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Andrew Souders Compilation of Work

I want to be an urban designer to improve the quality of life for people around the world. I also aim to preserve the natural environment through my work. I am passionate about leaving the world as a better place than when I came into it.

City Planning Work (Autumn 2016)

Site Planning

Prompt: Analyze and propose a site plan for a site located in Lima, Ohio. Responsibilities: Initial site survey, demographic data accumulation, graphic design, photography, application of relevant code Skills Used: Analytical skills, group organization, creativity, AutoCad, SketchUp, application of code in site design, photography

Initial Site Design AutoCAD Rendering

Lima Site Proposal (SketchUp)

Initial Site Design Sketch


City Planning Work (Autumn 2016)

Site Planning Continued

SketchUp renderings of the final site proposal

Elements Community Garden Pavilion Tool Exchange Shed Sculpture Garden/Community Entrance Handicap Parking 2

City Planning Work (Autumn 2016)

Urban Design: Streetscape Analysis Grandview Avenue Building Use

Prompt: Analyze two streetscapes, one in Columbus, and one elsewhere. Responsibilities: Initial site survey, photography, behavioral data accumulation, graphic design, presentation of findings Skills Used: Analytical skills, group organization, InDesign, presentation skills, PowerPoint

EspaĂąola Way Building Use


City Planning Work (Autumn 2016)

Urban Design: OSU Arts District Prompt: Analyze the current state of the Ohio State Arts District. Focus aspects of design that attribute to the success or the shortcomings of the district. Finally suggest improvements for the district. Responsibilities: Initial site survey, direct observational data accumulation, photography, case study research, presentation to members of the Ohio State Planning and Real Estate Department

Skills Used: Analytical skills, group organization, PowerPoint, creativity

Hayes Hall Ohio State University November 2016


Economic Senior Thesis (Spring 2016)

Happiness Columbus, Ohio September 2016

The greater goal of this thesis is to determine what physical factors attribute to quality of life and happiness. I would like to work in urban design to continue work relating to quality of life for residents. 5

Environmental GIS Course Project


Throughout the course of my previous studies I have discovered the importance of the natural environment, as well as methods to preserve the environment.

This soil map is a portion of a larger analysis on a two square mile area of land in the Olympic National Forest. The analysis included the examination of slope, hydrology, land cover, among other environment characteristics.

Environmental GIS Soil Map March 2015


Compilation of Work  

This is a compilation of my work and influences on my life so far. The work, and photos are all original.

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