining the temperature in those rooms automatically for you.


MODE 4 (COsT):

Here you can set the system like any other i.e. to come on or off at prescribed times of the day. It will maintain the temperature it has been set to either in mode 1 or mode 2 but only during the times you tell it to come on or off. so it on at 6:00am and off at 08:00am and then back on again in the evening at 4:00pm and off at 07:00pm.

Here you tell the system how much you have to spend in a day, week, month, quarter or a year and it will not spend any more than that. It uses that number in conjunction with mode 1 or mode 2 and spends only want you tell it.



This is the same as mode 4 except you are telling the system not to exceed, say, 150kWh that month.

Here you just turn it on and leave it. It will spend as little as possible keeping the temperatures set to pre-set temperatures. This is the default mode and it this mode which is fully automatic. You can turn this on meaning you may never have to bother with this again. You will never have to come home and say, “it's cold so I'll turn on the heating for an hour to take the chill off the house.” The temperature is always what you set it to be.


CONTROl AND COMFORT FOR A HEAlTHy INDOOR ClIMATE You can see on our diagram of a home that the smart Control Panel sends a flow of pulsating information through the ring main, to control the energy to every individual ERAD. This unique system improves efficiency by eradicating the common central heating problem of lack of control and therefore improves your comfort. Its custom design and ingenious controller work seamlessly together to make this a unique product combination unlike any other on the market today. Our system even connects through our Central Monitoring Computer to the Met Office to monitor temperatures and then sends this information back to your smart Control Panel via WiFi to aid temperature control. society’s attitudes to energy sources is shifting as resources dwindle and new solutions are developed. But we will always need warmth, and our ERAD system provides that today to your home or business.

Worldwide Exclusive Patented Product 12


BEAUTIFUl TECHNOlOGy Do you look at your old existing metal radiators and think surely there must be a modern alternative to this? Well that’s what we thought too, we wanted to make things beautiful. We believe that ERADs are not only functional but beautiful and modern in style while losing nothing in performance. Add to that a constant comfortable background temperature and you ensure your home is always warm and pleasant.


QUAlITy CONTROl TESTING AND GUARANTEES Firstly be assured that your safety and our name means everything to us and as such all our ERADs and smart Control Panels, both hardware and software, are rigorously tested before and after manufacture in our high tech Testing laboratory. The testing lasts for over two hours to ensure the highest standards of quality control. It is also good to know that this is one of the reasons why our ERAD systems have a life expectancy of over 36 years. We at ERAD offer the benefit of proper, no-quibble guarantees as explained below:







on all Workmanship and installed work

On all smart Control Panels

Performance on all E-Rads

Invented, manufactured and tested in Britain


lESS ENERGy, lOWER COST, MORE CONTROl OF yOUR ENERGy SAVINGS Energy efficiency has never been more important,especially where cost is concerned.Domestic customers will benefit from better, more accessible information. This will help us all use energy more efficiently and therefore save money. Our system puts you in control of your energy usage and costs.


OUR DOMESTIC FEATURES & BENEFITS We believe that the features and benefits of our ERAD system are the way forward to save energy and save money as soon as they are installed at your home: • Adjustable comfort for every room in your house, holiday home, conservatory and sunroom • Replacement for Gas and Electric existing heating systems and technologies • no boiler, plumbing or pipework required • Easy installation, just plug in and start saving • smart Control Panel to manage the whole heating system and the ability to alternate and change the heating aspects in each individual room • superb efficiency • safe, clean and easy to use • Fully managed personal installation system • Full maintenance and monitoring packages available • Comprehensive guarantees • Help reduce your home’s carbon footprint as per targets set by UK Government

Worldwide Exclusive Patented Product

HEAlTH BEnEFITs several studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis, and found some evidence of benefit. Infrared is also gaining popularity as a safe heat therapy method of natural health care and physiotherapy. It is also claimed that infrared can ease nervous tension and decrease body fat. Infrared can also reduce damp in your environment. Hyperthermia means a body temperature that is higher than normal. High body temperatures are often caused by illnesses, such as fever or heat stroke. But hyperthermia can also refer to heat treatment—the carefully controlled use of heat for medical purposes. When cells in the body are exposed to higher-than-normal temperatures, changes take place inside the cells. All in all, a growing body of clinical evidence supports the use of infrared heat as a safe, noninvasive, pain relieving, health promoting, antiaging therapy. The list of health, wellness and beauty enhancements through the use of infrared therapy is impressive and includes: relief from arthritis pain, relief from muscle spasms and joint stiffness, increased blood flow, anti-inflammatory benefits, weight control, controlling hypertension, improved cardiovascular and upper-respiratory health, enhanced immune function, increase collagen production, and provides many anti-aging benefits.


