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Signs Of Spirits – How They Can Contact You! Some people believe in spirits and some don not. It’s all about their personal choices. The believers think that the spirits of their loved ones visit them on different occasions. Let’s take a look at 4 signs from your loved ones who are no more in this world.

There’s not one, but countless reasons why ‘they’ come back to visit and you don't need a medium to encounter the indications of your loved ones who have died. Regularly, their visits are just to tell you they are with you and watching you, in particular they bring their love and affection.

These methods of correspondence can happen arbitrarily and sometimes the visits can be predicted. It is most often when you are separated from everyone else and aware of your surroundings to pay heed. You can get a sign when you’re completely conscious or maybe in your dreams while sleeping.

Here are a few ways used by spirits to connect with their loved ones who are still alive. These points are based on conversations with different people who have witnessed connections with the spirits.

 Feeling Their Presence

Many individuals have said that the felt the presence of the people whom they loved very much and they have died either recently or some months/years ago. You may detect energy zones or even air movement. Usually they are the same just like they were before their death. There’s a feeling which is attached to this connection and you’ll know that’s it is genuine.

 Noticing Their Scent

These associations are frequently displayed as the scent of flowers, cigarette or smoke, aroma or scent, or cooking of a meal. If you notice the aroma of your mother's cooking then it’s quite possible that your mother is making her presence felt and watching over you.

 Getting A Symbolic Sign Or Message

Your deceased friends and family members who were close to you or your companion are eager to tell you they are present in your life and frequently when you weren’t expecting it at all. Often, the spirit will give us signs that we can't overlook and it's normal for them to send a message or sign again. Feathers, birds, coins are some most regular signs believed in many cultures, yet positively not limited to these only. When you get this sort of sign you will be aware this is a message from the opposite side - believe this and know about things even stranger.

 Dreams

Quite often the messages are received in order to console or comfort the grieving person on the death of his/her companion. They come to tell you that everything is fine and bring their affection. They really wish for your happiness, no matter what type of relationship you had with them when they were alive. Potentially the most vital of all angles to this sign is that it not only feels genuine, but it is exceptionally realistic.

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Signs of spirits how they can contact you  

Some people believe in spirits and some don not. It’s all about their personal choices. The believers think that the spirits of their loved...

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