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Andy Slevin – graduation, October 2012 My name is Andrew Slevin and I have been a student at Athlone Institute of Technology for the past 5 years. I began in AIT studying a Bachelor of Business Honours (Ab Initio) and graduated in October (2012) with a First Class Honours. I continued my studies in AIT by pursuing a Postgrad in Computer Programming (Higher Diploma in Computing), and graduated in October of last year (2013). Having spent six years in AIT, five as a student and one as the Deputy President of AITSU I feel I am in a good position to identify with students and their issues and concerns. Starting in College, I found that the early days proved to be a daunting experience. It’s a huge transition, for anybody no matter their background and can be challenging in terms of settling into a new home, finding your way round campus, and meeting new people. Students need to know that there is somewhere they can go for advice, mentoring, or just for a friendly chat. I consider myself to be a very friendly and approachable person, and would like to think that students would feel comfortable in approaching me for help. Students have a right to be informed about and to participate in decisions that may affect their student life. I am asking for your support in my bid for the role of vice president for accommodation & welfare.

Welfare Cancer Screenings/ Cancer awareness We've all seen the nominations crop up on Facebook lately around cancer awareness and it’s great to think that one million has been raised in Ireland alone, also to donate to this initiative text pink to 50300. It’s been a great way to create awareness but we can always educate ourselves in a much better way, as welfare officer I would look into bringing in more types of cancer screening initiatives and educate the student population here in AIT, often times it might be something as easy as checking yourself but not everybody knows how to do this. I would like to explore how we can disseminate this information effectively across the student population and explore the feasibility of acquiring free/ or even reduced rates for cancer screening. If elected I intend on Running Cancer Awareness Campaigns which include: Movember, Blue September and Pink Days.

Sexual Health I will aim to place a bigger emphasis on Sexual health if elected via a SHAG week campaign. If elected I would like to place more information out into the student body about various STIs and unexpected pregnancies that can be contracted when the appropriate protection is not used. I intend on liasing with the medical centre on campus because I feel there needs to be a bigger emphasis on STI screening within AIT. Many students are unaware that you can get an STI screening on campus. Its important to get checked if you are sexually active. 2|Page


ANDY SLEVIN #1 FOR VICE PRESIDENT - #ANDY4ACTION Heathy Campus “The Healthy Campus Initiative aims to support students to reach their full potential by providing non-judgemental and up-to-date information in order to help them make informed decisions”. If elected I hope to liaise with the healthy campus officer to get more information into the student body on healthy eating options i.e. promote healthy eating in the canteen via nutritional information, Healthy portion sizes, information on nutritional content in foods in the canteen etc. I also would like to set up more regular health screenings to test for cholesteral levels and Diabetes etc. Healthy living week /physical exercise week If elected I would look into to running a campaign that would promote physical exercise within AIT. To do this I intend on liaising with the Healthy campus officer and the sports office. My idea is to get the various clubs within the college involved i.e. GAA, Soccer and Rugby teams and have games between the various disciplines to help promote physical exercise. The winners can be crowned physical exercise champions. Competitions include:  Futsol  GAA match between fresher’s and seniors ( Hurling and Football)  Spinathon If students have other ideas for that week I’m open to suggestions. Welfare Society/Crew If elected I propose to set up a Welfare Society where students can join and be kept informed into the real issues that students face when seeking 3rd level education and what can be done to help improve their problems. Mental health If elected I intend to run an effective mental health week with various workshops that will put information out to the student body on how to take care of your mental health. I would also like to run a monthly SAFETALK training course which trains students with Suicide prevention techniques. Students that would like to learn more on Suicide Prevention I will strive to make arrangements for them to be ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills training) trained also. Alcohol and Drug awareness Socialising is a big part of any student’s education. It is where they can meet new people, make friends and network for the future. If elected I would like to run an Alcohol and Drug awareness week where students can be informed of the dangers of over-indulging alcohol and drug abuse.



ANDY SLEVIN #1 FOR VICE PRESIDENT - #ANDY4ACTION Bullying With the increase of new technologies comes an increase in forms of Bullying i.e. cyber bullying. I understand how hard it can be to do anything about it but some measures can be taken to reduce the level of it. Simply by raising awareness of it and implementing antibullying campaigns across the campus. RSA - Road safety Campaign If elected I would look into creating a road safety campaign in conjunction with RSA (Road Safety Authority). It is very sad how high the statistics of roads deaths are. AIT has a massive commuter contingent. I feel a campaign on road safety would greatly benefit the student body. Rainbow Campaign If elected I would be interested in running a rainbow week for the LGBTQ contingent in AIT which would include workshops about coming out, LGBTQ issues, empowerment etc. I will liaise with the Equality officer, the President of LGBTQ society and the Vice President for Equality and Citizenship in USI to brainstorm ideas to help run an effective campaign.

Accommodation Fresher’s week During fresher’s week I will look into the distribution of an accommodation pack which I hope to include:  Rent Book  Accommodation List  Tenant Rights Information  Tenant Conduct  Personal Safety Information etc.

Miscellaneous Student Training I will liaise with the President and Deputy President of AITSU and try to organise different courses that would benefit students throughout the year. Courses such as:  First Aid Course  Fire Safety  SAFETALK Training  ASIST Training(applied suicide intervention skills training)  Cardio Defibrillator Training  Manual Handling  Safe Pass courses




ANDY SLEVIN #1 FOR VICE PRESIDENT - #ANDY4ACTION Universal Phone Charging One thing I have noticed in my term as Deputy President that would benefit the student body is a designated point to charge their phones. There is nothing more frustrating than your mobile phone battery dying. I will liaise with the president of AITSU to implement a mobile phone universal charging point within the AITSU offices. Then I will look into getting various universal charging points across the campus. ETHOS If Elected I will abide by the following:  I will have an “open door” policy in my office so that students can feel free to drop it any time for a chat, or discuss any issues of concern them.  I will be polite and courteous and endeavour to provide students with clear and accurate information that is relevant to the particular enquiry, and to deal with enquiries without delay.  I am committed to dealing with students with the utmost courtesy and impartiality and to provide them with a quality service in a professional and a sensitive manner, always ensuring privacy and confidentiality.  Effective communication will help students to feel valued, and I intend to promote an increased awareness in relation to proper communication techniques, e.g. e-mails, written communications etc., and to listen to feedback from students. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my Manifesto. If there are any queries or questions please feel free to contact me on: 086 778 6568. I’m more than willing to discuss any matter that a student may have regarding my manifesto. Alternatively you can contact me at:

Andy Slevin _____________ Andy #1 Vice President



Andrew Slevin - AITSU Manifesto 2014