OUR COMMERCIAl FEATURES & BENEFITS We believe that the features and benefits of our ERAD system are the way forward to save energy and save money as soon as they are installed at your commercial property: • Bespoke systems are available to manage all individual rooms in a Hotel, Public House, Residential, nursing home and student accommodation either centrally or additionally by the individual guests or residents • no maintenance unless required as a result of our Central Monitoring Computer finding any individual faults in your own ERAD heating system • substantial savings on all of your Commercial energy costs • Adjustable comfort for every room in your office and applicable to social housing,schools,hotels, student accommodation and public houses • Replacement for Gas and Electric existing heating systems and technologies • no boiler, plumbing or pipework required • Easy installation, just plug in and start saving • smart Control Panel to manage the whole heating system and the ability to alternate and change the heating aspects in each individual room in the business • superb efficiency • safe, clean and easy to use

COMMERCIAl BEnEFITs Infrared heating is also becoming more popular in industrial manufacturing processes, e.g. curing of coatings, forming of plastics, annealing, plastic welding, print drying. In these applications, infrared heaters replace convection ovens and contact heating.

• Fully managed personal installation system • Full maintenance and monitoring packages available • Comprehensive guarantees • Help reduce your companies carbon footprint as per targets set by UK Government


Remember that this type of heating exists in many warehouses, schools, homes, hospitals,gyms, etc already and carries no health risk to humans. new benefits of infrared heating continue to be found all the time whilst no adverse effects have ever been found.

A WARMER FUTURE, lONG -TERM SAVINGS & IMPROVED PROFITS If you would like to invest in a warmer future and make long-term savings for your business whether large or small, then with our ERADs and smart Control Panel you can increase the energy efficiency of your business. We have applied our expertise to identifying and implementing the best solution for your premises.

HOUSEBUIlDERS & HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS THE ADVAnTAGEs OF OUR ERAD HEATInG sYsTEM ARE As FOllOWs: • A positive contribution in building energy efficient and sustainable greener homes and communities. • Helping the Government to create practical and achievable policies that increase energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions. • support of the concept of ‘allowable solutions’ for achieving zero carbon housing which would permit housebuilders to achieve a particular level of carbon reduction on site • Competitive cost against other traditional forms of heating • Easy installation • Reduced labour costs • no maintenance • Comprehensive guarantees • long term sustainable and affordable heating system for your clients

sMAll, MEDIUM or lARGE BUsInEssEs • Competitive cost against other traditional forms of heating • Reduced carbon footprint • Individual and central climate control of office and factory environments • Easy installation • Reduced energy bills • no maintenance • Comprehensive guarantees


nURsInG/CARE HOMEs, HOTEls AnD sTUDEnT ACCOMMODATIOn • Competitive cost against other traditional forms of heating • Reduced carbon footprint • Individual and central climate control of residents/guests environments • Easy installation • Reduced energy bills • no maintenance • Comprehensive guarantees



The smart Control Panel monitors and logs all associated parameters of each heater present in any one system e.g. room temperatures in each room, heater temperature settings, individual heater names and associated numbers, etc. It does this so energy saving data can be captured accurately e.g. how much money or electricity (measured in kWh) did it save in a day, a week, a month, etc. It allows the system to receive automatic updates in relation to the unit price. It allows for the system to update the software on the smart Control Panel and or on individual heaters. It allows the system to update the help files on the smart Control Panel.

All ERADS are individually monitored, as well as the whole system, to look at its performance, reliability, and possible failure and will confirm if maintenance is required.

It allows the system to report faults that it finds and requests are automatically made for the new part. It allows for automatic switching of electricity suppliers to keep the system on the lowest possible unit price for electricity. It allows the system to report missing or stolen equipment. It allows the system to disengage the ability of any one stolen item to work again.

Worldwide Exclusive Patented Product 20

It allows the system to have two-way text based communication via the smart Control Panel in relation to questions or appointment booking.

