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Background: Please describe your primary creative endeavors? What medium do you work in most or focus on ďƒ Has this changed or evolved over time? Have you thought about why you prefer to work in this medium versus others? Are there other creative options / or mediums that interest you and you may explore in the future? Where did you grow up? Do you have a memory when it really struck you how you would focus your life / energy? Do you think that the community you grew up in influenced your style, ideas, or anything‌.? Any mentors that helped guide you? Inspiration: What are your main sources of inspiration? Do you think you have particular influences, or styles / thoughts that you try to emulate? Can you talk / touch / discuss a little on your overall philosophy, how you approach your ideas, projects, etc? Do you take a particular audience into consideration while working out ideas, or follow some other methodology? Do you have methods or exercises to stay energized? Methods to prepare your mind, body, soul for staying focused and accomplishing your goal(s)? ~ ~ How do you recharge? Technical: Are there any books, resources, tools that you keep on hand and frequently turn too? Could you break down your process, from your dome to the final product? Do you have any techniques that you employ to garner innovative original elements, or some techniques that really help to distinguish your style? What tells you when something is complete? What keeps you from just continuously reworking and reworking something to death? How much creative freedom do you have? When you have the opportunity to meet some creative individuals that inspire you, what question(s) would you make sure to ask? ~ ~ Could you recommend some one you know that could provide some insight on this topic?


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