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Andrew Syme. Industrial Design Portfolio.


The Mackintosh Kettle

99p Torch

Hovercraft Concept

Puzzle Stand

Ying Yang

Sweet Potato Screwdriver

Thirst Card Model

Share Certificate

Point of Sale Display

Moulton Bicycle

The Mackintosh Kettle

The aim of this project was to revive and evoke the essence and identity of a nostalgic aesthetic style for a new contemporary product. Charles Rennie Mackintosh is one of my favourite designers, so I found it appropriate to choose his style in the times of Art Nouveau. Through research and deconstruction I was able to analyse the aesthetic and semiotic qualities and features of Mackintoshs’ specific style and reconstruct this into my own product; a kettle.

The design is based upon elements of the Mackintosh Chairs. Geometric design and sharp right angles integrated into the handle to give a bold outline.

99p Torch Project Exploded Isometric View

Brief: Develop a low cost torch manufactured from 10 parts that can be produced for 99p. During this Detailed Design unit, I designed the inner parts of the torch as well as constructing the outer shell as a simple, smooth cylinder in order to keep the cost of manufacture down. This model was created using Solidworks and Rendered in Keyshot.

Hovercraft Concept The brief set was to sketch 50 concepts of a chosen vehicle that will provide transport for humans. To the left are some of the many ideation sketches I drew out before developing one into a final concept. The ability to be able to quickly sketch out various ideas is a useful skill and essential for designers to have. Having chosen a hovercraft as my set theme I went about developing futuristic land, sea and water vehicles before finishing up with the rendering on my right. This drawing was coloured using marker pens.

Puzzle Stand Converts your laptop into an ergonimic desktop.

The Brief: “A design research group are looking for ideas for new products that will exploit the characteristic properties and processing of a particular material; to develop a two part 3D product that exemplifies and epitomises a specific material.�

• Stable & compatible with all laptops. • Built in holes for cable management. • Puzzle shape for minimal material usage & flat transportation. • Robust shape produced from lazer cut Oak wood. • 100% Natural Coating.

Ying Yang is a simple yet practical stationary holder and vase. Produced from injection moulded Acrylic. Designed to be used as a pair.

Available in different colourways.




Different Grips Product Development The inspiration for designing this screwdriver came from holding my favourite vegetable. The sweet potato. The shape felt remarkably comfortable to hold and gave a really good grip. Just by holding a sweet potato as pictured above I was able to get a good idea for how this could feel to hold if produced.

Thirst: Card Modelling This was a project I worked on which involved using card to model a complex curved set of shapes that related to a theme of ‘Thirst’. I explored with the idea of water droplets which enabled me to create this final sculpture. Learning how to work with card and being able to curve the shapes into the forms you wish enables patience and skill. The final outcome was aesthetically pleasing and could be further developed into a clay sculpture to obtain even smoother curves and lines on a larger scale.

Brief: Develop a professional but lively, imaginative and ‘collectable’ graphic design for the Hall & Woodhouse Share Certificate. The clients brief stated: ‘We require a shareholders certificate to give to new and existing shareholders once shareholder management has been brought back in house.’ The ideal certificate will have the ‘wow’ factor and reflect the fact that you have a piece of the Company in your hands.

The process of building the certificate up using layers in Photoshop Font Selection

Sinful Colours Point of Sale Display This project in association with ‘Kesslers International’ briefed me to design a Point of Sale Unit for the nail polish brand ‘Sinful Colors’ . The units were designed to be installed into cosmetic and beauty areas within the retail environment or into beauty salons.

An innovative approach to the design was required and appropriate research was carried out to justify a feasible and realistic design solution. I believe the design reflected the particular needs of the product and the target market, helping Sinful Colors to stand out against the competition.

This was a project I carried out working alongside Moulton Bicycle Company, a well renowned bicycle designer and manufacturer. The task was to develop concepts and visual embodiments towards a future iconic bicycle. The design impetus for this came from the iconic status of the Moulton cycle. The generating theme was ‘irony as a transforming agent in personal transportation.’ As a cyclist myself I aimed to design a concept that would promote bicycle safety at night.

Frame produced from an advanced polymer called Trivex.

The Moulton Lava V1 is a new urban bicycle concept and is described as both ironic and iconic. It combines a dangerous flowing substance with a safe mode of transport. The concept does well to mix form and function: the middle of the bikes frame is coated with photo luminescent powder.

It glows coolly and safely when the bike is ridden at night.


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Andrew syme portfolio  
Andrew syme portfolio