It allows the system to report back the carbon costs and savings associated with heating that home. It allows the system in a home to act as one collective unit to solve a problem. For example, two adjacent rooms, one bathroom (set to 19.8 degrees) and the other a bedroom set to (21.1 degrees). By acting collectively the bathroom heater will be able to say that historically when the bedroom heater is “on” the resulting heat lost through the bathroom/bedroom wall increases the ambient bathroom temperature by 1.3 degrees. As the system keeps data for many years it is able to see that if the current bathroom temperature is 18.8 degrees that there is no point putting the bathroom heater on at all as it will naturally increase to above the desired 19.8 degrees by having the bedroom heater active. It gives the system the ability to know what the pre-installation energy consumption data was and any data in relation to that subject since. It allows the system to integrate with other systems outside of the home to draw upon data solutions that they may have e.g. is collectively a different frequency on on/off is required other than the one being used, it can adjust itself based on the collective data.



that controls the smart Control Panel when the customer is on holiday, out of their house or oďŹƒce.

Your ERAD and smart Control system can be removed from the home or business you have installed it within; and for a small premium be re-installed in your new home or business .



ANTICIPATED SAVINGS Technology is here to improve people’s lives and their environment and so it is with the ERAD heating system. The table below shows the significant savings that are created by our patented system.

Number of Room Type House type Occupants 3 Bed semi 2 Adults Living Room (modern) 3 Bed semi (victorian Living Room bungalow) 2 Bed semi Living Room (modern)

1 Adults + 1 Child 2 Adults + 1 Child

4 Bed detached Living Room (edwardian) 2 Adults

1 Bed flat second floor 1 Adults (over 65) Living Room (modern) 3 Bed detached Living Room (modern) 2 Bed flat Living Room (1950's)

1 Adult + 1 Disabled Child

1 Adult

Room Height (m)

Room Length Room Width (m) (m)

Window area (m)

Window type

Flooring material & Loca on





Plas c Double Glazed

Wood/Ground Floor





Wood Single Glazed

Concrete/Ground Floor

Wood Double Glazed

Wood/Ground Floor

Wood Single Glazed

Wood/Ground Floor













Plas c Double Glazed

Wood/2nd Floor





Plas c Double Glazed

Wood/Ground Floor


Metal Double Glazed (Pa o Door)

Tiled/Ground Floor




Number of Outside/ Type of Exposed External Wall space Walls Material above Heated 2 Brick Cavity Bedroom None Double height 2 Solid 200mm room Heated 1 Brick Cavity Bedroom

2 Brick Cavity

Insulated 1 Brick Cavity

Insulated 1 Brick Cavity Non Insulated 3 Brick Cavity

Heated Bedroom Heated living room above & below NonHeated bedroom (spare) Flat felt roof (no insula on)

Number of hours run per day

Wa!age required to heat

Cost to heat with BTU required electric heaters to heat

Cost to E-rad heat with Heater gas Wa!age

Erad Heater Costs to cumula ve cycle heat with me/hour (expressed as a E-rad Heaters frac on of 1)

Gas thermostat cycle me expressed as a percentage

Percentage Percentage saving saving against against Electric Electric heating hea ng










87.87 87.87

49.51 69.51










90.57 90.57

65.58 75.58










86.15 86.15

45.60 62.60










92.13 92.13

50.84 65.81










84.55 84.55

56.85 36.85










92.81 92.81

56.94 72.94










91.52 91.52

71.63 62.63

The table is constructed using data from the manufacturers testing base with a quorum of customers in various housing and in a variety of normal climatic situations. All savings shown are accurate at the time of testing but can vary dependent on housing, climatic conditions and usage.


Percentage Percentage saving against saving Gas against Gas heating hea ng

TECHNICAl SPECIFICATION length: 1100mm or 550mm Mounting Brackets (depth 39mm)

Depth: 600mm

Front & Back Glass Panels (4mm thickness) Toughened glass for good transmission and heat resistance. Reflector for directed heat and high efficiency Five sensors electro cobalt Width 11.5mm including Patented Filament British Standard Quality Plug

Stainless Steel Frame Chrome Plated or brushed steel

Aluminium Base Panel containing Computer Motherboard Manual temperature control

ERAD Touch screen backlite lCD Control Panel power consumption: 5w Heater Control Panel voltage: 5v Panel type: ERAD Heater power consumption: 1000w 0R 500W ERAD Heater power voltage: 240v

Heat types: Radiant and convection Maximum effective range: 8m Size (lHD):310mm x 210 mm x 9mm Computer: logicor proprietary ERAD Heater Computer: logicor proprietary


In the unlikely event of control panel failure this function gives you a manual control


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ERADs and Smart Control Panels are protected by worldwide patents and registered designs. Protected by British Patent Applications. All ďŹ gures quoted are correct at the time of printing and may be subject to change.Further information is available upon request. code: V003 07/2013

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