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What Happens to Your Car in a Repairs Shop Article Written By: Taylor Collision Center Take your car to a repairs shop immediately after a crash, even if it appears to have sustained minor damage only. Minor damages are often cosmetic, whereas more serious ones can negatively impact the safety of both driver and passengers if left unattended. Repair stages After dropping your car off at an auto repairs in Taylor, the technicians will begin by assessing the extent of the damage; they may sometimes use ultrasound to get a clearer picture. More often, though, they will disassemble your vehicle and examine each component.

At this initial stage, the mechanic should lay out all the repairs that are necessary to restore your car to its original state, as well as provide a detailed estimate, and order any parts needed to commence the work. Sometimes, staff will only replace parts, while other times, if possible, they will repair all internal and external components that need fixing. The inner frame of the car is the auto part that becomes damaged most often during a collision, even if the impact happens at low speeds. The frame is also quite difficult to repair. The suspension and alignment are vital elements to check as well. Once all repairs have been dealt with professionally, the mechanic will re-paint the exterior of the car. All areas with chipped paint should be covered in a color that matches the original color of the vehicle as closely as possible. Then, the technicians will proceed to reassembling the auto and checking that all systems work properly. Laser measuring equipment can be used to ensure the frame, suspension and other parts are properly aligned and require no further repairs. Finally, your car will be cleaned and detailed inside and out; auto detailing services also include waxing, glazing and polishing. After all this care and attention, your vehicle will be in ready-to-drive condition. In order to get the best service, make sure the shop has a working relationship with auto parts vendors, so that everything is resolved quickly. Also check the customer service –

being in a crash is a traumatic experience, so it’s good to have someone compassionate on the other side of the line.

What happens to your car in a repairs shop  

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